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  • Mobiola WebCam for S60 3rd Ed Bluetooth 3.0.19

    mobiola webCam for S60 3rd Ed Bluetooth transforms your Symbian phone into a high quality wireless or wired web camera which works same way as usual USB camera. It is very simple in configuration and installation. It
  • Mobiola Web Camera 3.1.8

    Now you can easily convert your mobile phone device into a high-quality web camera by using handy software application mobiola web camera. Its supported devices are as follow: Symbian UIQ as well as BlackBerry, Symbian
  • Mobiola Web Camera For S60 3rd Edition 2.2

    mobiola web camera For S60 3rd Edition 2.2 is an application which can change your mobile phone into a wireless (WiFi or Bluetooth) or wired (USB) web camera with a high quality. Major Features: Transforms your mobile
  • Broadcaster Studio Pro 1.3.0

    Now you can capture even those videos that are currently playing on your desktop by using incredible software application Broadcaster Studio Pro. You can also use it for splitting your camera output into multiple
  • Mobiola Web Cam For Symbian UIQ3 Phones 2.5.21

    mobiola web Cam For Symbian UIQ3 Phones 2.5.21 is developed to be a useful tool with which you can make your UIQ3 phone work like a wireless (Bluetooth) web camera. Major Features: Transforms your UIQ3 phone into
  • Mobiola Screen Capture for BlackBerry 2.5

    Display phone screen on your PC real-time, take snapshots, record video. SHARE your SCREEN on Skype, IM and other Video Conference applications Main functionality: * Shows SCREEN Capture from your phone on PC
  • Mobiola Screen Capture 2.5

    Control your phone from PC keyboard, display the phone screen, take snapshots, record video. Share your screen on Skype, record videos to YouTube Main functionality Features include: * Shows SCREEN Capture from
  • Desktop Slider 1.03

    This program make very easy to work with many opened windows. There is even no need to minimize any window. One way to see desktop Slider is that the program makes the desktop or Workspace "infinite". And the computer
  • WebCam To Video 1.0

    webCam to Video is a freeware web camera utility for Windows. It allows you to capture your web camera and save it to a video file, which you can later play on your favorite video player. This is quite a simple
  • SMRecorder 1.2.4

    With this application you can capture desktop video, camera video and desktop/microphone sound.Features: - Record desktop motion and sound/Micro voice into AVI for presentation/demo/tutorial or for share- Capable of
  • Photovista Virtual Tour 3.0

    Photovista's in-camera stitcher lets your digital camera or cameraphone become a true Panorama camera... with award-winning technology iseephotovista is an embedded application for digital cameras and cameraphones. It
  • Virtual Camera 1

    Virtual camera is a virtual software camera that can be installed on Windows 98 ME 2000 and XP. It needs no hardware. It can use your former medias, including pictures, video clips etc. as its sources, and let your
  • Spyware Snooper 1.0.1

    Spyware Snooper is called now desktop Snooper. desktop Snooper is like a hidden camera watching any computer you want. It's like having a hidden camera looking at anyone's computer you choose. desktop Snooper records
  • Desktop Spy Camera 1.1

    desktop Spy camera is a complete utility to monitor target user's action in the windows desktop. This utility captures the screen at regular intervals as specified. Thus, it captures clips of screen pictures, which if
  • Fire-i API (Jun 2008) 5.8

    Fire-i API application that allows full camera enumeration, control and preview. The application uses DirectShow in order to communicate with the WDM camera driver and uses the driver accompanying codecs in order to
  • Elecard MultiStreamer 1.0.61103

    Elecard MultiStreamer is a program designed to provide streaming of live video from any number of web cameras simultaneously. It enables the user to stream video from desktop (The camera connected to PC via USB) and IP
  • Stereobase 1.0

    free tool Stereobase calculates the camera shift for creating left and rihgt eyes images with photo camera. Easy to use. For a digital camera enter 35 mm film focus
  • Digital Camera Downloader 2.6

    The camera Downloader application was designed to make it easier for downloading images off a digital camera. Essentially it provides all the necessary features from the software that would normally come in the camera
  • UltraView Pro

    A customized software application with a user-friendly interface allowing you to acces and control your camera(s). You can connect up to 32 cameras to monitor different places and record events for each camera . With
  • Studio & Lightroom Tether 3.6

    Taking photos in the studio is so much easier if you can see what your doing. StudioTether is a free application to tether Your camera to your Mac. LightroomTether is a free plugin for Adobe Lightroom v2 which automates
  • DKMessenger v4.6.2

    DKMessenger is a free peer-to-peer messenger with video, Voice Over IP, text chat, whiteboard, application sharing and file transfer capabilities. If you have a microphone and a camera hooked up to your
  • Digital Camera Media Studio 1.0

    Be one of the first people to use this groundbreaking technology, where you turn your digital camera into a complete media center. Digital camera Media Studio gives you the unique opportunity to watch videos and TV on
  • HomeCamera 6.0.3

    Homecamera is an application as every educated person can understand by its name but it is a camera that does not need any accessories like cables and other things which we see on walls in banks and streets. We need
  • PTPdrive 1.0

    PTPdrive integrates a digital camera operating in PTP/MTP mode into the Windows by mapping it to a local drive letter. Pictures can be accessed by simply opening them from a drive letter - there is no need to run a
  • ApproCMS

    The CMS(Central Management System) allows you to access many units of the IP camera from a remote desktop or a laptop in a TCP/IP networking environment. It can perform the following function:- Views live images in a
  • Mobiola WebCam for S60 3rd Edition 3.0.15

    mobiola webCam for S60 3rd Edition 3.0.15 is  a tool which can change your mobile phone into a wireless (WiFi or Bluetooth) or wired (USB) web camera with great quality. Major Features: Transforms your mobile phone
  • What are you doing? 2.9.1

    You can use inclusive window application What are you doing for following purposes: for watching desktop screen of more than one client one after another in a interval; for selecting a large size or reduced size; for
  • GBTimelapse 1.0

    GBTimelapse is a Windows application for the capture of time-lapse sequences. It controls a Canon PowerShot camera connected to your computer by a USB cable. The camera's settings are changed and images are captured
  • TweetPocket 1.0.8

    TweetPocket for your desktop. TweetPocket desktop aims to Streamline how you use Twitter on your Windows and Linux based computers. TweetPocket desktop gives you the power of Twitter on your desktop without
  • CanonCam2PC 1.5

    CanonCam2PC is a small yet efficient utility intended especially for digital Canon camera owners to helps them to transfer images from camera to computer. This handy utility will auto-detect your digital Canon camera