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  • System Scheduler Free 3.82

    This free application remarkably allows you to schedule programs to run and close and hands out quick pop-up reminders. System Scheduler lets you
  • Students grades 1.0

    A simple software to manage student grades, calculations are all over. FEATURES: possibility to enter 30 exercises, a report with the last exercises,
  • Students MCQ Manager 1.2.0

    The best way to prepare for multiple choice question exams is practice MCQs tests. Students MCQ Manager is the best software tool for writing,
  • Lac Viet mtd For Students 5.0

    «mtd for Students» is one of the best dictionary developed for students in Vietnam.It has a fast searching engine: Click on the word to finding its
  • Grades for Students 4.11

    An easy to use program that allows students to keep track of their course grades, teachers, assignments, test scores, number of credits, and
  • Calculator for Science Students 2.2

    Calculator for Science Students 2.2 brings a convenient calculator for science students. The system is designed to quickly carry out calculations and
  • Students Guide to APA Psychology 1.21

    APA Style is followed by over a thousand research journals, in psychology and in many other fields. The style is documented in the Publication Manual
  • Students Guide to MLA Style 1.1

    The Modern Language Association has evolved a crisp modern style that reflects "the customs of a community of writers who greatly value scrupulous
  • Myanmar Students Organization Toolbar 5 7

    This useful toolbar has plenty of good features for your browser such as: Powerful Search, Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search
  • CMS Scheduler 3.05

    CMS Scheduler is a utility program that can be configured on a machine to run automated tasks at scheduled times of the day. CMS Scheduler is
  • V-Scheduler

    V-Scheduler is a reminder and application launcher designed with total flexibility in mind. It consists of a highly intuitive user-interface and is
  • FTP Scheduler Pro 7.2.5

    This FTP utility was engineered with automation in mind. Strictly for businesses that require ftp'ng of files on a regular basis and requiring an
  • APT Scheduler 2.41

    Manages reservations for all kinds of resources, including classrooms, conference rooms, equipment, instructors, etc.. Resources are organized into
  • Scheduler.NET 1.1

    Scheduler.NET is a component library providing sets of calendar and scheduling features similar to ones that can be found in Microsoft Outlook.
  • GS Scheduler 1.31

    With this software, instructors can get Media Centers, Computer Labs, Athletic Fields, AV Equipment, and etc resources on their computer. You can
  • M&R Scheduler 1.0

    The reminder message is delivered by a handy program Scheduler on the arrival of event. Its usage helps you in remembering birthdays, appointments,
  • Job Scheduler

    Automates batch and database jobs Automates batch and database jobs, includes a powerful API and is supported by professionals The Job Scheduler
  • Scheduler FE

    Manages Oracle Scheduler, acting as a front end for Oracle's Scheduler module. Manages Oracle Scheduler, acting as a front end for Oracle's
  • JIT Scheduler 9.00

    Task scheduler for MS Windows JIT Scheduler is the task scheduler for Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4/2000/XP/2003, it provides the easy way to create and
  • Scheduler Pro Ocx 4.0.0

    You can use ActiveX control ScPro.ocx in building applications for job scheduling. With simple and very less code, you can arrange the tasks of very
  • Scheduler Pro 5.0

    Scheduler Pro is a complete scheduling application developed for scheduling resources using drag and drop technology with a full simple to use
  • TV Scheduler Pro 1.1

    Select which devices you want TV Scheduler Pro to use is the first thing you need to do, this lets TV Scheduler Pro know what devices you have
  • Ref Scheduler 3.4

    Ref Scheduler will help you schedule referees for your sporting event needs. Enter the Refs, the Schools/Clubs/Leagues, the Teams, the Games, and set
  • DV Scheduler 5.56

    DV Scheduler is an application for TV viewing, recording, and streaming. It Currently supports ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T, analogue TV, FM radio, USB
  • FTP Scheduler 1.2

    FTP Scheduler is the ultimate automated download utility for Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Use it every time you need to download files at
  • TA Scheduler -

    TA scheduler based on a genetic Algorithm to make the tedious task of scheduling. TA's more
  • The Scheduler -

    The Scheduler is a small app that uses the internet resources offered by the Registrar at the University of Virginia to automatically generate all
  • Scheduler

    The program is a simple scheduler. It can be used to set a program to run at a particular time and shotdown the computer at some other time. It will
  • EZ Scheduler 1.2a

    eZ Scheduler is a reminder program and a process scheduling program all in one. EZ Scheduler is a FREE giFT from American Systems. No strings
  • job-scheduler 2.0.0

    This Program schedules programs to be run at their specifiedtime or
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  • CyberMatrix Class Scheduler 6.04

    CyberMatrix Class scheduler is a simple to use single or multi-user application that helps students and school administrators to quickly schedule student classes. The software can be used by schools and other
  • BenchMark Timetable 10.1

    Easy to use school scheduling program that solves master schedules within a few seconds. With 3 kinds of programs to choose from : 1) Standard Classes timetable 2) students scheduler : Commonwealth Countries 3) USA
  • Create Student Class Schedules with Excel 2.23

    The Shift Schedules Class scheduler-200 can be used to create student classroom schedules for up to 200 students and 20 teachers in 20 classrooms and 20 time periods each day for a week. Individual student and teacher
  • Create Student Class Schedules 2.23

    Create Student Class Schedules with Excel The Shift Schedules Class scheduler-200 can be used to create student classroom schedules for up to 200 students and 20 teachers in 20 classrooms and 20 time periods each day
  • Radix SmartClass 5.0

    Demonstration - Broadcast the screen of the teacher - Broadcast high quality video presentation - Broadcast presentation of a student - Broadcast recorded lessons - Broadcast on-screen free painting and marking -
  • Balloon Scheduler 1.0

    Balloon scheduler ??? is a free full featured Desktop Reminder application that allows you to keep track of important events in a very easy way, so you'll never forget your girlfriend's birthday, Valentines Day or to
  • Student Life 3.0.8

    Simplify the chaos of college life with this cool student organizer. Student Life contains a class scheduler/information manager to help students schedule their classes and keep important information about the class. It
  • Reference for Teachers 6.0

    About fifteen years ago I was Deputy Principal of a Senior Secondary School which had about 240 final year students each year. These students were in about 15 classes of 14 to 18 students. Student references were an
  • Scheduler Extra 2.1

    scheduler with extended functional possibilities (Internet, Timer, Clock and others). scheduler Extra = functions of standard scheduler + additional functions (Shutdown, Internet, Files and others) + small size +
  • Schools Software 1.1

    With the help Schools Software you can add record edit record search record delete record within few seconds. Your change autos save in admission register. You can easily make students School Leaving Certificate and
  • Fraction Shape-Up 1.00

    Helps students understand fractions. Fraction Shape-Up introduces fraction concepts and helps students develop skills necessary for understanding and working with fractions. students start with an assessment and
  • ACE 2.5

    A tool for enhancing students' aural comprehension ability of a second language.The students can listen to the recording in many diffrent ways. for example, listen to a sentence repeatedly or all the lessons. Texts
  • Paragraph Punch 4.1

    Paragraph Punch is easy-to-use writing improvement software that helps students develop their paragraph writing skills. students learn how to write an effective paragraph-through reason, detail, sequence, example, and
  • Grammar Fitness 3.1

    Grammar Fitness is easy-to-use software that helps students improve their grammar skills and provides teachers with measurable results. The program implements strategies which help students cope with many troublesome
  • Reading Comprehension Booster 1.00

    Helps students improve reading comprehension. Reading Comprehension Booster helps students improve reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. students receive practice in using basic reading improvement
  • Reading Shape-Up -2 5.0

    Helps students master specific reading skills: main idea, vocabulary, sequence, FACT-opinion, factual recall, and inference. A tutorial introduces each concept. students receive help and contextual feedback while
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology (Symbian) 5.1

    The ideal quick-study guide for the students of medical as well as undergraduate life science students, dental students, and nursing is Human Anatomy and Physiology. Its new version includes bug fixes as well as
  • Records - Problem Oriented Wordprocessor 2.0

    scheduler is a free multi-user scheduling program for a paperless office system designed for a profession, or small business. Its a client date, time, and activity appointment scheduler, grouped for multiple providers,
  • Ministry Scheduler Pro 6.0.2

    Ministry scheduler Pro has helped build a sense of community and highlight the importance of ministry. Ministry scheduler Pro has enabled better communication and built camaraderie in our entire ministry. Ministry
  • Music Teacher 1.0

    Music Teacher is the latest little application designed for Microsoft Access 2003 or higher. Music Teacher is designed for the private music instructor in mind. The full version of the application allows management of
  • Vocabulary Stretch 1.2

    Vocabulary Stretch is easy-to-use vocabulary-building software that helps students recognize words in different contexts and understand where many English words come from. The software enriches vocabulary by providing
  • STAR Exam 1.2

    Language game for 7 to 12 years old students English language perfecting game for 7 to 12 years old students. The game is based on STAR exam issued to primary and intermediate school students in New Zealand. The
  • TaskmgrPro Shutdown Scheduler 1.0.0

    free tool to schedule shutdowns/reboots... TaskmgrPro Shutdown scheduler can make your PC turn off, log off, restart or hibernate at a specified time. It works either as a countdown timer or set up like an alarm
  • TANGIA Latin and Greek Based Vocabulary 1.3

    With Tangia, students at home or in the classroom learn vocabulary through a study of English words with Greek and Latin etymologies, of which 80-85% of the more difficult English words are composed. With each set of key
  • Learn Vocabulary with Word Parts: TANGIA 1.3

    With Tangia, students at home or in the classroom learn vocabulary through a study of English words with Greek and Latin etymologies, of which 80-85% of the more difficult English words are composed. With each set of
  • Vocabulary Fitness 1.3

    Sharpen your vocabulary skills Vocabulary Fitness is a self-paced skill-building software program that helps students improve their vocabulary skills and provides teachers with measurable results. The program helps
  • msNet 1.02

    With msNet you can run macros across the network or Internet. Simply put, msNet lets you run macros on remote Macro scheduler installations. msNet comprises three main components - a server component which enables
  • Advanced Task Scheduler

    Advanced Task scheduler is a multifunctional task scheduler, which allows you to automate all your day-to-day tasks: launch programs, scripts and batch files, open documents and web pages, display popup
  • MacroScript SDK 13.0.03

    The MacroScript SDK is the easiest way to add a macro language to your applications.Seamlessly add the full power and simplicity of the Macro scheduler script language to your own applications. Run Macro scheduler code
  • Mathplot Senior Worksheet Generator 8.1

    How long does it take for a teacher to generate a worksheet for their senior students ?More than one minute !How long does it take to generate another worksheet for students who want more or for students who were away