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  • Alap Dialer 4.0

    mobile dialer helps you to make phone call easily. mobile dialer are used to make VoIP calls from a mobile hand set. mobile dialer uses SIP signaling and can be mapped to a Softswitch or an IP device to work a device for
  • Spinvoip

    Spinvoip is a windows dialer for windows with simple features. It's used in mobile, computer, ip device. specially for mobile dialer. The mobile dialer works even with low bandwidth and displays billing and account
  • Takhatob 3.1.107

    Takhatob PC Soft Phone dialer is a free software that allows you to make calls around the globe.dialer features:- Locked with Takhatob service- Recharge and Sign up links- Check rate button to check rates- Displays
  • Adore Mobile Softphone 1.2

    AdoreSoftphone has launched its new version of 'Windows mobile dialer' which is compatible to Windows mobile version 5.0,6.0 & 6.5 Our windows mobile softphone can support more than 183 Models from 22 Vendors like HTC,
  • Bluetooth PC Dialer 2.0

    Today there do not exist any efficient way of making a phone call to a number not stored in the mobile phone. Bluetooth PC dialer has been developed to solve this issue. With Bluetooth PC dialer a phone call is never
  • Spinning 3D Earth Globe 1.0

    Real 3D globe is animated globe based on 72 frames, translucent globe, 100 percent scalable vector. It included AS code for 9 versions of the globe and is easy to customize without action-script. You can color globe
  • a1call-V1.0.0.1 5.5

    Save up to 95% on your international call with a1call! The tool includes no roaming charges.With this application you can also connect with people all over the world, also through your mobile Phone. Start using our free
  • Radius Call 1.0

    Radius Call is a free software tool that allows you to communicate directly from your desktop pc. Also it is a very low cost dialer with good quality service. The best dialer for low profile mobile internet service. This
  • a-squared Anti-Dialer

    No chance for the dialer rip off! Protect your PC with a-squared Anti-dialer from manipulated dial up connections, which can cause a phone bill of several hundred dollars quickly. a-squared Anti-dialer provides a
  • Activex Dialer Removal Tool 1.0

    Remove ActiveX dialer completely with Activex dialer Removal Tool! Effectively removes Activex dialer files and registry keys Kills the core of Activex dialer and not only symptoms Immunizes your PC so the chance
  • Essarvoip-V1.0.0.1

    Essar Voip phone dialer application was designed to a small user friendly program that enhances Windows Phone dialer. No more limit on the number of people you can add to you phone book. Essar Voip softphone is designed
  • Remote Dialer 4.1

    Remote dialer adds dialing capabilities to any application. It can also be used as a standalone dialer. When the dialer is loaded it appears in the system tray. Highlight a phone number in a document, in an html page
  • Windows Mobile Callingcard Dialer 1.1

    Adore Softphone has come up with Callingcard dialer for Windows mobile based mobile phones. Windows mobile Calling Card dialer lets the callers Automatic dial the access number, Pin of prepaid card and Destination
  • AmirTelecom 4.0

    AmirTelecom is a program that will let you make phone calls from your computer. It supports iTel billing byte, iTel billing Platinum, Gplex dialer, Sip dialer, Omega dialer and Essy dialer. In order to use the program,
  • Smart Dialer 3.5

    Make stylus-free phone calls from your PDA by tapping the screen with your fingers. My Lucky PDA Smart dialer makes phone dialing smarter, faster and more convenient than ever by introducing brand-new logic to the
  • Harbibi Dialer

    PC Phone Desktop Client introduces the PC Phone Desktop Client. As an alternative to using our web-based dialer, you now have the option to download and install a dialer on your PC. Our dialer takes the
  • PC2Globe 7.5.1 introduces the PC Phone Desktop Client. As an alternative to using our web-based dialer, you now have the option to download and install a dialer on your PC. At less than 800Kb, our dialer takes the little
  • Red Dialer 2.1.008

    Red dialer is a dialing program developed by With Red dialer you can call easily around the world Red dialer is a easy to use application For using the application you have to install it on your personal
  • The 3D Globe 3.0

    The globe is presented to you by the handy 3D globe widget that you can rotate through three degrees of freedom. You just have click and drag for rotating globe.
  • FrankCall-V5.0 5.5

    The most important Voice over IP service Provider Frankcall provides you following services: PC to Phone, mobile VOIP, mobile SIP, mobile dialer, CallShop, and Callback. You can use it for organizing your speed-dial
  • EmiratesVoiz Dialer

    EmiratesVoiz's mobile dialer allows you to use your existing PC-Phone pins with the same rates and time of talking. You can download it on your phone free of
  • B2Fone 1.0

    With b2phone dialer software you can place landlines and mobile calls at low rates. B2fone which offers a wide-range of telecommunications services and products ranging from long distance calling cards, VoIP phone
  • Secure Dialer 1.1

    Your can protect yourself against attempts to hijack your internet connection by using OMNIQUAD Secure dialer. Once loaded, it locks down your modem and you can only connect to the Internet using Secure dialer. This is
  • 1st Dialer 1.3

    1st dialer helps you to get a connection to Internet easier and make Internet access a more simple process. Auto dialer can re-dial multiple lines until a connection will be established. After that it monitors carrier,
  • Hotfoon 9.0

    Hotfoon is an inexpensive internet telephony service that lets you make Phone to Phone and PC to Phone calls across the world. The Hotfoon dialer is easy to download and install. The download is just 208KB. It is fast,
  • Lucys Globe 2.0

    It is a globe program or globe software which is running under Windows. A multilingual globe and geography puzzle The language of the user interface of Lucy's globe and the language of the data (language which is used
  • Anti-Dialers 1.5

    Anti-dialers is very useful software designed, as its name says, to control all the dialers configured in your computer that connect to an Internet service provider by dialing on a modem. Doing so, it avoids harmful
  • DialFree 2.60.0007

    Dialfree is an Internet-connection dialer that enables the user to take full advantage of Egypt's free-Internet system. From the user's point of view, the free-Internet system differs from the traditional
  • MDLsolutions Dialer - Predictive Dialer 1.2.9

    MDLsolutions dialer - Predictive dialer is a Windows based comprehensive and dynamic SIP/VoIP dialer with a robust SQL database that can meet the needs of a Call Center, or act as a stand alone automated dialer
  • Kikotel Phone 1.0

    Kikotel provides a unique call experience to every customer wish to call, whether you want to call a mobile number or a landline, it will guarantee to you the best voice quality & the least cost worldwide.