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  • eMushaf

    eMushaf provides the whole quran and a collection of multilanguage translation and tafseer(Interpretation). The quran Viewer allows you to browse, navigate and search verses of the quran. These interpretation are
  • Quran7 Viewer 2.0

    You can learn The Holy quran with Holy quran Visual Learning Tool that provides quran's all 114 Sura's in one package with Othmani and Nash Script Typing. It also facilitates you with highlighting all Intonation rules
  • eQuran 3.4.79

    equran provides the whole quran and a collection of several books of el Hadeeth in one compact package. equran provides two identities: the quran Viewer and the Hadeeth Viewer. The quran Viewer allows you to browse,
  • Quran Player 2.0

    You can use feature rich software quran Player for following purposes: you can easily view translation of quran and can use its provided different services for interacting with quran; it displays text of the quran 30
  • Al Quran Digital 2.1

    Al quran Digital is a free and simple translation software that will translation in Indonesian The Al quran in Arabic and translation in Indonesian. Features: * Displays verses from the quran in Arabic and Indonesian
  • ListMemoriser 1.0.1

    ListMemoriser is for assisting in memorising quran and quran related lists. There are 2 different ListMemoriser, one is with English transliteration and another is with Arabic script. There will 2 Shortcuts created in
  • Mobile Holy Quran for Windows 1

    Mobile Holy quran for Windows 1 is a powerful and professional and useful software which can read the Holy quran anytime in your PC. The Arabic text are large and clear and listen to the recital. You can also have the
  • Zekr 2.2

    Zekr is an open platform for research on the Holy quran. It is a quran based project, planned to be a universal, open source, cross-platform application to perform most of the usual refers to quran.The main idea is to
  • QuranTour 1.0

    Listen to the quran with this tool. Listen to the quran with this tool. quranTour is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to help you listen to the quran in just a few
  • Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation 1.0

    "Holy quran Malayalam English Translation V1.0" is the first quran Software in India. It consists complete Malayalam and English Translations of quran, Complete Arabic Text, Complete recitation of quran by
  • Muslim Explorer 2007

    Muslim Explorer is an integrated software for the previous Ekabakti product including Al-quran Explorer, E-Hadith and E-Tafsir. All this contents assembled together into a single screen. Muslim Explorer includes Arabic
  • Ayat of Quran

    Now you can explore and learn new quran ayats from your computer desktop by using religious inclusive gadget Ayat of quran.
  • Streaming Internet Quran Radio Toolbar 4.5.167

    Streaming Internet quran Radio Toolbar 4.5.167 is created to enable users to listen to quran radio stations live from around the world day and night right from your browser. It's very easy, simple, and live. You neither
  • Zekr for Linux 0.7.6

    Zekr is an open platform for research on the Holy quran. It is a quran based project, planned to be a universal, open source, cross-platform application to perform most of the usual refers to quran. The main idea is to
  • Mobile Quran Browser 0.5

    Now you can read quran on your cell phone by using handy software application Mobile quran Browser. T is capable of browsing and searching quran verses as well as you can run it on the windows mobile phone. It supports
  • Q-Pad 1.0

    Read one PaGE of quran in arabic each day with this simple program. You can do it inshallah! We check our email daily, so it is easy to read for 3 min. Spread the word. never let a day go by without quran Jazakum allahu
  • Plug AlQuran for Ms Word 1.3

    This program will add new menu "Al-quran" on your microsoft word application. You can insert ayah of quran or translation to your word document with easy . The plugin is available for different languages and can be
  • ISLAM WEB 2.0 ---- NexT Generation Islamic Toolbar

  • Quran Widget 0.3d

    The complete Holy quran as a Widget for Yahoo! Widget Engine. This Widget mimics an actual printed copy of the quran and is fully viewable offline. Allows easy browsing to any Chapter and
  • Discover Islam 3.0

    The project of Discover ISLAM present "Discover Islam Web Book" to those who are seeking the truth.The most comprehensive Web Book about Islam. The Web Book CD includes: The Holy quran (eBook), Holy quran Software,
  • The Islamic Toolbar 1.00

    The Best Islamic Toolbar with One Click Access To The Holy quran In 26 Languages, Ayat Of The Day, Hadith Books, Tafisr Of The Holy quran, Islamic Websites, Recitation Of The Holy quran By All Renowned Qaris, Islamic
  • Quran7 Predication 2.0

    quran7 Predication is a part of the Q7Gen Project that traces the 10 quranic Great Readings. quran7 Predication is a Visual Learning Tool and illustrates clearly the Readings Predication Tree.quran7 Predication is a
  • Quran_2 Screen Saver 2.0

    You can use this beautiful quran_2 Screen Saver for viewing the stunning images with themes related to Allah. It features a chants and prayers that you can listen at the same time. quran is actually the Muslim's sacred
  • Thunder URL Decoder 1.2

    Right click a Thunder download link and convert its URL to a normal file address. Not available for Firefox 3.6.8. This add-on can convert download link that can't only be used by Thunder download Manager into
  • Quran_1 Screen Saver 2.0

    Would you like to know more about Muslims and their religion? Do you want to learn what is the meaning of those prayers and chants? quran_1 Screen Saver will teach you about the true meaning of the Scared Book. The
  • French Quran Browser Widget 0.2

    This Widget allows a French quran translation to be navigated easily. You have the option of scrolling backwards or forwards through the Verses or jumping directly to a specific Surah and Verse (Using the Surah and
  • Quran Majeed with Search 1.0

    You can use handy religious software quran Majeed with Search for following purposes: you can easily search you desire Sura or Aya because; it has hierarchal Index of 114 Suras and 30 Paras; you can use it for reading
  • hellafox Firefox extension 2.0.8

    Not available for Firefox 3.6.8??? This Firefox extension helps to Streamline downloading of NZB files via the excellent NZB-aware Usenet downloader, hellanzb. hellafox places an entry in the right-click context menu
  • Quran Explorer 3.7

    Full-featured Windows Based software with search facility to read quran The Final Testament (Authorized English Version translated from the Original by Rashad Khalifa, PhD). Contains all the appendices including the
  • Bulk Link Popularity Analyzer 1.23

    Many search engines Factor in your web site popularity when ranking web searches. To push your site towards the top of search results, it's important to have many web sites point or link to your site. To help you