free softball stats trackers for mac os x

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  • StatChamp for Baseball & Softball 1.0.1533

    StatChamp is user friendly, all inclusive software for baseball & softball. Designed for anyone involved in baseball or softball. Perfect for
  • StatTrak for Baseball / Softball 10

    StatTrak for Baseball is a complete statistics management software program. Perfect for tracking stats for individual teams and leagues. Includes
  • Softball/Baseball Team Calculator 1.0

    The SOFTBALL TEAM CALCULATOR (SBC) is a simple application for keeping batting statistics and division standings for a softball or baseball team.
  • Baseball and Softball Coach Corner Roster Helper 1.0

    Baseball Coach Corner Roster Helper will assist you, or your coach, prepare for the youth baseball season by auto-generating each game's batting order
  • Free Roulette Stats & Prediction 2

    Roulette Prediction and Statistics program stores real time online roulette spins and shows you all the stats you want to know at the click of a
  • Free Website Stats 1.0

    The best way to experience my stats is to use them. You can use the Link on this PaGE to download a free copy of the stats. If you like them, and I
  • Sales-n-Stats Free Edition 2.1 Build 615

    Sales-n-Stats Free Edition v2.1 is a fully-featured package including all the features of commercial Live Edition v2.1 except for voice Chat (VoIP).
  • Conan Stats 1.0

    Conan stats is a program that reads and parses Age of Conan combat logs.It's primary use is for PVE grouping and raiding. It allows you to sort player
  • Warrock Stats 1.2

    Warrock Stats is a nice program that allows a Warrock player to follow the evolution of his ratio and to know when it will raise. This utility makes
  • memcache-client-stats 1.1.0

    memcache-client-stats is an add on to memcache-client that adds the ability to query memcache server stats from the client. * Development Status: 4
  • ESBPCS-Stats for VCL - Trial 1.0

    ESBPCS-Stats is a subset of ESBPCS containing Components and Routines for Statistical Analysis and Matrix/Vector Manipulation in Borland Delphi and
  • Web Stats 2003 1.92

    Web Stats 2003: a powerful, fast and easy-to-use web log analyzer that generates the "who, what, where, and how" of your web site's traffic. Web
  • Visitor Web Stats 3.2.1

    This is the latest version of Visitor Web Stats by Ian-san. The only difference in this version is I've cleaned out all of the hotlinked images,
  • BZFlag Stats 1.0

    Checks to see what servers are available, what games they are playing, and how many players are there. BZFlag is an open-source
  • Golf Stats Pro 2.5.1

    Golf Stats Pro is the new statistical analysis software application from Erebus Software, for recording your golf scores, analysing your game and
  • Power-Stats 1.0

    Visitor tracking, Web statistics software Perform real-time tracking and reporting, compile and make your data available to you in real-time as
  • Web Stats Monster 2.01

    Easily see which web pages are working well for you and which ones are not. You will discover where and how they are pulling traffic. Improve your
  • Visual Stats 2.0

    Statistics software for data analysis and multivariate statistical analysis. Probability analysis. Compute descriptive statistics of selected data.
  • System Stats Longhorn Set 3.0

    Four simple Widgets that show processor useage, RAM useage, wireless signal strength and SSID, and Battery Life. Matches the cool Longhorn style and
  • Maritz Stats 2.1

    Maritz Stats 2.1 from Maritz Research performs statistical tests faster and easier than ever ... and it's yours free. As a Windows-based software,
  • CS Stats 1.5

    Allows you to get CS Ranks and statistics for several players' IDs and to find players by nickname info from the popular PsychoStats
  • Streaming Stats 4.0

    Freeware application for getting the latest news, sport, soccer and cricket direct to your desktop. The software is free of charge and includes live
  • Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Query Stats 2.2

    A simple restartless add-on that displays information about your search behavior that deactivates itself after running.It's very easy to use and very
  • Ruby Stats 0.2.3

    Ruby Stats is a port of the statistics libraries from PHPMath. Probability distributions include binomial, beta, and normal distributions with PDF,
  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Player Stats 1.2

    This Widgets displays player statistics for Enemy Territory: Quake
  • Climo Stats 5.1.9

    Climo Stats is a software application that uses daily historical weather observations to create a variety of climatologically statistics, graphs,
  • EZ-R Stats for Windows 1.43

    eZ-R Stats for Windows is an audit software tool for the auditor which can be used for fraud detection Some of the key tools include testing
  • Counter.exe - CGI counter with stats 2.1

    Counter.exe is a full 32 bit CGI for the Win9X/NT/2000 platform, providing excellent stats and visitor tracking. It offers a high degree of
  • Avanti Web Stats 1.0.1

    Avanti Web Stats is the popular professional award winning desktop/web-server application that allows you to monitor incredibly detailed stats from
  • ChatStat Live Chat, IM, Stats

    NEW IN V5: Remote Screen Sharing inside of a chat. A completely NEW approach for providing website based live chat software! Chat Stat offers you the
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  • Score Book 14.01

    It's like a scoring booklet on your computer! Scoring baseball/softball games has entered the 21st Century... Take your portable computer to the game (or enter your score sheet later on your desktop computer) using
  • PBTSearch 1.0 Beta

    Java metasearch for P2P private torrent trackers. Works in Linux, Windows and mac platforms. You only needs accounts from different trackers. You login, from PBTS, to the trackers in which you already have accounts.
  • Mac OS X File Recovery 2.1

    mac Os X file recovery is the name for easily recovering deleted mac OS X files. The process to recover mac file has this new and easy name, which is our mac OS X File recovery Tool. Recover Data, an old and
  • EZ-Stat for Excel 2.3

    eZ-Stat creates commonly used Excel Statistics for the requested numeric fields. Statistics including sum, count, average, max, min, standard deviation, and median. Two clicks calculates statistics for any single
  • SnowFox DVD & Video Converter for Mac 2.1.1

    SnowFox Total Media Converter for mac is an All-In-One conversion software on mac combining with mac DVD Ripper, mac Video Converter and mac HD Video Converter, which aims to help mac users to convert all popular video
  • GPS Tracker Data Logger

    GPS Tracking & Logging solution. Writing to a database or file in real time. GPS Tracker Data Logger acts as the server and allows you to collect data from an unlimited number of various GPS trackers simultaneously.
  • Baseball Manager 4.6

    * Track 53 pitching, 50 hitting and 15 fielding stats - all the baseball stats and softball stats you could ever need. * Create 9 or 10 player line-ups and create inning by inning line-up reports to take to the ballpark.
  • Baseball Statbook 3.5.3

    Statbook allows you to keep track of baseball or softball , and now, with version 3, basketball and soccer, all for the same low price of $20. Easily enter statistics, customize reports and then create an entire website
  • Recover Mac OS X Files 2.1

    Instantly recover mac OS X files is now easy with mac OS X data recovery Software. mac data recovery tool specially designed to fix mac data corruption & recover corrupt mac os x file & folders from formatted or
  • PCHand iTransfer for Mac 1.0.0

    PCHand iTransfer for mac is an excellent mac Transfer and backup tool combining mac iPad Transfer, mac iPod Transfer and mac iPhone iTransfer. This mac iTransfer easily transfer movies, music, videos, TV shows, photo and
  • Aiseesoft BD Software Toolkit for Mac 6.5.60

    Aiseesoft BD Software Toolkit for mac contains four excellent products: mac Blu-ray Player, DVD Creator for mac, mac FoneTrans and mac Video Converter Ultimate and iPhone Ringtone Maker for mac. It is specially designed
  • MMTorrent 1.0.1

    Sometimes a file is shared between more trackers, but only one is contained in the metafile that you download which can cause loss of seeds. MMTorrent helps you find all the trackers that are missing, which means to
  • HLTracker 2.0.0

    Alternative Hotline Tracker software HLTracker is an alternative to the Hotline Tracker supplied by Hotline Communications. Hotline is network based software providing file-transfer, chat and messageboard
  • Apple Mac Data Recovery 2.0

    You have landed at a place where you will find a powerful tool efficient in apple mac data recovery. This easy-to-use Apple mac data recovery software is designed to recover deleted mac files from mac hard disks having
  • StatTrak for Baseball / Softball 10

    StatTrak for Baseball is a complete statistics management software program. Perfect for tracking stats for individual teams and leagues. Includes your own free stats website. Share stats with coaches and team members.
  • 4Easysoft DVD Copier for Mac 4.0.12

    Copy DVD to DVD, DVD folder, ISO file and burn local contents to DVD on mac. 4Easysoft DVD Copier for mac is the best mac DVD Copiee, mac DVD Copy for mac user to copy DVD to DVD disc, copy DVD to DVD folder, copy
  • SnowFox DVD Ripper for Mac 2.2.0

    SnowFox DVD Ripper for mac is the best HD mac DVD Ripper and mac DVD converter to rip DVD to any popular video on mac, including the latest copyright protected DVD to SD Video or HD Video, up to 1080P HD Video, such as
  • Aiseesoft iPod + iPhone Mac Suite 3.1.36

    Aiseesoft iPod + iPhone mac Suite is equipped with two useful iPod iPhone software, Aiseesoft iPod Manager for mac and mac iPhone Ringtone Creator software. Naturally, it enables you to transfer iPod/iPhone files to mac,
  • Mac Partition Recovery Software 2.1

    Recover Data for mac partition recovery software is an advance mac partition recovery utility to recover HFS, HFS+ partition data & lost files from formatted, reformatted, deleted, missing, resized, rebuild, corrupt
  • Bigasoft MP3 Converter for Mac

    Bigasoft MP3 Converter for mac is a powerful MP3 encoder and MP3 decoder. As a MP3 encoder, it can easily create and convert to MP3 on mac from various audio or video including CAF, FLAC, M4A, AAC, AC3, WAV, OGG, AUD,
  • Mac Data Recovery Software 2.0

    Advance mac Data Recovery Software successfully recover mac data from damaged or corrupted mac HFS & HFS+ volumes & restore mac data from crashed disks having mac OS 9 & OS X. mac data recovery software is
  • Fanball Combine 0.5

    Fanball Combine is free fantasy football software that allows you to customize and create cheat sheets and mock drafts based on your own scoring system. Fanball Combine uses a modular design to allow you to easily Swap
  • Fixed It Baseball Scorebook for PPC 3.4

    Keep track of team and player statistics in real-time as you score your game and in post-game Analysis on cumulative games. Includes detailed batting, fielding, and pitching statistics, box-scores with game summary,
  • Nifty Stats

    Nifty stats is a tool for every webmaster who wants to have instant overview over earnings and statistics in his or her affiliate programs. Nifty stats brings automated statistics right to your desktop for any time Frame
  • All Stats Volleyball Coach 10.9

    Volleyball Software that is loaded with features that any manager or coach, at any level of play, twill benefit from. Our volleyball software is an easy to use volleyball software program that will help you manage your
  • StatTrak for Basketball 3.0

    A complete stats program with many options. StatTrak for Basketball is a complete stats program with many options yet very easy to use. Our basketball software tracks and calculates over 40+ stats for shots, assists,
  • 4Videosoft DVD Audio Ripper for Mac 3.1.18

    4Videosoft DVD Audio Ripper for mac is the best mac DVD Audio Ripper software and is a program designed just for mac OS X (include mac OS X 10.5 leopard, mac Intel and mac PowerPC) users. This mac DVD Audio Ripper can
  • Tipard iPod Transfer Pro for Mac 7.0.20

    Tipard iPod Transfer Pro for mac is an excellent iPod to mac Transfer, and mac to iPod Transfer among iPod, iPhone and mac for iPod fans. This iPod Transfer Pro for mac software makes it easier to copy iPod files(music,
  • IXIR 2D Track Editor 1.5

    IXIR 2D Track Editor is easy, fast, reliable, and loaded with features. It's capable of 2D tracks and Mask files of softwares like 3D Equalizer, PFTrack, Boujou, SynthEyes, Matchmover, Movimento, Nuke, Shake, Fusion,
  • Statbook 3.2.2

    Statbook allows you to keep track of baseball or softball , and now, with this new version, basketball and soccer. Statbook is also ideal for Pony League baseball and softball as well as any other baseball, softball,