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  • Bench Plans 1.1

    bench Plans toolbar for internet explorer. Get all your bench plans and bench building tools in one place and have easy access to the best bench building information right from your desktop. With a fully function toolbar
  • USBee SX Digital Test Pod 2.21.0

    The USBee SX test Pod is a HUGE sample buffer PC and USB based multifunction logic analyzer and digital signal generator.It is the ideal bench tool for engineers, hobbyists and students.The USBee SX Digital test Pod
  • FPC Bench (Symbian) 2.5.2

    FPC bench is a Java benchmark to test and compare the phone performance. Unlike other benchmark tests, FPC bench results are not influenced by screen resolution, thus it's a good way to get more reliable result. You can
  • AMD N-Bench 3.1

    AMD N-bench is some kind of 3D mark but made by AMD AMD N-bench is a hardware testing program capable of investigating CPU performance and displaying 3D graphics results.AMD N-bench consists of a "Demo mode" that plays
  • FPC Bench 2.7.14

    FPC bench is considered one of the best tool for benchmarking from the major international tech magazine. New features and bug fixes: -FPC bench is Now able to control the energy saving features of your phone: The
  • FM Bench Detective 1.0.2

    The ultimate benchmarking tool for FileMaker solution The ultimate benchmarking tool for FileMaker solution FM bench Detective uses 24U Toolbox Plug-In to measure precise timestamps and to store collected data to the
  • BenchemAll! 2.55

    bench'emAll! is an unique solution to automate games and tests benchmarking process. With 'one-click-start' user interface it is easily configurable and usable. The program will process all boring stuff, like getting
  • ViewsAligner 1.4

    ViewsAligner is intended for alignment of 3D photo shots (3D views). The program creates the lenticular interlacing image too. ViewsAligner aligns a photo views using bench marks. bench marks are set in the identical
  • Bench'emAll! 2.2

    Helpful tool to automate games and tests benchmarking process. The program will process all boring stuff, like getting fps and marks from most popular 3D games and synthetic test. Every available result will be stored
  • SynaptiCAD Product Suite 13.0

    The SynaptiCAD Product Suite includes the following products: testbencher Pro, VeriLogger Extreme, VeriLogger Pro, BugHunter Pro, DataSheet Pro, WaveFormer Pro, WaveFormer Lite, Timing Diagrammer Pro, GigaWave Viewer,
  • MB Personality Test Suite 1.20

    This is a personality test suite software. MB free Personality test Suite is a collection of unique and excellent personality test softwares. The program has been designed keeping in mind the average Internet user. It
  • AOGen CPU Benchmark 1.1.2

    AOGen CPU benchmark is a tiny command line tool that allows you to bench your brand new CPU. AOGen CPU benchmark is based on the AOGen tool (see AOGen - G????n????ration DES maps d'occlusion). The main problem of
  • SOLEN 01.20

    software designed for complete operation of measuring systems and electricity meters. ZEUP POZYTON is committed to offering SOLEN tool software which has been designed foraccess to full operating of all ZEUP POZYTON
  • Web Bench 1.5

    Web bench is very simple tool for benchmarking WWW or proxy servers. Uses fork() for simulating multiple clients and can use HTTP/0.9-HTTP/1.1 requests. This benchmark is not very realistic, but it can test if your
  • R-Bench 0.9

    R-bench models how well various shapes of reflectors concentrate light from different angles. In particular this software is designed to analyze the performance of different solar trough designs for use in renewable
  • Zeta Test

    Zeta test is an advanced test management environment that enables you to perform black-box tests, white-box tests, regression tests or change management tests of software applications. Zeta test helps you to
  • FS1 Toolbox 4.01

    This softwareis for experienced users only. If you don't have the ability to load this software or if you feel unsure of your abilities, DO NOT use this software.Added 22KHz field to the parameters. Now you can set the
  • Sims 3 - Sweet Living Set 1.0

    Small set with a Loveseat (bench). Sidetable, Silverdeco and a Champagneset - everything is recolorable in
  • Diffraction Lab Basic 1.1

    A 3D real-time simulation of wave diffraction and interference in a lab bench setup Diffraction Lab Basic is a real-time 3D simulation of wave diffraction in a lab bench setup. It demonstrates diffraction from a
  • TCMLite 1.0.3

    Simple Excel-based test Case Management tool Do you develop and test software...if so you may often run into these questions... 1. Are we ready to ship? 2. How much longer will it take to test? 3. If we
  • TestingPal 1.0

    testingPal is a software tool that assists you defining test cases for software testing as well as logging the test results. It also generates test plan, test log, failed cases and passed test cases
  • ezIA 1.0

    The ezIA is a Microsoft Excel add-in program for test item analysis. The ezIA provides teachers, school administrators, researchers and psychometrician with a simple method for conducting and teaching test data analysis
  • LabSat 2.3.5

    LabSat GPS SimulatorLabSat by Racelogic is a low cost GPS Simulator (with GLONASS option) which gives you the ability to record and replay real GPS RF data, allowing you to test almost any GPS device with real world
  • Pro-Test 1.0

    Reduce your software and system testing time by using High Throughput testing (HTT). Pro-test can generate the test cases that provide all pairwise combinations. Pro-test Features software and system testing
  • Disk Speed Bench X 0.1

    Disk Speed bench X is a benchmark utility, which shows you your transferespeed of your Disks or other Volumes,prodused by
  • Test Management Software Zeta Test

    test Management software Zeta test enables you to perform black-box tests, white-box tests, regression tests or change management tests of software applications. Its integrated test management environment helps you to
  • Orasis Mapping Studio 2009 Database Edition

    Orasis Mapping Studio 2009 Database Edition is a feature-rich and powerful program which assists developers building open database access code targeting performance, development time and maintenance. The Studio
  • DiceChecker

    free DiceLock Security DiceChecker DLL Library.If in your process or software applications you have need for random number streams and you want to check that the input or output random stream is really at random, you can
  • Sims3 - Sweet Living Set 1.0

    Small set with a Loveseat (bench). Sidetable, Silverdeco and a Champagneset - everything is recolorable in Game Credits: Cemre for helping with the Glass, WS
  • Trojan Simulator 1.0

    For years you have been able to test your virus scanner with the harmless "Eicar" test file. Using the just released "Trojan Simulator" you can Now test your trojan scanner in the same manner, using a harmless