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  • WMkits Photo Encryption 3.0

    encrypt your windows mobile photos easily encrypt your sensitive mobile phone photos easily, keep all important windows mobile pictures private and safe. As a professional photo encryption software for Windows mobile
  • Encrypt Files 1.5

    encrypt Files is free software to securely encrypt and password protect your confidential data. It is fast desktop application that supports 13 advanced encryption algorithms including Blowfish, Cast, Ice, Mars RC 2,6
  • WMkits SMS Encryption 2.1

    WMkits SMS encryption - encrypt and hide SMS text messages for windows mobile encrypt and hide SMS text messages for windows mobile. WMkits SMS encryption is a professional text messages encryption software for
  • MAXA Crypt Mobile 1.2

    MAXA Crypt mobile MAXA Crypt mobile allows you to encrypt files, directory structures and texts using the 256-bit Rijndael algorithm, winner of the Advanced encryption Standard contest. Multiple files can be encrypted
  • SapphireEncrypt 04.00

    Data security is important when you are dealing with the Internet and mobile applications. Having confidential information stored on your Pocket PC means you need to ensure that it is kept save if the device gets
  • Encrypt Me 2.1

    encrypt Me is A Powerfull Tool Which Can encrypt Any File, Any Format which can not be easily decrypted. Features:Small File Size/Light free software Open Source software free Support Powerful
  • WMkits File Encryption 3.0

    File encryption software for Windows mobile WMkits File encryption - File encryption for Windows mobile Phone Protect your sensitive and secret mobile files against un-authorized viewers. WMkits File encryption is a
  • Simple Encrypt Decrypt Text 2.0

    Easily encrypt text with this lightweight utility. Easily encrypt text with this lightweight utility. Simple encrypt Decrypt Text is a simple text encryption software. encrypt text, encrypt emails and
  • QKsoft Encrypt my Folder 1.2

    encrypt my FolderTM is a new Folder Password protected software which can help you lock your files, Folders with your personal password. Prevent people from viewing, editing, altering your folders as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator 9.8.4

    Odin U Disk encrypt Creator is a very useful U disk/Flash drive encryption tool. Its friendly interface guides you encrypt your U disk/Flash drive/Portable Hard Drive/mobile Hard Drive easily.Odin U Disk encrypt Creator
  • Viovo Mobile Messenger 1

    Viovo mobile Messenger connects the wireless internet.You can make free calls from mobile to PC.And make the text Chat mobile to mobile.Have a lot of features in this version. No matter where you are, when you connect
  • AnyEncrypt Professional Edition

    With the rapid development of IT industry, there are more and more confidential digital data of individuals or enterprises stored in computers. These data may include design drawings, financial data, customer information
  • Encrypt-o-Doc 0.1

    Welcome to the encrypt-o-Doc v0.1 (ALPHA) release help. Thanks for trying out the encrypt-o-Doc v0.1. Please don't forget to give your feedback about the software by sending an email at Remember
  • encode encipher encrypt 3.1

    encode encipher encrypt is free.encrypt your files from
  • mpowerplayer 2.0

    Mpowerplayer is your digital hub for mobile gaming. Play an entire library of mobile games right on your desktop, for free. It's a storefront for finding, trying, and buying software for your mobile phone. Every
  • Encryption Wizard 3.3.4

    encrypt your valuable data. encrypt your valuable data. encryption Wizard can be used to encrypt files and folders to protect their confidential contents from prying eyes. In order to encrypt a file, a passphrase
  • PDF Encrypt Tool 2.00

    PDF encrypt Tool V2.0 can be used to protect your PDF files with 128-bit strength user and owner passwords, set all permissions(such as coping, editing, printing, selecting text and graphics, fill in etc), and prevent
  • AnyEncrypt Free Edition 2006

    Anyencrypt free Edition 2006 provides you a free encryting software which is used for protecting your confidential documents and privacy documents. It can encrypt your files or folders with various encryption algorithm.
  • Hide and Encrypt by GCM Enterprises 2.2

    Hide and encrypt files within image and sound files. Hide and encrypt is a powerful but fun and easy-to-use software, which enables you to encrypt and hide files within image or sound files. Hide and encrypt is an
  • File Encrypt 1.0

    In such a time as this when privacy is all but lost, it is reassuring to have a utility to encrypt important files. File encrypt is an economical solution to the ever increasing threat of prying eyes. Using Rijndael
  • MobileSync Pro 1.2

    Why mobileSync Pro is the best free mobile utility software out there? Do you plan to buy separate mobile software for doing tasks like Synchronizing, Sharing, Backing up or Protecting your mobile Data? Needless to
  • Ahead PDF Encrypt 1.0.0

    Ahead PDF encrypt is a powerful tool that allows you to encrypt existing PDF files, set permissions, add user and owner password, set descriptions. With Ahead PDF encrypt, you can easily set the owner password and
  • Click to Encrypt HTML 8.0

    Click to encrypt HTML is a fantastic new encryption software to protect your HTML web pages and Prevent others from viewing and reusing your WebPage source code. The Click to encrypt is easy enough for the beginner
  • FileEncode 1.2

    FileEncode allows to encrypt Files with using a password. This software uses a proprietary compression system that allow to encrypt your files. You can encrypt file up to 1 GB (for example entire zipped Folders as a
  • Adobe Pdf Locking Software

    Use pdf encryption & restrict pdf permission for editing, printing & copying. Adobe pdf lock program is very easy to use and wizard style interface tool which lets you to set pdf open & owner password,
  • Atronics File Security 2.3b

    free File-encryption tool! Simple, fast and safe! You can encrypt with this program every filetype, content independent! It is very easy to use, so everyone can handle it immediately. Due to the DES encryption algorithm
  • Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Developer Tool Kit -

    The Windows mobile 6.5.3 DTK provides documentation, sample code, header and Library files, emulator images, and tools to Visual Studio that let you build applications for Windows mobile 6.5 and 6.5.3. This document
  • Data Encrypter 1.1

    encrypt all sensitive data in your computer Data encrypt is a software application designed to encrypt all sensitive data in your computer. Using a high level of compression your data is at safe
  • Ocean Coast Themes (Windows Mobile) 1.0

    Many mobile devices have option to change theme of it's operating system (Windows mobile). The mobile themes for mobile devices are designed and tested for Pocket PC, PDA and cell phones which operate with Microsoft
  • Mobile Web 3.0 1.0

    Upload, Download and Share mobile content on the mobile Web 3.0 with other mobile users. Simply backup or transfer all your mobile files to mobile Web 3.0 and share it everywhere! Enables people to instantly connect