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  • Apps To PC 1.4.0

    Apps To PC provides a fast way to recover Apps from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your iTunes library on your or PC. You simply, connect your
  • P-Apps 1.0

    Portable Application (P-Apps) the Portability, the quality of being carriable, always enhances the usage level to optimum. As how the mobiles,
  • Salt Apps for SAP 2.0

    Salt, a change intelligence software for SAP solutions, gives instant visibility into an organization's custom ABAP code and objects providing up
  • Android Apps for SMS

    Professional group message application is convenient method to create and deliver national or international message via connecting android mobile
  • Android SMS Apps

    Bulk SMS software for Android mobile phone is excellent way to forwards multiple wording and picture message at the identical time. Download Android
  • SMS Android Apps

    Inexpensive text message transmitting mechanism is compatible with all latest android technology based smart phones available in market like Samsung,
  • JRS Online Apps 2.0

    JRS Online Apps is developed by JRS Express, a company which continuously provides the Filipino people communications and delivery facilities to the
  • 3 Apps Video to MP3 3.00

    Download videos as MP3.This app automatically detects when you are watching a video and adds a download Link on top of the PaGE. With just a simple
  • Loader For Apps 0.5

    That is a system tool for Windows 7 (like x86 on x64). It can be load registry files from 'Reg' folder and when we closed it the regfiles restore from
  • CopyTrans Apps 1.036

    CopyTrans Apps is the solution to take control over your favorite iPhone apps and app settings and to keep them safe. It makes it easy to create
  • TurboVB Mini Apps 2.1

    TurboVB Mini Apps is a set of four tools for programming. The Component Registering Tool enables you to quickly and easily register and unregister
  • Google Apps from Outlook 3.1

    Migrate to Google Apps from Outlook email client communication platform is well easier to implements though, why not starts Google Apps from Outlook
  • Portable Apps Suite 1.0.1

    PortableApps Suite is a collection of portable apps including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client,
  • Tab Bar Icons For Mobile Apps 2011.1

    The mobile industry is currently one of the most promising and lucrative. It is rapidly developing and adapting to the requirements of our modern
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps SP1

    Extend your office experience to the Web. Access, edit, and share your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents online using
  • Open Web Apps for Firefox 0.1

    The experimental Open Web Apps extension allows you to easily install and manage web applications in Firefox and aims to provide a tightly integrated
  • Pegasus Apps DVD to 3GP converter 3.2.80

    Pegasus Apps DVD to 3GP Ripper is an intuitive to use program which convert your favourite DVD Movie to 3GP File for playing on mobile phone easily
  • Google Apps Backup 2.0

    Fully Automated, Simple and Easy to use - A simple one time setup that is fully automated. No technical expertise is needed to understand the working
  • Pegasus Apps FLV to ANY Converter 3.7.00

    Pegasus Apps FLV to ANY converter is an intuitive to use program which convert your favourite FLV video files to several video formats for playing on
  • Arcade Daze Apps 1

    This collection contains 76 individual icons with large resources for Vista & Leopard. This set???s iContainer includes custom Dock replacement
  • Pegasus Apps DVD to PSP converter 3.2.80

    Pegasus Apps DVD to PSP Ripper is an intuitive to use program which convert your favourite DVD Movie to file for playing on SONY PlayStation
  • Google Apps Shortcuts 1.6.1

    A simple extension that allows you to quickly create a new Emails, Calendar Events, Document or Spreadsheet with Minimal
  • Google Apps Manager 0.010b

    Google Apps Manager (GAM) is a command line tool which allows Administrators to control their Google Apps domain and accounts. With GAM you can
  • OST to PST Email Converter Apps 4.7

    The OST to PST Tool from Recover Data is the best Email Recovery software, which safely and speedily recovers and converts the OST files into PST
  • Effective OST to PST Conversion Apps 5.7

    Emails with attachments, drafts, appointments, journals, calendar create a huge database for any person or company. OST to PST Conversion Apps, which
  • Exchange Database EDB To PST Apps 1.0

    There a number of brands, which offer such products. However, you must be sure about the demo and trial, as these give you the idea about the
  • CodeX Apps Personal Edition 1.2

    The Web 2.0 Organizer that runs locally, Designed For Individuals, Small businesses, And Educators. Plan things, make to-do lists, take notes &
  • Batch Outlook to Google Apps 3.1

    A bulk migration tool for Outlook to Google Apps called PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps. Google Apps is a part of clouding computing
  • myPod Apps iPhone Explorer 0.991

    myPod Apps iPhone Explorer 0.991is a useful program that puts your iPhone or iPod Touch in disk mode and allows you to use an iPhone as a flash drive.
  • Glossy icon set for adobe apps

    Glossy icon set for adobe apps brings users the pleasure of enjoying an impressive and high qualityicon set for adobe apps givingyour files and
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  • RunCheck 1.0

    Add your frequently-use apps to this program ,then you could quickly launch them.You could add new apps,edit apps and double click them,the apps will
  • Batch Outlook to Google Apps 3.1

    A bulk migration tool for Outlook to Google apps called PCVITA Express Migrator for Google apps. Google apps is a part of clouding computing technology which provides you online client server architecture based emailing
  • mediAvatar iPad Apps Transfer

    MediAvatar iPad apps Transfer enables you to transfer apps between iPad and computer, it also support transferring apps from iPad to iTunes, backing up iPad apps To PC, deleting apps on your iPad or moving the apps back
  • Pokki

    Make Windows better. Pokki brings your favorite apps to your PC. Features: Hundreds of free desktop apps Fun and convenient desktop versions of the most popular apps and games are available for free in the Pokki App
  • PCVITA Outlook Migrator For Google Apps 3.1

    Outlook to Google apps Migration: You can use the very easy and convenient to use PCVITA Express Migrator for Google apps - Outlook to Google apps migration software to convert Outlook to Google apps. The process to
  • Google Apps from Outlook 3.1

    Migrate to Google apps from Outlook email client communication platform is well easier to implements though, why not starts Google apps from Outlook client? Intuitively, implementing into cloud services to starts
  • AppZapp Sync

    AppZapp Sync enables you to synchronize quickly and easily all your iPhone or iPad apps.The program features: shows you the current total value of your apps, price alerts from AppZapp Sync now consider your already
  • CopyTrans Apps 1.036

    CopyTrans apps is the solution to take control over your favorite iPhone apps and app settings and to keep them safe. It makes it easy to create user-transparent backups of your apps and to restore them at any time to
  • 175+ in 1 : AppBundle! 1.0

    " Get This Full Featured Rich Bundle Of Utility apps, Entertainment apps, Camera apps and Game apps in one. We've redesigned the app and added multiple view options. You now instantly open recently viewed and favorite
  • ZDbox 1.5.86

    This is a toolbox to enhance your Android phone.Tell you about battery information,network data usage in real time.Having it ,you can keep phone silent or offline automatically in the preset time range,and make the
  • Google Apps Email Backup 2.2

    If you want to know how to save Google apps email backup to PST file format on your local system then use Google apps email backup tool which is the most appropriate option as it can create backup of Google apps email
  • ImTOO iPhone Apps Transfer for Mac

    ImTOO iPhone apps Transfer for Mac is a smart and easy to use tool for Mac users to manage iPhone apps and app documents. Now you can conveniently backup iPhone apps to Mac, delete apps on your iPhone or move the apps
  • QaLL -

    QaLL terminates every running applications at once. With the touch of a button, it will also Relaunch all applications that have been terminated by QaLL. Of course, you can specify apps that you don't want to
  • 3ein Toolbar 6.4

    Choose from thousands of free apps for your browser and search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. When you add an app, it blinks and is highlighted on your toolbar so that you can easily see the new
  • Express Migrator for Google Apps Lotus Notes Edition 4.5

    PCVITA Software presents a best mode to migrate Lotus Notes data to Google apps cloud. Get Google apps migration for Lotus Notes tool kit to migrate Lotus Notes emails, contacts, calendar and documents to Google apps
  • ScreenScraper Studio 5.0

    The handy software ScreenScraper Studio makes the development of apps and scripts very easy. It had user friendly interface. You can use your developed apps or scripts not only for extracting text displayed on the screen
  • Titanium Backup Pro

    You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click Batch & scheduled backups. Backups will
  • CoLauncher 1.0.1

    A must-have supplemental launcher Launch apps instantly via graffiti or hardware buttons Very fast launching Launch apps from anywhere without your big launcher Clean and safe operation No hacks or system patches
  • Dockter 1.0

    Hides your non-running mac apps from the dock Only running apps Be more productive without the distraction of non-running application icons in the dock. Why do we need to see the icons of apps that are not in use?
  • Pokki Start Menu 1.0

    Pokki brings back the Start Menu to Windows 8. - Search for apps, control panels, and files. - Add your favorite apps, sites, files and Folders for quick access. - Boot to the desktop and skip the Windows 8 Start
  • FireFoogle Toolbar 6.4

    To add or remove a component from your toolbar: - Open the toolbar's main menu (by clicking on the arrow immediately to the right of the toolbar's logo). - Select Toolbar Options. - Locate the app in the Personal apps,
  • Cubiez Alpha

    Cubiez takes what you love the most about your mobile phones and brings it to your computer: Instant Access to your favorite content and apps. - Cubiez is a free marketplace that brings the best apps to your
  • Intel AppUp center -

    The Intel AppUp center delivers all the latest PC apps, all in one convenient place. With tons of apps from functional to fun???there's no better place to get more out of your PC than the Intel AppUp??? center. Three
  • IcoEdit 1.4.1

    Edit big and small icons, app names and versions Works with any app in your RAM Arrange apps in your launcher by changing their names MOVE the most often used apps to the top Improve your navigation in the list
  • Bing Maps SDK for Metro style apps 1.0.20120229.0

    Bing Maps SDK for Metro style apps (Beta) combines the power of Windows 8 and Bing Maps??? to provide an enhanced mapping experience for Metro style apps. Developers can use this Bing Maps control to incorporate the
  • Ampps 1.2

    AMPPS is a stack of Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl & Python. AMPPS enables you to focus more on using applications rather than maintaining them. With AMPPS you can create a website by installing any of the 200+ apps,
  • SnapPea Beta

    Manage your Android from your PC Organize your contacts, music, and pics from the comfort of your desktop. Transfer any file in the blink of an Eye. Download apps for free Download thousands of apps for your
  • yhya1489 Toolbar 6.5

    yhya1489 Toolbar is an easy to use easy to understand toolbar.A very simple interface with all the links you need.Faster apps,games,news finds at the touch of a button.Check out all of there favorite places on the Web
  • Social Media Manager by KKP Toolbar 6.3

    You may see a window where you can choose to add the Social Media Manager by KKP Toolbar . To add or remove a component from your toolbar: -Open the toolbar's main menu (by clicking on the arrow immediately to the
  • 7screensavers2 Toolbar

    7screensavers2 Toolbar can be installed on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. To add or remove a component from your toolbar you have to open the toolbar's main menu (by clicking on the arrow immediately to the