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  • WebDwarf Free Web Page Maker 2.91L

    Web Page authoring has never been easier or more affordable. WebDwarf Free is Virtual Mechanics' easy to use drag-and-drop web page maker. Features
  • Free Page Flipping Book Maker 1.1

    ???Share the flipping e-book you made via email and hot medium, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc; ???Easy and quick build flipping publication from
  • Free Page Flip Book Maker 3.2.1

    100% freeware to create from text book to digital magazines, page flip books, brochures and interactive catalogs for both online and offline use.
  • Web Page Maker 3.0

    As much as HTML skills are important in the design of web pages, you do not necessarily have to learn this programming language to be able to create
  • Free Fishdom: Spooky Splash Screensaver 1.0

    The screensaver features a Halloween aquarium with numerous types of quirky fish swimming about their business and realistic swaying underwater plants
  • Free Fishdom: Harvest Splash Screensaver 1.0

    The screensaver features a beautiful large farm aquarium with numerous types of exotic fish swimming about their business and realistic swaying
  • Free Fishdom: Frosty Splash Screensaver 1.1

    The screensaver features a Christmas aquarium with numerous types of lively fish swimming about their business and realistic swaying underwater plants
  • Page Popup Maker 2.0.2

    Page Popup Maker generates all the code needed to create several types of pop up windows. It takes the guess work and drudgery out of creating popup
  • Adsense Page Maker 1.4.3

    Adsense Page Maker is an application that enables you to generate keyword specific and targeted adsense pages for promoting adsense ads.Automaticaly
  • Squeeze Page Maker 1.0

    Squeeze Page Maker makes creating squeeze pages easy: simply fill in the blanks to market your
  • A Fast Web Page Maker 2.0

    This fast web page maker is a Web-site-navigation and search-engine optimized site builder. The application creates a JavaScript/DHTML menu, a
  • Web Page Calendar Maker 1.2

    Web PaGE Calendar Maker for Macintosh gives you the Freedom to create monthly web page calendars without the need to write lengthy web page code.
  • Html Page Maker

    Easy to use tool that allows the user to insert code lines from HTML programing language with ease. With a simple interface this program can help both
  • Affiliate Page Maker for Clickbank 1.6

    FREE affiliate package for Affiliate Universal PaGE Maker by Kirkham The easiEST and fastest way in the world to produce an affiliate webpage! Now
  • Build A Generator Upsell Page Maker 1.1

    Upsell Page Maker is a user-friendly and simple to use desktop software which allows you to create upsell pages instantly without having to create new
  • FlippingBook free page flip 2.0

    FlippingBook free page flip is a set of JavaScript and SWF files running on your HTML page. When a page is loaded, the code contained in these files
  • Free Page Turning Software 2.6

    . Convert txt files into turning pages in a few minutes;. Design the interface by yourself;. Define the color of the window, the buttons, and the
  • Free Squeeze Page Software 1.00

    Free Squeeze PaGE Software allows you to create unlimited amount of squeeze pages customized according to your marketing needs with just a few clicks
  • Free PDF to Page Flipping Flash 1.1

    ???The PaGE flipping flash can give you a real feeling of reading book; ???Easy to build flipping magazines from PDFfiles; ???Command-line mode of
  • 1000 Free Web Page Templates 1.9

    Now you can make your WebPages more attractive by using new and beautiful Web Page Templates. You can get all templates free of cost for both
  • free PDF Page Flip Reader 3.2.1

    It allows you to read PDF documents in a user friendly interface with flipping book effect.PDF Page flip reader is a 3D Page-Flipping Digital
  • Flash Page Flip Free Version 1.0

    Flash Page Flip coordinately works in all resolutions. By this feature, you can make your own publications in any size. Flash Page Flip provides a
  • Free OpenOffice to Page Flipping Book 1.1

    Free OpenOffice to PaGE Flipping Book Book gives you and your readers a different feeling of reading e-books, feel the realistic page flipping book
  • Free Squeeze Page Template Software 1

    Free Squeeze PaGE Template Software allows you to create unlimited amount of squeeze pages customized according to your marketing needs with just a
  • Free DVD ISO Maker 1.2

    Free DVD ISO Maker is an easy to use ISO maker. It can make ISO image from both data DVD/CD and media DVD disc. With Free DVD ISO Maker, you can
  • Free App Maker 1.0

    Make free android app. Simply choose a type of app to make like trivia and ebook android apps and add your own custom content. After submitting your
  • Free DVD Maker 1.0.1

    iOrgsoft Free DVD Maker is one totally free software to backup and create/burn any video files like MP4, AVI, HDV, WMV, MOV, FLV, MOV, AVCHD etc
  • Pro Page Sales Page Creator 1.0

    In today's world of information technology, there is great need of entering you details fast, accurately, and relevantly. This is why you should
  • Video DVD Maker FREE

    If you are looking for a flexible, easy-to-use, lean and focused DVD maker, Video DVD Maker will deliver this competitive edge. Similar to the best
  • Pepsky Free CD Maker 3.5

    Pepsky Free CD Maker is a program for Windows that lets you create and record data, MP3, WMA, audio CDs. Pepsky Free CD Maker directly burns your
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  • Splash Pop-Over 1

    splash PopOver creates user friendly "splash" popovers in the same window as your normal page. This is nowhere near as intrusive as traditional pop-ups, and is more like an extension of your page. This is a much better
  • SplashKiller 1.4

    splashKiller lets you hide those splash screens that appear when an application is loading. It saves you from having to: 1. Find a 'no splash screen' option (if one exists) in the application. 2. Modify your registry
  • ABF Splash Screen 1.1

    You can use ABF splash Screen tool for displaying splash screens. It is very easy to use; you just have to find or create a splash picture. It has non-rectangular
  • Free Software Affiliate Pag 1.6

    free Software Affliate Universal page maker with Resale and Giveaway Rights The easiest and fastest way in the world to produce an affiliate webpage! Now even newbies can easily make an affiliate page for ALL AFFILIATE
  • Affiliate Page Maker for Clickbank 1.6

    free affiliate package for Affiliate Universal page maker by Kirkham The easiEST and fastest way in the world to produce an affiliate webpage! Now even newbies can easily make an affiliate page for ALL AFFILIATE PROGRAMS
  • SPlash Injector 1.03

    Once modified with SPI the executable display an added window before running the original program. Inside the added window an IE Frame is shown and used to display video, flash, images, or html pages advertisements. SPI
  • Splash Builder Pro

    splash Builder Pro is an easy to use tool to create and deploy splash screens for your Microsoft Access applications. With splash Builder Pro, you can have a new splash screen created in minutes that has many features-
  • Splash Screen Machine 3.1 Build 0015

    splash Screen Machine is a program that generates custom splash screen applications that display an image on screen and then run a specified program or file. Your splash screens can include variable or single colour
  • Autorun Action Splash 9.0

    Autorun Action splash is software for making striking Autorun/Autoplay CDs. This program is specifically designed to, after CD-ROM insertion, splash an image of your choice while launching a file. Autorun Action splash
  • Skinner for Treo680 3.2

    Skinner for Treo is the tool of your choice to give one of the best SMART phones ever the look it deserves. No more boring dialpad or unpersonal splash screens. Using Skinner for Treo, you can select the skin and splash
  • FlaPops - Flash Intro Builder 2.0

    You can use the fourteen fully customized designs of FlaPops for quickly generating presentations and Flash movies. Its major features are it is very easy to use; you just have to customize the design according to your
  • Screenbook Maker 1.5.6

    Screenbook maker is free software for creating visual tutorials. Screenbook maker automates the process of taking screenshots, and creating pages, tables of contents, thumbnails and more. Screenbook maker only runs
  • Poker Splash Blocker 1.0

    Poker splash Blocker could automatically block those splash screens and let you concentrate on your main goal making money with online
  • A-PDF FlippingBook Maker 1.9.0

    A-PDF FlippingBook maker 1.9.0comes to you as an impressive and supportiveFlash flipping book Creator software that helps you to create professional online ebook, flash page flip brochures, christmas flipbook magazine,
  • FrontLook Page Effects 1

    FrontLook page Effects contains three sub-products, page Effects, Cursor Effects and splash pages that work together to create full-page animated environments. Also included are animation templates so you can create
  • AutoRun Design III

    Autorun Design III is a tool that creates impressive autorun multimedia interfaces for CD and DVD. You can execute installation programs, launch applications, show documents, play movies, show graphics, send email, show
  • Custom Splash Installer 2.2

    This application makes it easier to customize splash screens to match your personality. Custom splash Installer provides support for PNGf applications, which include Photoshop, as well as continued support for your
  • Splash Deluxe

    splash DeluxeDescriptionPlay at a pond near you in this new game. splash is an action, puzzle and strategy packed game that is both addictive and fun. Keep those pesky wooden balls out of your serene pond with Control
  • DoneEx XCell Compiler 2.2.8

    DoneEx XCell Compiler is an Excel add-in that allows you to compile XLS files. You can compile Excel spreadsheet into EXE application with securely hidden formulas in binary format and protected VBA code. With
  • CD Splash-Interactive CDROM autorun designer 3.0

    CD splash-a very small but powerful application that creates CD splashes. A splash is a window that is shown every time you put your CD into the CDROM unit. CD splash is a very small but powerful application that will
  • Barcode Maker Component 2.0

    Create bitmaps containing Code 25, Code 39 or Code 128 barcodes in Visual Studio 2005. This simple component is free of license and easy to use. Example VB.Net code: Dim maker As SoftekBarcodemakerLib2.Barcodemaker
  • Splash Lite - HD Video Player

    Introducing next generation media player for PC. Watch High Definition movies, camcorder clips and digital television (DVB-T). Enjoy the best video quality and unique user experience. Download free splash Lite and simply
  • Photo Flash Maker Free Version 5.20

    Photo Flash maker free version is a light-weight and easy-to-use flash creator. With this freeware, you can create flash slideshows with photos and music, in only a few steps. Photo Flash maker (free version) provides
  • Personal Site Maker 1.1

    Personal Site maker builds great looking internet web sites using your photos. Simply place your image files in a directory on your hard drive and let Personal Site maker do the rest! With a few button clicks and a few
  • Splash Screen Component 1.1.2

    Easily Create Professional splash Screen for your Application. Set the background image and other properties and the splash screen will behave as expected. Add custom images or text in runtime on splash screen with
  • Photo Slideshow Maker Free Version 5.53

    Photo Slideshow maker free version is a light-weight and easy-to-use flash creator. With this freeware, you can create flash slideshows with photos and music, in only a few steps. Photo Slideshow maker (free version)
  • Photo Flash Maker Free 5.57

    Photo Slideshow maker free is a light-weight and easy-to-use flash slideshow creator and HTML5 slideshow creator. With this freeware, you can create slideshows with photos, music and videos in only a few steps. Photo
  • .NET Compact Framework Sample: Splash Screen 1.0

    This sample demonstrates how to create a splash screen form on a separate thread from the main form. The splash screen will periodically update a "busy" animation and shut down when either the form has finished loading
  • TFormAbout 1.0

    About dialog form with license text and splash screen component. Features: splash mode or About mode with license text Alpha blended close Background picture logo Displays links 3-3 with copyright and "Registered to..."
  • Timeline Maker Viewer 1.0.4

    Timeline maker Viewer is the only free tool that enables any user to view and print a timeline created with Timeline maker Professional.This program is also the perfect solution for sharing PowerPoint presentations that