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  • Iris Recognition System 1.0

    iris Recognition System is the advanced biometric system that automatically identifies the unique iris feature of any individual with image acquisition using the Daugman's algorithms. As we know, iris of all the humans
  • Fast and Accurate Iris Segmentation 1.0

    The use of biometric signatures, instead of tokens such as identification cards or computer passwords, continues to gain increasing attention as an efficient means of identification and verification of individuals for
  • VeriEye Algorithm Demo (For Windows) 2.0

    Eye iris identification algorithm demo application for MS Windows. The robust proprietary iris recognition technology accepts images with gazing away eyes or narrowed eyelids and provides reliable iris matching at speeds
  • Real-Time Iris Identification 1.0

    A simple and effective code for Low Computational iris Recognition Based on moving average Filter. Real-Time iris Identification is a low computational approach for iris recognition based on 1D moving average filter.
  • Iris Recognition Using Wavelet Features 1.0

    iris structure has complex and plentiful textures which can be extracted as features for iris coding. We present a new representation of iris coding by using 2D wavelet. The proposed scheme of feature extraction is to
  • Magic Farm 2 Fairy Lands 2.031

    Magic Farm 2 - is new adventures of iris and Robin.New and old friends, new improvements of the land, unique skills of iris and Robin.You will have to take a lot of efforts to win the Magical Tournament.Except growing
  • Beautiful Iris 2 Screen Saver 5.0

    The latest in our popular series! Display 50 new colorful iris images,with captions of the botanical names. Display beautiful iris flowers as your screensaver! The latest in our popular series! Display 50 new colorful
  • Last Chaos 1.0

    Last Chaos is an on-line role playing game where thousands of players can simultaneously be connected, fight and upgrade their courage and battle skills through adventures, quests and crafting skills with fellow
  • Salon Iris 8.0.2

    Salon iris 8.0.2 is a software for your salon or other business to keep clients, appointments, products, services, and payroll. It is easy-to-use, quick to setup, and provides all the functions needed to run a salon or
  • Beautiful Iris Screen Saver 5.0

    Display beautiful iris flowers as screensaver Display beautiful iris flowers as your screensaver! Includes 50 images, with captions of the botanical names. Select from a number of image transition effects. Use your
  • 3D Wormhole 2.12

    3D Wormhole sucks you down a dizzying hole. 3D Wormhole will delight you with its movement and color. You'll watch the iris open and then be propelled down a dizzying wormhole. This saver is completely configurable.
  • IRIS PAYE-Master

    With iris PAYE-Master payroll software you can save time, deal with current pay legislationsand handle complex payroll calculations. More than 19,000 satisfied customers rely on iris PAYE-Master every month to run their
  • Iris Virtual Photo Album 1.2.1

    iris Virtual Photo Album is a program for making and viewing skinnable virtual photo albums of digital photographs and comments on them. iris Virtual Photo Album supports WinAmp skins. If you like to arrange photo
  • Iris Dialler Configuration 1.12

    iris Dialler Configuration range of alarm dialers allow users to migrate intruder alarm systems away from traditional PSTN communications to IP based and/or wireless networks, without the need to upgrade or replace the
  • MegaMatcher Extended SDK Trial 4.1

    MegaMatcher SDK is intended for development of large-scale AFIS or multi-biometric fingerprint, face, voice, iris and palm print identification system for civil or forensic applications. Multiplatform components for
  • IRIS-Net 2.6.1

    iris -Net (Intelligent Remote & Integrated Supervision) is an efficient software that allows you to configure,control and monitor a complete PA-system from one central location.Control and monitoring up to 250 Remote
  • PingFu Iris Tunnel A5828

    PingFu iris is HTTP Tunneling software that keeps your latency low in games i.e. World of War craft, Guild Wars, Maple Story, Silk road Online, Rangarok, Run escape. You can use it for searching blocked sites i.e.
  • Singapore Next Bus 1.0

    Using the bus stop number and bus number in Singapore, you can find the arrival of the Next Bus using the SBS Transit iris system. This Widget does all
  • Desktop IRIS 3.0.5

    Desktop iris is an easy-to-use search program Desktop iris is an easy-to-use search program that can be successfully downloaded and accessed by anyone. It allows you to intuitively find stored information from your
  • Prosys II 3.4

    The PROSYS II software is a program allowing to transfer, edit, process and export resistivity and chargeability data of the iris Instruments resistivity-meters (SYSCAL) and IP receivers (ELREC). Main features: -Data
  • Download Games To PSP 1.0

    Check out our PSP download software to download games to PSP. AllPSPGames enables you to download unlimited PSP games for your PSP needs. Besides PSP games download, you can also download unlimited PSP movies,music,
  • EyeRoller 1.1

    Make fun of your friends and colleagues: import their face in EyeRoller and see their eyes follow your mouse pointer! The result will be incredibly entertaining, and a nice surprise for them. Once you have create a new
  • Mirror Magic Deluxe 1.0

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the most magic game of all? Mirror Magic! The vain Grendoline has magically locked the villagers up in mirrors. Help iris to set her family and her village free. Find all differences in
  • Sims3 - McCormicks Place 1.0

    McCormicks Place is the home of iris and Marc McCormick and their three children. Next to lake and waterfall. 4 bedrooms of which you can make the one downstairs into playroom or den. Fully tested in game with the
  • Free Download Manager Video Conversion 3.0

    Video Conversion plug-in is an addon for the famous free download Manager application. With this plug-in you can convert videos that you download in a flash. The plug-in provides multimedia functions for your download
  • Puzzle Online Help 0.05c

    Here you can download free Games from PuzzleOnline. The project contains free multiplayer games you can download and play without limitations. Our goal is to create many free multiplay games that you can download from
  • EasyCAD 1.14

    You can perform following functions with ease by using inclusive EasyCAD iris 2D program: for creating new laying patterns for floorings and walls; you can print and save your project as a JPEG file; it can also be used
  • Blue Iris 1.0

    Blue iris is professional-grade software utilizing the latest video software technologies, including MPEG and Windows Media webcasting. Watch your home, cars, and valuables. Watch your pets. Watch your kids. Watch your
  • Coloring Book 4: Plants 4.22.40

    Coloring book software with a large variety of plants to color! It has the same easy to use interface as the previous coloring books which makes it easy to use even for young children. download a free trial version of
  • Download PSP Games 1.0

    You can use handy PSP download software for not only downloading PSP games, but you can also download applications, software's, movies and music, etc. You can download everything free of