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  • Ratio Balance Sheet US 1

    Balance sheet with ratios and working capitalRequires .NET Runtime : 2.0.50727.42
  • Excel Balance Sheet Template Software 7.0

    This software is designed for those users who want to arrange a balance sheet for the personal or home office usage. The convenient chart will
  • MB Free Balance Number 1.50

    This program finds your balance number. MB Free Balance Number Software is a simple and easy to use software that helps you locate your personal
  • Guitar Pro Free Trial 6.1.3

    Guitar Pro is a sheet music/tablature editor for 4- to 8-string instruments: guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, etc. This is an ergonomic, comprehensive
  • X-Bound Free Trial 6.0

    X-Bound is an awesome 360 degree brick breaking fun. Yet another amazing twist to a great retro game! Use the mouse to move the pad in 360 degrees.
  • Evidence Eliminator Free Trial 6.01

    The first and most consistent hard drive cleaner Evidence Eliminator is updated repeatedly for the latest browsers, Internet software and operating
  • DragonWAF 2010 Free Trial

    The signature-based DragonWAF activates defense mechanism when IIS server is under attack, it records all attack patterns using intellectual
  • Word PDF Converter (FREE TRIAL) 5.48

    With word PDF Converter you can convert any Word document to the PDF with your own layouts. With just a click you can convert files into another
  • Nstrument Snmp Library for .Net (Free Trial) 1.12

    The Snmp Library also includes a C# unit test project (excellent for examples) and a Wpf Mib Browser with full source code. It implements
  • Balance to Win 1.0

    3D puzzle/labyrinth game to WIN! Balance is reminiscent of the wooden board game Labyrinth where players steer a ball through a maze. Balance
  • Balance

    Balance is reminiscent of the wooden board game Labyrinth where players steer a ball through a maze. Balance players use the mouse to tilt the

    As above but with numeric display and the ability to save programs / banks and new
  • RS Balance VST 1.0

    Simple control of stereo
  • Balance for Mac 1.0

    Balance is a PC downloadable puzzle game which test your skills of precise mouse control as you tilt a playfield to guide balls to multiple targets
  • SQL Balance for MySQL

    Database Administrators, rejoice! Business owners and IT managers, take a note! Now there is no need to compare and synchronize databases run by
  • Load Balance 10.0

    Cluster - Load Balance software enables multiple real servers to work as one powerful, reliable, scalable and easy to manage Web server cluster.
  • Life Balance 5.83

    Life Balance provides a dynamically ordered To Do List driven by your goals, your desired allocation of time/effort, and feedback from
  • SQL Balance for SQLBase 1.21

    Database Administrators rejoice! Now you don't have to compare and synchronize databases run by SQL manually. SQLBalance compares the structure of
  • SQL Balance for Sybase

    Database Administrators rejoice! Now you don't have to compare and synchronize databases run by Sybase manually. SQLBalance compares the structure
  • Magical Balance 1.5

    Magical Balance 1.5 gives you a fun puzzle and action game which makes lines of magic stones while being careful to maintain the balance. Amazingly
  • Counter Balance 4.0

    CRM for small to large businesses. The CounterBalance platform offers Operations and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for small to large
  • Balance Keeper 1.1

    Children's math, addition, subtraction, algebra Balance Keeper is an educational tool that helps children practice addition, subtraction, logical
  • White Balance WIN 6.3

    White ballance corrector wil correct miscoloration in photos caused by any
  • Doggy Balance 1.0

    Doggy Balance is an easy arcade game. In this game you need to pick up some precious rubies but the problem is those stones are too high. You came
  • EWeb Balance 1.0

    EWeb Balance, an Accounting tool for business owners to keep track of sale, purchase, inventory, creditors, and debtors. Provides current balance at

    Final MarketBalance is a unique way to view prices, bid, ask and volume together on the same chart while showing the relation between market powers as
  • White Balance 1.00

    This plug-in allows to correct the white Balance of a photo, with some manual assistance. To use click a few times with the ColorPicker on what
  • Color Balance 1.0

    The adjustment range is (-100) - 0 - (+100) "Highlight" and "shadows" In both mode , this plugin works like Photoshop. Maybe, it is really the
  • 3D Circus Balance 1.0

    It is a colourful 3D circus game, perfect for a coffee break! It is a small, but amusing 3D game, in which the player controls the balance of the
  • Balance for Windows 1.0

    Balance is a PC downloadable puzzle game which test your skills of precise mouse control as you tilt a playfield to guide balls to multiple targets
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  • ASC Accounts XP 1.0

    The software written specially for the business who provide / sale services to their clients. It also help managing finance related requirements of trading companies. User have to input their basic daily finance
  • MemDB Accounting System 1.0

    MemDB Accounting System is a fast and easy to use accounting software suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and private users who want to manage personal finances. Users can setup their multi-level account
  • ASC Clearing Agency System 1.0

    The software is specially designed for clearing / forwarding agencies. It fulfills all the requirement of agencies related to Finance, Billing & Sales Tax. There is an option to print Clearing Bill &
  • Cleantouch Estate Agency System 1.0

    The software written specially for the business who works as an agent in property business. The software allow maintaining deal wise share of partners. It also help managing major finance related requirements. User have
  • TAccountTool

    Use the TAccountTool to create a series of accounting entries. Then display or print your entries in standard Journal entry format, on a trial balance, on T accounts, or even as your entries would be found on the
  • Aqura - Lite ! 7.0

    AQURA - Lite ! is a double entry financial accounting freeware. Features includes drill in browser, cost centers, bill-by-bill outstanding tracking and reports like balance sheet, profit and loss account, trial balance,
  • Leader Classic 2.2

    Leader Classic is a high-speed accounting application. It is recommended for small business owners, financial managers and accountants. Immediately in it's main window, this program allows to observe and to process all
  • Visual System 2009 9.0

    Flexible, powerful, multi-user, and user-friendly Accounting and Inventory control Package. This is the central module of the whole software system. All the other modules are directly connected to this module and update
  • ASC Multi-Level Accounting 1.0

    An advanced financial accounting system developed specially for advance accountants or the person who require maintaining list of accounts in categorized manners. User can open subsidiary account in any of level.
  • Cleantouch Travel XP 2006 1.0

    The software written specially for the business who works as an agent in traveling business. The software allow maintaining automated account of another travel agents, from them user purchases a package. Family wise
  • Business Spreadsheet 1

    This Business Excel spreadsheets package comes with:? Capital budgeting analysis sheet template? Cash flow sheet template? Project balance sheet template? Financial analysis excel work sheets
  • Iticale Accounting 1.4

    Iticale accountingis an Accounting Software that designed specially for small business and Personal Accounting. Iin this accounting software you can find features as below: Entry accounting vouchers: * Accounts
  • Winman CA ERP 12.6

    Winman CA ERP is the No.1 CA software suite in India. This flagship product is a bundle of many software like Income Tax software, balance sheet software, Service tax software, Wealth Tax software, Audit Report software
  • BS1 General Ledger 2015.3

    BS1 General Ledger tracks budget and actual financial data to produce financial statements such as an Income Statement and balance sheet, the trial balance report, and General Ledger (detail) report. Features include:
  • EDA Accounting 2.7

    School Accounting Software - Multiusers, A complete accounting solution with fee management, result, which is already designed as Rajasthan Board Education's Pattern, you can change this as you need preparation and
  • Medlin General Ledger 2002

    Simple, easy to use, award winning General Ledger program. $38.00. Author: Jerry Medlin - Shareware Hall of Fame - Recipient of the FIRST Shareware Industry Award for Best Business and Financial Software. Handles over
  • MB Free Balance Number 1.50

    This program finds your balance number. MB free balance Number Software is a simple and easy to use software that helps you locate your personal balance number, which in turn, can give you much needed guidance to deal
  • Zen IT

    Direct E-filing facility has been provided through Zen Income Tax. User can directly upload the xml file on the Income Tax Department's site through this software.Main features:- Computation of Income and tax thereon
  • ASC Easy Cashbook 1.0

    The software is written for persons who does not have too much knowledge of computer & accounts but they want to manage their book of accounts properly. This contains module of accounts only so any business have no
  • AccBrowser 1.01

    AccBrowser is an ActiveX Control which is used to browse your Financial Accounting Database. It offers you the Browsing capability and reporting similar to the Financial Accounting Software without implementing these
  • Ratio Balance Sheet US 1

    balance sheet with ratios and working capitalRequires .NET Runtime : 2.0.50727.42
  • Online Contact Sheet Creator 2.5

    free contact sheet generator Online Contact sheet Creator is a free tool you can use to generate clean and professional online contact sheets in just seconds. Great for professional photographers and graphic
  • ActiveBooks 16.1

    ActiveBooks automatically emails you financial reports from your QuickBooks accounting system. For example, start your work day with the Inventory, Overdue Invoices or A/R Aging reports (or any of the over 100 reports
  • MediBiz 3.6

    This Software for Medical Store covers every aspect of a retail business with a strong Accounting environment. Integrated with the latest VAT purchase and sale modules along with Stock Management, Expiry Processing.
  • SSMPropEditor 4.3

    Edit properties on multiple sheets belonging to AutoCAD's sheet Set Manager (SSM) or AutoCAD Architecture's Project Navigator (PN) sheet Set View with ease. If you want to change properties like a revision, date or name
  • Double Entry Accounting 6.2

    By using this pure double entry accounting system a user can enter in up to twenty million Journal entries to create any number of Accounts, T-Account Ledgers, Running balance Ledgers, trial balances, Income statements
  • ASC Medicine Distribution System 1.0

    ASC presents, another gift for distribution business, especially Medicine Distributors. Feeding of sales and purchase made easy & fast recordable to deal clients as fast as possible with computerized bill printing.
  • ASC General Production System 1.0

    After keeping study of various Production Units, working here in Pakistan, experts of ASC designed ASC General Production System to fulfill the needs of the units in simple manners. The software force users of software
  • Cleantouch Trading Control System 2.0

    Professional Edition of Trading Control System can be used by the big business of trading. Orders registers can be categorized by Pending Only, Completed Only, Cancelled Only or can be printed all orders register by
  • APS Accounting and stock control

    APS Accounting and stock control is a professional and comprehensive tool which combines powerful client/server multilingual accounting software and stock (inventory) control features with different types of