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  • Parental Lock Guard 1.2

    Parental Lock Guard is all-inclusive application use for guarding your PC made by RIA Software Company. It is so powerful tool that it can?t be
  • Instant Lock: BeST FoLdeR LOCk : Free Download 3.1

    A revolutionary file security software, totally protect, lock and hide all your private folders and precious files from other users and programs. You
  • Free Parental Control 2.05

    Now you can protect your privacy by using handy software application Parental Control that is capable of removing Cookies as well as Cache and URLs of
  • Qustodio Free Parental Control 2012 1.30

    Free parental control. Qustodio helps you protect your kids online. Free parental control. Qustodio helps you protect your kids online. See how
  • KeepMyFamilySecure free Parental control 1

    Free easy to use parental control client, simple install, aimed for novices mom and dads that want a simple child protection software, without the
  • Qustodio Free Parental Control 2012 1 20

    Free parental control. Qustodio helps you protect your kids online. See how they use the Internet, set healthy access limits, and protect against
  • Windows Task Lock 6.3

    Windows Task Lock provides a simple and effective way to Password Protect specified applications for Windows no matter how they are executed. Its
  • Lock It Down - Free Edition 2.0

    Lock It Down Free Edition is a powerful software that locks content sensitive files and folders using advanced file encryption methods. It has options
  • Lock Folder Lock File! 1.4

    Lock Folder Lock File! helps to protect your files from unauthorized access. Protecting your computer with the best level of security you can find
  • Parental Key 2.06

    Works with any existing USB key and USB drive Select the retrictions you want to apply to your PC Locks out computer users, Prohibits use of the
  • Parental Spy 1.0.1

    Parental Spy is a software of parental control which allows your children of surfer on Internet in full safety. It blocks the preregistered sites, of
  • Aye Parental Control 2.60

    Aye Parental Control helps parents restrict the time that children spend on computer and Internet. It is the utility for home PC that enables a parent
  • Parental Control 2.1

    Any parents wants to know as their child spends computer time and set rules for computer use. Parental Control allows it: the software makes timely
  • KSS Parental Control 5.2

    KSS Parental Control - Powerful Internet Filtering Software for Online Safety. Web Blocking Web content controls can block not only pornography, but
  • e Parental Control 2.0

    e Parental Control Software is an comprehensive Web Filtering Software with Parental Controls. e Parental Control Software will keep your children
  • HT Parental Control 6.2.5

    HT Parental Control is the best way to protect your child against any type of online threats. Parental Control is computer monitoring software with
  • HT Parental Controls 7.2.2

    Using HT Parental Controls you can easily and securely monitor your PC. It enables you to record the keystrokes of your PC as well as screen
  • Parental Control PRO 2.12

    Now you can get to know about all those activate that are happened in your absence by using incredible software application Parental Control PRO. It
  • Parental-Controls.NET

    Parental-Controls.NET --An internet filter software that helps parents protect kids from adults websites, prevent them from indulging in unrestrained
  • Parental Advisor 1.1

    Protect your children from abusive content Parental Advisor is a parental software application designed to protect your children from abusive
  • Parental Controls 2.0

    Content Cleaner is parental control tool that will enable you to detect and Remove objectionable content off your PC. Get the best selling parental
  • Ez Parental Control 3.2.1

    Ez Parental Control blocks Website Urls And Programs from running on yours, your child's or employee's computer.Features:Blocks Website Urls.Blocks
  • ID Parental Adviser 1.2

    ID Parental Advisor is a utility program designed to block porn sites from opening in your Internet Browser. Using an integrated database focused on
  • Advanced Parental Control 2.0

    The main benefit of APC is its Time Management system. Parents can specify how long and when their child is allowed use the computer OR the Internet
  • Smart Parental Control 2.0

    Are you sure that you know how long your kids are spending by the PC, and what exactly they are doing? Smart Parental Control will allow you to
  • Hidetools Parental Control 8.4.7

    Hidetools Parental Control protects your children online and offline. The program is an all-in-one solution which combines powerful computer
  • Parental Control Keylogger

    Parental control keylogger application is comprehensive and password protected program which runs in hidden mode over computer system. Invisible
  • Stealth Parental Control 1.3.4

    Now you can get to know about all those activities that are performed by your children's or other users in your absence by using handy software
  • Award Parental Control 2.1.1

    Award Parental Control is easy-to-use and powerful parental control software, gives you the ability to control and monitor your children use of the
  • Belkasoft Parental IM Control 1.01

    Parental control tool for searching and analyzing your children Internet chats made with various Instant Messengers: ICQ versions from 97a up to ICQ
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  • Parental Lock Guard 1.2

    parental lock Guard is all-inclusive application use for guarding your PC made by RIA Software Company. It is so powerful tool that it can?t be stopped without having administrative password. Task Manager or any other
  • e Parental Control 2.0

    e parental Control Software is an comprehensive Web Filtering Software with parental Controls. e parental Control Software will keep your children safe while surfing the world wide web. e parental Control will block
  • Advanced Parental Controls Removal Tool -

    Advanced parental Controls Removal Tool will find and fully remove Advanced parental Controls and all problems associated with Advanced parental Controls virus. Fast, easy, and handy, Advanced parental Controls
  • Lock the desktop 1.0

    lock the windows desktop via lock the desktop v1.0 and a windows system wide hot-key. Just choose a hot-key and leave it in the system tray.Press the hot-key and watch your desktop lock! (INSTANTLY!).With Less key
  • 1-ACT Parental Advisor 2006 Removal Tool 1.0

    Remove 1-ACT parental Advisor 2006 completely with 1-ACT parental Advisor 2006 Removal Tool! Effectively removes 1-ACT parental Advisor 2006 files and registry keys Kills the core of 1-ACT parental Advisor 2006 and
  • Login Sentinel

    Login Sentinel regarded as a convenient as well as simple to use tool which lets you control time, when users can login into the windows. Instead of windows parental control, this tool will logoff user, when
  • VBL 2.00

    Vidfern Black lock is a secure parental lock that lets you block any unsafe programs or websites by specifying their titles.Protect your PC by using new technologies!VBL uses a tiny secret engine to find locked
  • Lock PC Professional 3.8.1

    lock PC Professional - the secure way to lock your computer lock PC Professionalâ"¢ is an easy in use, powerful and compact tool to lock your computer from unauthorized use. When you leave your computer unattended, the
  • Internet Password Lock 9.1.0

    Internet Password lock is a software program for windows 2000/XP/NT computers (does not work on windows 95/98/Me) that allows you to Password Protect all access to the Internet. This includes Web surfing, Instant
  • Windows Keyboard Indicator 2.0.1

    Displays Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock indicators in the windows system tray windows Keyboard Indicator is a small utility which stays in your windows system tray.Main features:- Displays Caps lock, Num lock and
  • EZ PC Remote 3.2.5

    parental control software that helps you to control your children or employee Computer Time remotelly. It will auto shutdown, reboot, lock or hibernate computer and will keep any PC in your home or office locked for as
  • Mouse Lock 1.65

    Mouse lock is a windows based application designed to prevent  unauthorized use of your computer. The program simply traps your mouse inside a small button. Your computer can  trap or free the mouse at specified time.
  • AntiCapsLock Pro 3.0

    With this program things like this will not ever happen to you. AntiCapslock can disable CAPS lock key or tell it to behave as another key (SHIFT, CTRL, windows Key). Still, you can continue using CAPS lock (select a key
  • Pro-Key-Lock 3.0

    Pro-Key-lock is a Security software developed by 100dof. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Pro-Key-lock: Pro Key lock can be used to
  • Password Protected Lock 2.92

    Password Protected lock is an excellent security computer lock you can use to secure your PC and protect your privacy. It is attractive, secure, and very easy to use. It starts automatically with windows and optionally
  • Mega Folder Lock 1.0

    * USB Folder lock to lock your USB Storages * Recover of your forget password to your Email * lock & Hide your files ,Folders at windows Kernel Level * Your files and folders can't be accessed in both windows explorer
  • Parental-Controls.NET

    parental-Controls.NET --An internet filter software that helps parents protect kids from adults websites, prevent them from indulging in unrestrained virtual space. parental-Controls.NET filters out adult web sites,
  • XUS PC Lock Ultimate Edition 3.0.58

    XUS PC lock is a powerful lock computer application that offers a new and fun way for you to lock your computer. First you'll have to define your lock pattern and next time you will see the lock screen, you trace your
  • Lock Computer

    Shortcut or even from a Command Line. locking Computer prevents unauthorized access to your windows Computer and is one of the easiEST ways to protect your Computer. Many Software Companies force the policy to
  • Caps Lock Changer 1.0

    If you hate the Caps lock key, you may love Caps lock Changer. With Caps lock Changer, you can turn the Caps lock off or change Caps lock to underscore, CTRL key, ALT key or other key you would like to, no windows
  • M PC Lock 1.0

    lock your computer to make sure no body except you have access to your computer whileyou are away from it and leave your computer.After lock you can leave your computer and if every body need to unlock it should enter
  • AthTek Skype Parental Control 1.0

    AthTek SkypePC is an advanced Skype parental control program for windows. It can invisibly monitor both Skype audio and video calls for parental control. It can also send the recordings to specified email account
  • KidsGoGoGo 12.6

    Kids GoGoGo prohibits the browsing of adult-only content on the Internet.Web filtration for home, school, public institutions and office. Kids GoGoGo Key features: parental Block almost harmful sites all over the
  • NumLocker 1.0

    Numlocker allows you lock state of Num lock, Caps lock and Scroll lock keys. You can force these keys to "Always On" and "Always Off". With Numlocker, you can Prevent accidental pressing and changing state of there
  • PC Security 6.4

    You can use this powerful and easy to use protection utility to lock down your system like never before. You can fully control your computer with the following security options: Explorer Control, File lock, Folder
  • PC Lock Station 2009

    PC lock Station is software that allows you to monitor and limit the activities that a user can perform when you use a PC. Has application in many fields. Their use in the work environment increases the productivity
  • Win Lock PRO 5

    Win lock PRO is a screen lock and computer login program created by BlueZap Industries. The project was inspired by the windows 8 Login and screen lock system. We bring windows 8 to windows 7 in style ! Please download
  • Lock Me 2.3.4

    lock your computer with a pretty image or video (v2.0+) where its not usually possible due to permissions e.g school, college, work or maybe a guest computer. with lock me you can lock your computer any where you want
  • Keyboard Lock 1.0

    Tool to lock the keyboard completely or only lock Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Used during installation of windows or in windows PE. Contains the files DrvLoad.exe and Kblock.sys. lock the keyboard, either completely or only
  • Keyboard LED Control 1.09

    Set Numlock, Caps lock and Scroll lock On/Off Keyboard LED Control is a tool to control LED of the Numlock, Caps lock, and Scroll lock indicator lights on the keyboard, which can be controlled in the Numlock,