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  • KingConvert For Nokia 6300 4.0.1

    The handy KingConvert For Nokia 6300 suit includes Nokia 6300 Video Converter and Kingconvert to Nokia 6300 converter. You can use Nokia 6300 Video Converter for converting AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MOV, ASF,FLV to Nokia
  • MSDict Viewer (Pocket PC) 4.20

    msdict Viewer is a dictionary Reader for window mobile-poket pc.msdict Viewer can get lots of information data because of combining high data compression for memory.msdict Viewer has powerful features.You can save your
  • MSDict Viewer (Symbian UIQ) 2.30

    msdict Viewer is a dictionary Reader for window mobile-poket pc.msdict Viewer can get lots of information data because of combining high data compression for memory.msdict Viewer has powerful features.You can save your
  • Free Medical Dictionary 1.0

    a searchable glossary of medical terminology The free medical Dictioanry is a searchable glossary of medical terms from almost all specialties and fields of medicine, including: general medical terminology,
  • Free Medical Dictionary Spell Checker 2.0

    free medical Dictionary Spell Checker provides free medical terminology spell check program for the medical transcriptionist, medical student, and medical professional. By using the free medical Dictionary Spell Checker,
  • Nokia 6300 icons -

    Now you can get beautiful icons for Nokia 6300 by using Nokia 6300 icons pack. It includes icons in following formats and sizes: .icns, .ico, .png; 512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, 32x32,
  • MediSpell Medical Spell Checker with Free Online M 10.0

    MediSpell medical Spell Checker with free Online medical Speller 10.0 is an all-in-one and useful Microsoft certified medical spell check reference covering all medical specialties. MediSpell medical spelling software
  • MSDict Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary 8.30.75

    msdict Oxford Concise medical Dictionary is the most popular dictionary of its kind around the world and is noted for its clear, concise definitions as well as its comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the
  • Medical Encyclopedia 6.0

    medical Encyclopedia is a very simple app that gives you access to all the medical information you'll ever want to know. It is divided into two areas medical Dictionary and Web Search. In the medical dictionary area,
  • Medical Speller 1.0

    The medical Speller integrates thousands of medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and life science terms into the Microsoft Word spell checker. Using the medical Speller makes medical terminology and pharmaceutical terms
  • EzMedPro for Mac 1.0

    EzmedPro is medical practice management software. It provides medical billing, appointment scheduling, medical coding CPT and ICD management, electronic medical records, backup and many more functions.
  • MediSpell for Word 10.0

    medical Spell Checker with free Online medical Speller is the perfect medical transcription tool for health care professionals. If you find yourself dealing with medical terms and medical terminology then MediSpell is
  • MedicWords Medical Spell Checker 5

    Spell check medical terminology as-you-type with MedicWords medical spell checker for Microsoft Word. Better than using a medical dictionary for spelling medical terms accurately, MedicWords is fast and easy to install
  • DocTray 2.22

    DocTray is a medical RSS News reader great for anyone in the medical field. The program enables you to stay up to date with the latest news from Top medical Journals and provides you with preloaded 16 medical RSS feeds,
  • EzMedPro 1.0

    EzMedPro is an easy to use medical software that integrates medical billing software, scheduling software, electronic medical records, patient demographic, HCFA printing on plain paper and medical coding
  • Health Web Elements 1.0

    Health and medical themed graphic images and web elements, including HTML web templates with a medical theme, stock photos of health and medical equipment and situations. Great collection for hospitals and medical
  • MSDict English-Spanish Pro Dictionary 8.30

    The msdict English-Spanish Pro Dictionary contains over 38,000 entries in 19,800 word definitions everyday English vocabulary. The dictionary is a wonderful bilingual reference tool for beginner and intermediate level
  • Out-patient Medical Record

    Video Course with synchronized Slides and TOC. General introduction of objective for the four courses concerning "Chinese Medicine out-patient medical record", as well as the collecting of primary information
  • medical assistant 1.0

    medical assistant 1.0 is a versatile, which is specially designed to offer medical assistant toolbar for Internet Explorer. Easily find campus and online medical assistant schools. Search by degree, state and zip code.
  • ProfileMD Classic 1.06

    free personal health record for your Palm PDA ProfileMD Classic is a freeWARE personal health record that can give you instant access to your medical history in case of emergencies, physician office visits, or anytime
  • MSDict Viewer (Symbian Series 80) 2.30

    msdict Viewer is a dictionary Reader program, specially designed to Combine high data compression for memory restricted devices with a Fast Search Algorithm, and user-friendly interface with amazing speed. The viewer
  • Patient Manager Express 3.0

    Patient Manager Express is a High Quality medical Billing Software that includes Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic medical Records (EMR), Patient Management and medical Schedule capabilities. Other features:
  • ClinicDB 2.0

    ClinicDB is a medical Office Software for Small-Large Clinic that contain all the Clinical, and operational elements for a successful running medical Practice. ClinicDB offers an easy to use Windows interface For
  • The World of Medical Transcription 1.0

    This article follows one medical-transcriptionist-turned-medical-language-specialist through several possible modern-day job occupations. Although a serious article, some lighthearted approach and humor is used to make
  • Medical XAML Icons 1.0

    medical XAML Icons Collection contains over 277 high quality medical xaml icons doctor icons, medical icons, injury icons, healthcare icons, body organs icons and more! These medical XAML icons are compatible with both
  • MSDict Concise Oxford English Dictionary 3.10

    msdict Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus is a simple-to-use application with a name that pretty much describes its functionality. It contains a database with an English dictionary and thesaurus, thus
  • Medical Icon Library 1.0

    Editable FLA files Vectorel Editable FLA format 1.770 Unique Vector graphic FLA Files Editable FLA files Eye catching colors Give a unique look to your software, projects.. medical Softwares medical Portals, Web
  • Medical & Health 2 Web Elements 1.0

    medical and health themed graphic images and web elements, including HTML web templates with a medical theme, stock photos of all types of medical items. Great collection for medical and healthcare related businesses. A
  • Personal Medical Histories Database 1.0

    It???s been said that ???we keep better car maintenance records??? than we do records on our own health. Historically, doctors have maintained medical Records for their patients but have YOU ever seen your record? If
  • Interactive Practical Histology

    A medical Histology Program for Windows PC. This software is the world's 3rd medical histology software (Pakistan's First) which have easy, user-friendly interface and playful learning experience for high school,