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  • PECompact (Student version) 2.50

    PECompact (Student version) 2.50 can be seen as a helpful and versatile tool which compresses Windows modules (EXE, DLL, SCR, etc..) substantially,
  • TweenMaker Student Version 1.2

    TweenMaker application is a patent pending vector based cartoon animation system that allows an animator to create high quality cartoon character
  • Scoretrainer Student Version 8.0

    Practice reading notes with SCORE-TRAINER. The player has to play the notes that are displayed on the screen. The following notes are chosen depending
  • Statistics (Student Version) 8.2

    Beginning Statistics Software & Textbook Bundle: The matching table of contents for both the software and textbook makes it easy to assign homework.
  • Rhythm-Trainer Student Version 3.0

    Practice your timing and learn to play the right length of notes. Within 20 levels you'll become perfect in timing. Bars are displayed on the
  • GPSS World Student Version 5.2.2

    GPSS World Student Version is a high powered computer simulation environment, designed especial for professional simulations. The program is a
  • SURFCAM FREE Student Edition 5 Build 177

    SURFCAM V5 has been released to the public. This release includes many new features and added functionality that are designed to give NC programmers
  • OST To PST Free Version

    In the absence of any other backup but OST, you must try OST to PST conversion to circumvent difficult situations. The software can recover emails,
  • HydraMouse - Free Version 3.20

    HydraMouse enables you to assign various actions to the buttons of your mouse. It is the only program in the world which can work not only with mice
  • Nero 9 Free Version

    Nero 9 Free Version is a program to burn and copy your CDs and DVDs. Nero for free. Nero 9 Free allows you to Burn and copy CD/DVD data free
  • ETreeViewer Free Version 1.0

    ETreeViewer is a simple Win-32 program developed to visualize the Elimination Tree produced by GIPALS during the matrix
  • 2Click Web TVs USA Free Version

    2Click Web-TVs USA is a simple software that work like a directory. It lists all American Web TVs, so you don't have to research it manually on
  • Bugatron (Free Version) 1 20

    Bugatron is a fantastic spaceship shooter game a la Galaga in which you have to eliminate many different bugs that are attacking your planet. The game
  • EDGELIB SDK Free Version 4.01

    EDGELIB is the most powerful and versatile middleware solution for cross-platform mobile development available today. EDGELIB enables you to create
  • Best Friends (Free Version) 1.02

    Best Friends is a fantastic 3D platform game in which you have to help the friends Petey and Patty get together. Unlike other platform games, in Best
  • dCLIP (Free Version) 1.3

    dCLIP is a Development System and Library for CA-Clipper 5.2 and 5.3. It provides the flexibility of a Dot-Prompt Interpreter with an architecture
  • DIVA Free version 1.1

    DIVA - Database Immersive Visual Analysis: a Viewer for databases physical structure that can show you any section of DB in different ways (2D, 2.5D,
  • AudioLeak Free version 3.1

    Leq (Long-term Equivalent Loudness Level) Analyzer for audio files / live audio input Peak, Unweighted and A-Weighted RMS Leq (Table and Graph)
  • Proxee Free version

    Does your company use Proxy servers? Do you travel a lot with your laptop and connecting to different networks? Do you want to surf anonymously? If
  • History Cleaner- Free Version 1.0

    History Cleaner- Free Version is an innovative solution for your online privacy issues. This program is equipped with features such as cleaning the
  • RAM Boost Master Free Version

    RAM Boost Master optimizes your cache to act as a ram booster, boosts up your computer speed, frees up RAM memory and makes your computer faster and
  • Absolute Uninstaller Free Version

    Absolute Uninstaller Free Version makes your computer run more efficiently by removing folders and files that were left after you uninstalled
  • Uninstall Master Free Version

    Uninstall Master Free Version is an easy & powerful Utility to help you to uninstall unneeded programs and remove it's unused files from your
  • SWF Decompile Expert Free Version

    SWF Decompile Expert is the fastest and most reliable solution for users especially to completely decompile any SWF file. With the high-speed
  • Decompile Flash Free Version

    Decompile Flash Free Version is an outstanding SWF decompiling tool which enables you to convert flash between SWF and FLA format. You can extract all
  • SWF Decompiler Magic Free Version

    SWF Decompiler Magic Free Version, a powerful solution that can be used by programmers who need to deal with Flash technology. It is a powerful flash
  • Uninstall Gold Free Version

    Uninstall Gold is system software designed to remove remnants of unneeded programs on personal computer. Normally, Uninstall Gold scans personal
  • SWF Decompiler Premium Free Version

    SWF Decompiler Premium Free Version enables you to export FLA data which can easily be edited in native Flash environment and to convert between swf
  • i Screen Recorder Free Version

    i Screen Recorder is a powerful, yet full-featured screen record tool that allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including
  • Subscription Manager - Free Version 1.0

    With Subscription Manager you can create subscription forms, maintain subscription messages, send confirmation message automatically, configure the
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  • Gait-CAD 1.6

    Yet another matlab toolbox to help you with your work. Yet another matlab toolbox to help you with your work. Gait-CAD is a handy matlab toolbox designed to assist you with the visualization and analysis of time
  • Matlab OPeNDAP loaddap 3.7

    The matlab Structs Tool (aka 'loaddap') provides a way to read any DAP-accessible data into matlab. This is the second major update to the older 'Command Line Tool' and this version adds the ability to preserve
  • Bertec Acquire 4.10

    Bertec Digital Acquire is designed to collect data from multiple force measuring devices and save it to either a text file or matlab v4 compatible file. The text file can be formatted as either a comma-separated or
  • SBMLToolbox 3.1.2

    SBMLToolbox is built on top of libSBML and provides a set of basic functions allowing SBML models to be used in matlab. SBMLToolbox provides functions for reading, writing, and validating SBML models; viewing model
  • UMFPACK 5.4.0

    UMFPACK is a set of routines for solving unsymmetric Sparse Linear Systems, Ax=b, using the Unsymmetric MultiFrontal method. Written in ANSI/ISO C, with a matlab (version 6.0 and later) interface. Appears as a built-in
  • Rubix Cube -

    This interactive game allows you to manipulate and view the rubik's cube in 3D with the click of your mouse. If you get stuck, just click to watch the cube solve itself. Or, just "rearrange the Stickers" and start
  • mlUnit 2.0 Beta 1

    mlUnit is a unit testing framework for the matlab .m language, considering the patterns of the xUnit family. Expressed in other words, mlUnit is the matlab .m language version of
  • Smith Chart Plotting Routine -

    The routine plots normalized impedance in a Smith chart, i.e. by conformal mapping or Moebius mapping. The routine handles Reflection coefficient values outside the unit Circle, i.e. active circuits. The routine is
  • A-star Search Algorithm -

    matlab/C++ mixed implementation for Astar search Algorithm Usage: 1. Extract the zip file 2. Type "Mex Astar.cpp" in matlab Command Window to generate Astar.dll (you must choose to have such ability when installing

    student Evaluation System is a tool designed in order to improve student performance measuring their scoring on different exams at specific financial year for school, boarding. It provides student Registration,
  • NeuroSolutions for MATLAB 2.00

    The neural network toolbox that is matlab NeuroSolutions enables users to influence the power of NeuroSolutions inside matlab and Simulink. It includes 15 neural models as well as 5 learning algorithms and a host of
  • Epathashala 2.1

    Epathashala student Evaluation System is designed to improve student performance measuring their scoring on different exams at specific financial year for school, boarding.Main Features :- student Registration - student
  • FDC 1.4 beta 3

    FDC 1.4 beta 3 is the second 'official' beta of the next FDC release. Compared to the previous two beta's, several helptexts have been polished and some minor changes in the program code were made. This includes some
  • Matlab GUI for Polhemus Digitizer 5.0

    POLGUI is an interface between matlab and the Polhemus FASTTRAK?? digitizer used to digitize scalp EEG electrode Locations. ( Note: Not tested with other Polhemus systems) There are 5 versions all of which work on
  • matlab let -

    Lyapunov Exponents Toolbox (LET) provides a graphical user interface for users to determine the full sets of Lyapunov exponents and Lyapunov dimension of continuous and discrete chaotic systems. This toolbox can only
  • JMathLib 0.9.0

    JMathLib is meant to be a clone of matlab, but written entirely in java.A library of mathematical functions designed to be used in evaluating complex expressions and display the results graphically. It will be used
  • Matlab CAPE OPEN Unit Operation 1.0.10

    The matlab CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation is a unit operation implementation for which the calculations can be entered in matlab. To get started with the matlab CAPE-OPEN unit operation, start your CAPE-OPEN capable simulation
  • MIMO Toolbox -

    The MIMO Toolbox is a collection of matlab functions and a GUI. Its purpose is to complement the Control Toolbox for matlab with functions capable of handling the multivariable input-output scheme.The MIMO Toolbox was
  • EzyFit 2.30

    The Ezyfit toolbox for matlab enables you to perform simple Curve Fitting of one-dimensional data using arbitrary (non linear) fitting functions. EzyFit adds a new menu to your figure windows, which allows you to easily
  • MRI Brain Segmentation -

    This case study shows how matlab can be used for a medical imaging problem. Given an MRI scan, first segment the brain mass from the rest of the head, then determine the brain volume. Also compare portions of gray and
  • Guide to Serial Port Interfacing -

    I have enumerated my experience working with matlab serial port interfacing features in this article. Lot of examples are also provided. this will defenitely sevr as a self contained tutorial for all those who would like
  • Agilent Waveform Download Assistant 1.7

    The handy software Agilent Waveform Download Assistant is capable of downloading a series of matlab functions as matlab files. You can download files in your desire directory while the help file is included as
  • Custom-DB Student Information System (formerly Cus 4.02

    Custom-DB student Information System (formerly Custom-DB SIS) 4.02 is designed to help with tracking student grades, teachers and classes in a database to report student data. Once the information is inputted into the
  • Ch Student 6.1

    Ch student Edition contains all features in Ch Professional Edition, except that it includes SoftIntegration Graphical Library (SIGL); a plot generated by Ch student Edition will display "This plot is generated by Ch
  • Ch Student for Liunx 6.1.0

    Ch student Edition contains all features in Ch Professional Edition, except that it includes SoftIntegration Graphical Library (SIGL); a plot generated by Ch student Edition will display "This plot is generated by Ch
  • Mathematica Symbolic Toolbox for MATLAB 2.0

    matlab a representative tool that provides users with all of the figurative and high-precision numeric qualities of Mathematical. It uses the MathLink contact standard supplied with Mathematic and the MEX facility
  • Kinematic Simulation of a Robot Arm -

    This is a small practical example that illustrates the use of matlab for performing the kinematic simulation of a robot arm. The example also makes use of matlab's graphical capabilities. The animation (mpeg1 format)
  • PHYLIP DNA parsimony (dnapars) GUI -

    This package includes a modified version of dnapars.exe from Phylip 3.6. The orignal dnapars,exe uses a menu for settings of parameters. I changed it into a command-line driven one, called mbetoolbox_dnapars.exe. Then I
  • Students grades 1.0

    A simple software to manage student grades, calculations are all over. FEATURES: possibility to enter 30 exercises, a report with the last exercises, a student list, a board to facilitate data entry, etc. You can modify
  • Classroom Trivia 4.2

    Classroom Trivia is a fun, networked, educational software for all ages and grades. students compete in a network setting using teacher created questions (software included). Ideal for Review, testing or just for fun.