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  • Alamoon Image Enhancer 2.2

    Alamoon Image enhancer automatically enhances and improves color in your images. You don't need to know a thing about computers or photography to get great looking digital photos every time. Alamoon Image enhancer is a
  • Vize 2.0 Release 1

    A graphical user interface enhancer A graphical user interface enhancer for Microsoft Windows Vista Vize is a GUI enhancer for Windows Vista. It replaces most of the non-Vista icons, animations and bitmaps that
  • Application Enhancer 2.5

    Application enhancer (APE) is a system used in our and third-party products that helps them to enhance and redefine various applications behavior running on your system. What exactly is Application enhancer? It is a
  • Magic Enhancer Lite 1.0

    Magic enhancer Lite is a free Photoshop-compatible plug-in for Windows. Using Magic enhancer you can essentially improve your photos “ adjust lightness, contrast and color balance. Magic enhancer is perfect for
  • Enhancer Skin Maker 1.0

    Allows you to take Winamp skins and translate them into enhancer skins. Comes with a fairly good help file to indicate how to use the program. Although, it would be nice to get a little more information on exactly what
  • Magic Enhancer Pro 1.1

    Magic enhancer Pro is a Photoshop-compatible plug-in for Windows. Using Magic enhancer you can essentially improve your photos adjust lightness, contrast and color balance. Magic enhancer is perfect for enhancement
  • Imagic Photo Enhancer

    digital photo enhancement software Imagic Photo enhancer is an easy to use photo enhancement software that make your photos look professional. Our photo enhancer calculates where contour, shadows, and highlights
  • Video Enhancer

    Video enhancer allows you to 1) Increase resolution of your video with Video Super Resolution technique which delivers unbelievable quality by using information from previous frames, while all the other resize methods
  • VirtualDub Filter Pack 1.1

    You can get set of 20 filters for VirtualDub and Video enhancer from inclusive VirtualDub Filter Pack. Actually video enhancer is used for opening different types of videos while VirtualDub is a video capture/processing
  • EML Enhancer 2.0

    EML enhancer - a Supreme solution to rename unlimited EML Files can help users to rename Windows Live Mail emails with detailed file names that is easy & convenient for locating & finding the EML files. EML enhancer
  • Free Brain Enhancer 1

    Learn Faster. free Brain enhancer allows you to learn faster by using flash cards with spaced repetition. This means that you spend the most time studying what you do not know and spend the least amount of time on what
  • Right Click Enhancer Portable 3.1.2

    Right Click enhancer gives you power to control the ultimate right click menu everyone use every day.Right Click enhancer allows yo to edit your right click menu in the way you want. Now with help of this wonderful
  • Photo Enhancer 1.51

    Do you want to maximize the potential of your photos without spending hours in front of a computer? AMS Photo enhancer provides a quick and easy way to improve the quality of your photos. It reduces digital noise,
  • Breakaway 1.30.02

    Breakaway 1.30.02is considered as a professional and useful tool whichdramatically improves the audio experience for all PC users with the same technology as pros in the music business use to clarify and control your
  • KResearch KR-Imager 1.2

    KR-Imager is a superb quality stereo image enhancer audio plug-in with unique processing capabilities.In a conventional stereo imager enhancer design the input audio signal is divided into a very small number of
  • Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Game Enhancer mod

    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Game enhancer mod focuses on adding a host of new features to the Diablo II expansion pack. Game enhancer is a Diablo II: Lords of Destruction v1.08 modification which adds a lot of new
  • Oriens Enhancer GOLD 2.6

    Oriens enhancer GOLD is an advanced setting for processing and editing digital images, with large quantities of vectors, filters, special effects, artistic colouring, all types of tools, optimizers, etc.But Oriens
  • JPEG Image Enhancer 1.0

    JPEG Image enhancer is simply the best tool for restoring low-quality JPEG images, without excess blurring or loss of detail. JPEG is a lossy format, so for any JPEG file there is a huge set of images that might have
  • Alamoon Color Enhancer 1.9

    This freeware tool provides some quick and easy edits of digital photos. Instead of fiddling with a complex picture processing package, this lets you apply some quick and easy tricks to enhance your photographs. With
  • AKVIS Enhancer 13.5

    Photo correction software AKVIS enhancer works in three modes: Improve Detail, Prepress, and Tone Correction: In Improve Detail mode the program brings out Details on an image by intensifying color transition. It
  • XPressor Beta 2

    Softknee compressor with build-in Stereo
  • A4 Photo Enhancer 1.4

    A4 Photo enhancer is a fast and easy to use real-time image enhancing application. It enhances your digital photos in a number of ways. It allows fixing all the problems frequently encountered in photographing, and
  • Image Enhancer 1.0

    Image enhancer is a Compact Image editing software. For image editing, this software does not use Java's inbuilt Imaging API.The algorithms have been implemented by the developers to look better on commonly used
  • ImageSkill Magic Enhancer Lite 1.0

    Image Skill Magic enhancer Lite is an image or photo enhancing plug-in for your branded graphics or photo editing applications. The Image Skill Magic enhancer Lite plug-in can automatically detect and install itself on
  • DFX Audio Enhancer for DivX Player 8.501

    Now you can transform your system sound into an expensive stereo system by using handy program DFX Audio enhancer for DivX Player. It has following major features: it improves the sound quality of MP3 as well as Windows
  • 5star Movie Enhancer 4

    Do you know that you can improve the quality of your videos significantly right from your home computer without the need of costly pieces of hardware? This is possible if you use 5star Movie enhancer, which will give
  • AKVIS Enhancer plugin 13.5

    AKVIS enhancer は、不鮮明になってしまった原因に関わらず、ディテールを高めることができるイメージ補正ソフトウェアです。
  • 16 Track Mp3 Player 2007

    * Play 64 Mp3 or Wav files * integrated Compressor, Limiter und enhancer * 4 differend pages a 16 files (Bank A,B,C and D) * Choose the waveout device * Choose your one Hotkeys (default F1 for File 1, F2 for file 2
  • Neuro Enhancer 0.0.80

    Neuro enhancer Self Help This self-help application is designed to seamlessly broadcast subliminal messages. With 25 different self-help modules it covers most areas of physiological well being. You can even edit the
  • SAT-1 1.0

    Saturation enhancer. Key Features. - Tape/Tube Models - Flexible design to provide both subtle & extreme coloring. - Soft-Clip Limiter - Wet/Dry