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  • KG-Chart Pro for Cross Stitch 1.24.2

    KG-chart for cross stitch" is a program to design a chart for cross stitching. The ability to draw each stitch with a color and mark makes it easier for users to create a pattern for cross stitching. Usual painting
  • STOIK Stitch Creator 4

    STOIK stitch creator turns your picture into cross-stitch. One can convert any photograph or picture into a cross stitch pattern and can also create cross stitch pattern in just 3 steps. To convert a picture into cross
  • HaftiX 6.2.3

    HaftiX is a computer application which allows transforming any picture, image or photo into cross-stitch pattern (a chart). Thus you can quickly prepare your own, unique diagram along with a legend. The application shows
  • X-Stitch Studio 2.3.6

    Simply the easiEST cross stitch design program ever. Design counted cross stitch patterns in color on screen lilo and stitch nude, and have the program print clear symbolic charts in black & white or color. Import
  • Pattern Maker For Cross Stitch

    Pattern Maker for cross stitch is a Windows program that allows you to create and edit cross-stitch patterns. With this program you can see your patterns ‘come to life’ on the computer screen before
  • crosti 1.3.0

    With the help of the crosti application you can create unique cross stitch schemes from your own custom images. The program allows you to resize images, reduce the number of colors, change the image palette to a DMC
  • MacStitch 2009

    Design cross stitch and needlepoint on screen in color or black and white symbols, stitched view or a mixture.Cut, copy, paste, rotate sections.Motif Library feature.Import images and convert them to charts. Print
  • photostitch 2008

    The handy software utility photostitch helps you in making your designs perfect. It requires only decade Threads for converting cross-stitch chart quality of photo. It has user friendly interface that you can use
  • PCStitch Pattern Viewer 7.2.9

    With the free PCstitch Pattern Viewer, you can view and print any existing PCstitch pattern file. PCstitch format is the standard for providing cross-stitch patterns on the Internet, and this software allows you to open
  • Winnie the pooh-Pooh And The Dragon screensaver -

    11 great pictures from the story book pooh And The Dragon. In this adventure pooh was told about a dragon in Hundred Acre Woods and thinks the dragon is going to get his hunny. Wait to you see the Dragon pooh is after.
  • Digitize 'N Stitch 1.5 B2229

    Automatically create unique applique, cross-stitch, border, and embroidery designs with just a few clicks through the wizards. This auto-digitizing program lets you bring in your favorite simple clip art or scanned
  • Winnie the pooh-Pooh Meets Gopher screensaver -

    11 Wonderful pictures from the story book Winnie The pooh Meets Gopher. The story tells about how pooh meets his new friend Gopher for the first time, and how Gopher helps pooh out of trouble. Music House At pooh
  • Lovely bear-Winnie the Pooh Screensavers -

    Fun screen savers and wallpaper of Winnie The pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and all his friends with music! If you are a Winnie the pooh fan here is the best award winning Winnie The pooh Screensaver on the
  • Cross Stitch Professional Platinum

    cross stitch Professional for Windows can be used for converting photographs and clipart into cross stitch charts. It can also be used to design charts starting with a blank sheet. charts can be produced complete with
  • Autumn Pooh screensaver -

    Transparent background. Autumn Leaves falling with piglet and pooh floating around. pooh and piglet randomly flying by on a kite. Matching wallpaper Autumn pooh sizes 1024 and
  • saycheesepoohws 1.0

    It`s picture time for pooh and the gang, everyone stay still now please. pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Roo and Elephant, smile and say cheese! Matching desktop theme and wallpaper also available. Yes, it`s picture time again for
  • Stitchcnv Library 1.1

    By using stitchcnv library, you can quickly and easily convert an embroidery designs and produce your own software. Make money with us and save your time! Here is a full list of currently supported formats: - Babylock,
  • Crochet Charts 1.1.3

    This software was created to give symbol crochet designers the freedom and flexibility to create whatever they can imagine. With the ability to output to multiple high quality file types it has never been easier to
  • StichShop 1.0 Build 3129

    stitch Shop is advanced auto-digitizing software available for the home embroiderer. freedom: Autodigitiz gives you the freedom to create and stitch ANY design. SPEED: Amazing speed to instantly digitize and
  • Poohs Winter Party screensaver -

    A donkey named Eeyore is his friend and Kanga and little ROO. There is Rabbit and Piglet and there is Owl, but most of all Winnie the pooh. Watch the Snow drift down in this ANIMATED screensaver. Get the matching
  • Stitch's Blazing Lasers 3.0

    Start up stitch`s spaceship and battle hordes of enemy star fighters. Get shields and power ups to defeat big bosses and destroy the Blastar Battle Station! Help stitch save the galaxy in this out-of-this-world arcade
  • Professional Sew-Ware 2.00

    Professional Sew-Ware (PSW) is a state-of-the-art embroidery software from SINGER®. It works with your personal computer to expand the already outstanding capabilities of QUANTUM® XL series of embroidery machines.Main
  • Poohs Thanksgiving Daydreams screensaver -

    Looks like pooh is daydreaming about all his friends and the holiday, classic pooh music, and floating
  • Winnie the pooh-Teacher Pooh screensaver -

    Adorable pooh saver with pooh song & animations.Also has a theme/3logos and
  • Winnie the pooh clock 1.0

    This Winnie the pooh clock is animated, and pooh talks when his hunny pot is clicked
  • VIP Stitch Editor 6.2

    Make your embroidery anything but ordinary with VIP stitch Editor.Many functions of the VIP stitch Editor program can be used to help see sections of stitch Files more easily. They include the Zoom Commands and the
  • Spring Dance With Pooh and Eeyore 1.0

    Springtime has arrived, a season we all adore, a time for a Spring dance with pooh and Eeyore. Wallpaper in 1024, 1280, and 1680 sizes, 3D icons, Cursors, startup screen, XP bootscreen, and stereo sounds. Matching
  • The Disney World-Stitch wallpaper -

    stitch! The Movie is a direct-to-video animated spinoff of Lilo & stitch, released on August 26, 2003. It is often considered more of a backdoor pilot for the spinoff series Lilo & stitch: The Series rather than a
  • Pooh Good As Gold screensaver -

    14 wonderful pictures of Winnie the pooh and all his friends from the story book Out And About With pooh. Music House At poohs
  • Winnie the pooh-Splashy Day screensaver -

    Pigglet and pooh are having much fun by playing in the rain.Cont. a pooh song and adorable animations.There is also a theme, 3logos and hotbar