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  • Free Real Estate Mortgage Calculator With Charts -

    Free Real Estate Mortgage Calculator With Charts is a script that figures in Private Mortgage Insurance, property tax, and more that can be used to
  • 3D charts 3.1

    Create eye catching visual enticing animated and interactive 3D+2D FLASH (swf as1-3) chart presentations with this system, one of the most
  • Bar Charts 2.0

    Now you can easily display bar charts on your web site by using dynamic bar chart applet. You can use the simple HTML tags for changing the colors,
  • Pie Charts 2.0

    Now you can easily display pie charts on your web site by using this dynamic pie chart applet. It allows you to use HTML tags for modifying colors,
  • XML/SWF Charts 5.08

    XML/SWF Charts is a simple, yet powerful tool to create attractive charts and graphs from XML data. Create an XML source to describe a chart, then
  • Flash Charts Pro 4.0

    Color charts for web developers, webmasters, system administrators and e-bussines. With Flash Charts Pro you can create any type of graph or diagram
  • TMS Advanced Charts

    It is DB-aware and non DB-aware feature-rich charting components for business,statistical,financial and scientific data.It has many feature like
  • AutoPPT Charts 2.0

    Now you can convert your Excel file into PowerPoint charts presentation by using handy software application AutoPPT
  • Pocket Charts 1.19

    For more information visit the Silicon Machines web site. Product Information: Pocket Charts is a sophisticated charting application for the Pocket
  • US Mileage Charts 3

    North American Mileage Charts and Tables stored as Excel 2007 workbooks, including travel times and distances for both the fastest and shortest
  • Astrology Charts 1.0

    Astrology Charts Screensaver, Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Astrology Signs, Horoscope Astrology, Astrology Software, Free Astrology, Astrology
  • Netquote Charts 1.06

    Traders demand tools which are powerful, reliable, fast and easy to use. Netquote delivers this with the introduction of Netquote Charts, the next
  • Desk Charts 1.30

    DeskCharts is an easy to use, charting application for Windows??? operating systems. The aplication has been designed as a handy tool for private
  • Stock Charts 6.2.4

    Introduction Charts is a Palm OS application for displaying price charts with intra-day updates, retrieving delayed quotes, sending price and/or
  • Weather Charts 0.6

    This download weather charts from the NOAA web site, and displays them on your desktop. Charts are refreshed on a regular
  • Biorhythm Charts 1.35

    Theory of Biorhythm: In early 20th century, Germany physician Wilhelm Fliess and Austrian psychologist Hermann Swoboda found human being Biorhythm
  • Charts of celebrities 1.0

    Charts of celebrities is a free plugin for
  • Magic Charts 2.7beta2

    Build in Sample Portfolio: We will send the updated MAGic Charts Sample portfolio every day with the charts, so you can see exactly how we get such a
  • Crochet Charts 1.1.3

    This software was created to give symbol crochet designers the freedom and flexibility to create whatever they can imagine. With the ability to output
  • World Stock Charts 2.0.6

    World Stock Charts is a complete solution for Charting and Tracking Stocks, Funds and Indices with over 50 Forms of Technical Analysis built into it.
  • ADSS Charts Control 1.5

    ADSS Charts Control designed to display three types of Charts: Horizontal bar Chart, Vertical bar Chart, Pie Chart, key Features: supports Captions
  • StockWrap Express Charts 1.50

    StockWrap Express Charts is a free stock and analysis program with 100+ indicators, tools and 50,000 stock codes, covering almost every exchange on
  • Point & Figure Charts 1.1.2

    Point & Figure Charts software is an interactive stock analysis tool. It can create various technical indicator charts to help users identify
  • Charts Icon Collection 1

    Charts Icon Collection is a utility that provides new icons format which are unique and attractive. Icons are in fully editable graphics vector
  • Forex Charts Widget 1.7

    Now you can track the currency markets from Dashboard by using handy Forex Charts Widget. It is capable of displaying Dukascopy charts for several
  • IDC - Imray Digital Charts 1.0

    This Digital Chart covers the following chart areas: C1, C8, C23, C24, C25, C26, C27, C28, C29, C30, C68, Y9, Y16, Y17, Y18, 2000.3, 2000.6, 2000.7,
  • oomfo charts for PowerPoint® 0.9.6

    oomfo transforms mundane data into stunning visuals and adds the oomph quotient to your presentations. While at it, oomfo lets you edit and manipulate
  • Custom Flash Charts 1.0

    This is a script for
  • Site Traffic Charts 0.4.1

    It is a Google Chrome extension to show Site Traffic
  • True Trend Charts 2.0.4

    Advanced Trading Research provides extremely accurate trading tools for institutions and day traders. We in real time analyze order flow sent to
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  • WebChart Control for ASP.NET -

    webControl for creating charts, that render as images(png, jpg, gif, etc). Supports: Line charts Smooth Line charts Column charts Area charts Scattered charts Stacked Column charts Pie charts Stacked Area
  • WinGPS

    WinGPS ANWB is a navigation product only for ANWB charts 2004-2007.Along with your navigation software, you will need charts. Besides the charts (a.o. Hydrographic charts and Imray) this program is suited for the renown
  • AlterTrader

    A simple to use forex application for your personal use. New analitical forex/cfd/futures platform. Supported Candlesticks charts, Renko charts, Kagi charts, Line break charts, Points & Figures charts, 60+ symbols
  • FusionCharts Free v2.1

    Fusioncharts free helps you create free flash charts in your web applications. It supports a variety of chart types including bar, column, line, area, pie, doughnut (donut), combination, funnel, Gantt etc. Fusioncharts
  • FusionCharts for Flex 1.0

    Fusioncharts for Flex is a charting component for Adobe Flex solutions. It helps you create interactive charts and graphs in your Flex projects. The charts are powered by Fusioncharts v3 framework - the industry leader
  • BSB Import 1.0

    A photoshop plugin which enables you to read NOAA marine charts. NOAA marine charts are the standard raster charts and have the file extension of *.bsb and *.kap. Simply download and install BSB Import and any program
  • SmartDraw Healthcare Edition 2008.3

    SmartDraw allows you to create healthcare graphics within a very short time and has pre included automating style templates and allowing you to turn your information into better graphics. You can draw these charts with
  • ELChart ActiveX DLL 1.1

    ELChart library is the powerful tool that allows to create programs with various charts. Library offers flexible GDI based solution that enables you to create animated, compact and great looking charts. With ELChart you
  • Map Master 4.5.56

    Whether you`re on the water or planning your next trip at home, Geonav® MapMaster gives you the flexibility you need. With an unprecedented range of chart and map compatibility, this easy-to-use software lets you plan
  • TMS Advanced Charts for Delphi / C++ Builder

    TMS Advanced charts is available as VCL component set for Win32 application development and can be used as well with VCL for the web (Intraweb).The TMS Advanced charts is designed to display different kinds of data.TMS
  • TurboChart 1.0

    TurboChart allows you to generate business and logical charts charts rapidly and easily for representing numerical data. You can easily call it from asp procedures, PHP, ColdFusion, VBA , Visual Basic, and other types
  • FusionCharts Lite 1.0

    Create stunning animated charts using this free flash based charting tool. Use with any scripting language and database! Open source developers can redistribute this with their applications for free. Supports Area,
  • FCharts 1.5.97j

    Fcharts SE is a free stock charting program which will import price data from a wide range of sources, displaying it as OHLC, Candlestick and Line charts. It has a number of built-in indicators (MACD, RSI, Exponential
  • gerbilcharts 0.3.1

    Looking for rich SVG charts that refresh themselves via AJAX ? Gerbil charts allow you to easily create powerful and interactive charts for use as standalone or in a Rails application. This project has not yet
  • Chart Trainer 2.7

    Chart Trainer -Learn to read nautical charts like an expert.Chart Trainer is designed to help mariners interpret nautical charts and use them more efficiently, both traditional paper charts and new digital charts for
  • Magic Charts 2.7beta2

    Build in Sample Portfolio: We will send the updated MAGic charts Sample portfolio every day with the charts, so you can see exactly how we get such a good results. Easy to use: A complete set of High Clarity Point and
  • WebGrid - DataGrid/Graphs/WYSIWYG editor 1.9

    webGrid free library package contains utilities used by webGrid - plug and play grid and are found in the namespace "webGrid.Util". In this package are webGrid - free charts. A easy-to-use charting solution for unique
  • World Stock Charts 2.0.6

    World Stock charts is a complete solution for Charting and Tracking Stocks, Funds and Indices with over 50 forms of Technical Analysis built into it. Using data freely available on the internet World Stock charts can
  • EasyCharts 4.0.4

    Easycharts is a 100% java based chart Library that enables you to add great-looking charts in your java applications, web pages, and server based web applications with very little coding effort. Easycharts supports
  • KD Chart 2.4.3

    KD Chart is a tool for creating business charts and is the most powerful Qt component of its kind. Besides having all the standard features, it enables the developer to design and manage a large number of axes and
  • Magico Chart 1.01

    Magico chart is an easy-to-use application that can help you create charts. Different from traditional charts, this software can make charts that feature icons of the objects to be analysed. These lively statistical
  • LIM MIMIC 5.2.4

    Renaming LIM and rebranding its products under the Morningstar name MIMIC is now Commodity charts. Commodity charts is a powerful research tool for analyzing and back-testing your trading strategies. Commodity charts
  • WeatherPipe 1.2

    WeatherPipe automatically downloads Weather charts from the Internet at predesignated times and prints and/or saves them. Imagine waking up every morning and having a fresh set of professional surface charts from your
  • XTick Extreme 5.0.108

    XTick Extreme is a powerful system of technical analysis. It's possible to display real-time Quotes (Dealing Rates) and also real-time charts. To analyze charts it's possible to use about 100 different Indicators, mark
  • RChart 1.12

    Java charts. Bean , Applet and servlet that will create charts for your web site of java application. It supports more than 18 2D and 3D types of charts and combinations of them and can be used with HTML, JSP, Php, asp ,
  • EzyChart 5.0

    EzyChart 5.0 is a tool to analyze market trades and manage your trading plans. Including all charting methods, EZY charts has Bar charts to Candlesticks, Gann Swing charts, and Elliot Waves. Specialized indicators
  • TeeChart Office 2.0

    TeeChart-Office is a free charting and plotting utility intended for both the end-user and the developer. Behind the scenes, TeeChart-Office uses the awarded, mature technology of TeeChart Pro runtime components. The
  • EDraw Organizational Chart 7.6

    If you need to draw a variety of charts, then you should try using and see the results you come up with. This handy drawing software will help you to design different kinds of charts of professional standards quickly and
  • ComponentOne Chart 8.0

    Create blazingly fast 2D and 3D charts and graphs in minutes with ComponentOne Chart 8.0. Get all the robust, time-saving, easy-to-use features you expect, such as data binding to any data source, often without writing a
  • Stock Analyzer 4.6

    This free and handy software includes 19 quick and classic technical analysis methods as well as historical Quotes to analyze stock. It displays 18 charts in a window and marks last 30 days buy/sell signals on charts