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  • Surface Deformer Benchmark 1.0.4

    This OpenGL benchmark is focused on the vertex processing unit (vertex Pipelines). A mesh plane made of 2 millions of triangular polygons and 1 million of vertices is deformed in realtime by a GLSL vertex SHADeR. The
  • PocketPC Mark 1.03

    PocketPC Mark is a benchmarking utility for Pocket PCs. Currently the following modules are implemented: Memory and Cache latency and bandwith benchmark (NEW!) CPU Dhrystone benchmark (CPU Integer performance) CPU
  • ClearSky Benchmark

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky is designed to test the performance of your PC!This benchmark is based on one of the ingame locations »“ Marshland. The testing process includes four stages, those utilizing various weather and
  • BenchMe 173.0

    BenchMe free benchmark software is designed to measure various performance characteristics of data storage devices. Based on the collected benchmark data you can evaluate performance of a particular storage device or
  • PIaB 1.0

    You can use handy Processor Information and benchmark program for getting all the necessary information about processor. Its major features are it can also be used for creating reports; it provides you some information
  • FurMark 1.9.1

    FurMark is a very intensive OpenGL benchmark that uses fur rendering algorithms to measure the performance of the graphics card. Fur rendering is especially adapted to overheat the GPU and that's why FurMark is also a
  • Ultimate-Guitar Desktop Search 1.0

    The software includes one or more components of the .NET Framework (.NET Components). You may conduct internal benchmark testing of those components. You may disclose the results of any benchmark test of those
  • 3DMark 2011 1.0.3

    The gamers benchmark for DirectX 11. 3DMark is one of the most popular benchmarking applications for testing DirectX 11 hardware, equipped with an advanced collection of tests wrapped up in a stylish and user-friendly
  • QPxTool 0.7.1

    benchmark CD %2F DVD quality with this utility. benchmark CD / DVD quality with this utility. QPxTool is a handy, simple tool designed to help you test CD / DVD quality, transfer rate with Qt GUI. This will help
  • NovaBench 3.0.3

    NovaBench is a free benchmark program for Microsoft Windows. Features include: Extensive CPU Speed tests Multi-threaded tests take advantage of multiple cores/procesors Hardware accelerated graphics tests Hard drive
  • Pocket Mechanic for WM Pocket PC 2.14

    The Best Storage Card Management Utility: Format, Defragment, Scan and Repair, benchmark, test for Physical Errors, Securely delete files, Cleanup unused files. Features Normal and low-level format Defragment Scan and
  • AS SSD Benchmark 1.6

    Alex Schepeljanski of Alex Intelligent Software develops the free AS SSD benchmark utility for testing storage devices. The AS SSD benchmark tests sequential read and write speeds, input/output operational performance,
  • AMD N-Bench 3.1

    AMD N-Bench is some kind of 3D mark but made by AMD AMD N-Bench is a hardware testing program capable of investigating CPU performance and displaying 3D graphics results.AMD N-Bench consists of a "Demo mode" that plays
  • Pocket PC Benchmark (ARM) 1.0

    benchmark for Pocket PCs that is used by the german magazine PC Professional. Please register this application here. It??s absolutely free and eliminates the intro screen in the application itself. This is a freeware
  • FPC Bench (Symbian) 2.5.2

    FPC Bench is a Java benchmark to test and compare the phone performance. Unlike other benchmark tests, FPC Bench results are not influenced by screen resolution, thus it's a good way to get more reliable result. You can
  • MCS CPU Benchmark 0.7

    MCS CPU benchmark V5, the latest version of the CPU performance benchmark program from MCS Studios. This unique program provides an accurate and consistent assessment of the performance of your processor in general
  • MaxxMEM2 1.91

    A useful memory benchmark. A useful memory benchmark. MaxxMEM2 is a benchmark designed to help you measure your memory's
  • ATTO Disk Benchmark 2.47

    Measure your storage systems performance Measure your storage systems performance The ATTO Disk benchmark application was designed to be a performance measurement tool. Measure your storage systems performance with
  • AOGen CPU Benchmark 1.1.2

    AOGen CPU benchmark is a tiny command line tool that allows you to Bench your brand new CPU. AOGen CPU benchmark is based on the AOGen tool (see AOGen - G????n????ration DES maps d'occlusion). The main problem of
  • PC Benchmark

    Does your PC seem slow? Does it take what seems like forever to start? PC benchmark is a free application that will tell you how fast your computer is and allow you to compare your computer's speed against your friends
  • Procbench for Windows 0.8.2 Alpha

    Procbench is a multiplatform information tool and CPU benchmark for x86 processors. It tests memory transfer and math capabilities of your x86 processor. It includes programs (pb_g++ and pb_gcc) to get the best GCC
  • PrimeCores 2010 3.1.0

    n easy-to-use multi-threaded CPU benchmark An easy-to-use multi-threaded CPU benchmark PrimeCores is a new generation benchmark, that is based on a very fast prime number finding algorithm. PrimeCores 2010 is
  • Ciusbet Hardware BenchMark 1.8.854

    It is a complete benchmark, among other things, with this program you will be able to analyze the performance of your processor (with an option which analyzes the performance in either calculation or compression),
  • Mini Disk Test 1.0

    Mini Disk test V1.0 is a small benchmark to test hard
  • Tropics Benchmark 1.3

    The Tropics benchmark application will allow you to test your video card's capabilities. Known drivers issues: - [ATI] Broken HDR with OpenGL on X1xxx series - [ATI] No water with OpenGL Features: * Support of DirectX
  • CPU Free BenchMark former CPUMark 2.2

    Perform three types of tests to your CPU. You can use use this tool in order to perform three types of tests to your CPU. CPU free benchmark includes testing registries, FPU & ALU. There are 3 major tests (registry,
  • Soft Shadows Benchmark 1.5.4

    Now creation of 3D scenes with 5 objects and makes 3 dynamic lights. Users can perform filtering soft shadows with 7x7 filter using benchmark users can also take advantage of new 3D features like vertex buffer object,
  • GpuTest 0.2.0

    Gputest is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux and OSX) GPU stress test and OpenGL benchmark. Gputest comes with several GPU tests including some popular ones from Windows'world (FurMark or TessMark). The number of GPU
  • OCCT Perestroika 4.0.0.b16 Beta

    OCCT Perestroika will provide users with two CPU benchmark test (OCCT's own test and Linpack) and two other tests designerd for the graphics card and power supply. Features: Up to 16-core support ( for instance, up to
  • CINEBENCH 11.5

    CINEBENCH is a completely free real-world cross platform test suite that evaluates your computer?s performance capabilities. It?s based on MAXON's animation software CINEMA 4D, which is mostly used by studios and