free ms office settings backup

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  • Office Settings Backup Wizard 2010

    office settings backup Wizard allows you to transfer your settings to another machine. It enables you to backup, Restore and migrate all of your office settings including saving your Toolbars, Quick Access Toolbars,
  • BackRex Office Backup 1.1

    BackRex office backup enables you to backup, transfer or migrate your current MS office user settings and customizations, such as custom toolbars, dictionaries, etc. BackRex office backup also process customizations
  • Office Backup Home 3.0

    Novosoft office backup is an easy-to-use backup software with multilingual support running under Windows NT 4.x/2000/XP/2003. It allows you to easily back up any data types to almost all types of storage media including
  • IncrediMail Backup 2.6a

    IncrediMail backup software is a powerful backup tool which can backup all your emails, IncrediMail settings into an archive file. You can compress and setup a password for your archive. IncrediMail backup is very easy
  • EZ Backup Office Premium 6.29

    EZ backup office Premium allows you to backup your Microsoft office files to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD or to a distant FTP server. It supports scheduling feature that provide fully automated backup
  • Club Backup 1.3

    free Online backup - You can backup your documents, databases, photos, videos, music, and anything else you have that is important to you. You can also keep files in Sync between multiple computers.
  • CT RegKey Backup 1.0

    The handy utility CT RegKey backup is used for making backups of Registry keys and their sub keys. It is a life saver in certain situations such as restoring your Home and Search page after a sleaze site has taken them
  • BackRex Expert Backup 1.0

    Day after day we become more and more dependent on information. So, keeping information safe becomes a cornerstone of successful computing. Introducing BackRex Expert backup! Use this user-friendly application to backup
  • Outlook Backup Assistant

    Outlook saves its data in different and hard to access locations of your Windows-System. The exact memory locations and formats differ from system to system basing on the office and Windows version being used. A simple
  • Advanced Email Backup 1.0

    Advnaced Email backup is a complete backup solution provider with user friendly interface. The user can go for complete as well as selective backup with compression and password options and required settings. Like
  • BackRex Easy Backup 2.8.154

    BackRex Easy backup is a settings backup and restore tool. It allows you to save your current Windows configuration (settings, customizations, and user profile), such as desktop layout, mouse cursors schemes, sound
  • Static Becky Backup 2.6a

    Becky backup is a powerful backup tool which can backup your email and news messages, accounts, rules, contacts, junk mail settings, calendar, stationery, signatures and all Personal settings into an archive from Becky
  • Genie Outlook Backup 6.0

    backup and restore all your Outlook data Create backups or archives of all your Outlook (2000/2002/2003) data to virtually any storage media using on-the-fly compression. Genie Outlook backup supports automatic media
  • Boxoft Easy Backup 1.0

    Boxoft Easy backup is an easy-to-use backup software designed to perform automated backup of your computer. User-friendly interface and a rich set of backup features make it one of the best PC backup software for home
  • eDrive Backup 3.0

    eDrive backup is secure, Automatic backup software for any PC in any home or office. eDrive backup will run automatically at the time you specify. eDrive backup is highly configurable to let you select the types of files
  • EZ Backup World of Warcraft Basic 6.35

    backup your World of Warcraft settings! EZ backup World of Warcraft Basic makes it easy to backup your World of Warcraft Game settings, Interface, Player settings and Addons to any local, network or removable drive.
  • COMODO Registry Cleaner 2009

    Comodo backup - Powerful and straightforward utility to backup critical files and protect users against data loss. Features disk and partitions backup, files and directories backup, entire registry backup, custom
  • Easy Email Backup 1.00

    Advnaced Email backup is a complete email backup tool with user friendly interface. It can take complete or partial backup of Windows Mail (Vista), Outlook(2000/XP/2003/2007), Outlook Express, Address Book, Internet
  • Outlook Express Backup Plus 2.7

    Outlook Express backup Plus is most populer backup software to create backup copies of Outlook Express email database. Outlook Express backup Plus can save emails, address book, settings, mail and news accounts, message
  • idoo data backup Free 2.0

    Idoo Data backup free is best disk file free backup software, mainly designed for business users. The proper settings of Idoo data backup Professional Edition tasks allow you to backup your improtant and valueble files
  • SM Backup 1.1

    SM-backup is a simple, easy-to-use Database backup Tool for backing up Firebird databases.SM-backup is a graphical user interface to Firebirdly backup Utility. As a database administrator or developer, you know how
  • Backup E-mail 1.0

    backup E-mail uses an easy wizard interface to backup everything from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora Pro & Light, Netscape Messenger, Netscape Mail, Opera, IncrediMail, Pegasus Mail, TheBat, and PocoMail.
  • KLS Backup 2005 PE 4.0

    KLS backup 2007 Standard is a powerfull backup program that enables you to create backup archives of all your important files and settings. You can back up and restore files, folders, Outlook, Outlook Express
  • Outlook Express Backup Free 1.0

    What's Outlook Express backup free? Outlook Express backup free is a backup software that use to backup your Outlook Express email database, you can use this program without any limitations. Visit our website for latest
  • Mozilla Restorer 2.1

    Mozilla Restorer 2.1 is designed to be a software which helps backup current settings of Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Thunderbird. The settings can be saved in a predetermined location, and can be restored at the click of
  • ExEasy NetCDP Online Backup 3.4.22

    backup your data online now by installing 'ExEasy NetCDP Online backup' it is the easiest tool users have ever seen it will backup all your data automatically to Amazon S3 or NSA server. User can see their backup
  • BackRex Mail Backup 2.0

    BackRex Mail backup enables you to backup, transfer or migrate your favorite mail reader settings and data such as mail folders, address books, filters, message rules and other. BackRex Mail backup supports following
  • Emilsoft FireBackup 1.1.2048

    Emilsoft Firebackup is a great tool for novice users who don't know about the internal workings of Firefox. They don't know how to backup their Firefox preferences, cookies and bookmarks which they have collected while
  • Windows Mail Backup 2.6a

    Windows Mail backup is a powerful backup tool which can backup your email and news messages, accounts, rules, contacts, junk mail settings, calendar, stationery, signatures and all Personal settings; and restores the
  • BackRex Internet Explorer Backup 2.8.159

    BackRex Internet Explorer backup is a backup and restore tool for Internet Explorer. It allows you to save your current configuration of Internet Explorer including favorites, history, proxy settings, fonts, dialup