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  • Send Free SMS

    Free Nokia messaging software is Text message sending software that helps you to keep in touch with family members, friends and parents, colleagues
  • Send Free Text Messages 1.00

    Now you can save your money by sending SMS free of cost, and it is possible because of handy software application Send Free Text Messages. You just
  • Send Free SMS Today Toolbar

    With Send Free SMS Today Toolbar you cand send free sms. Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. Get your freshest content
  • Send Free Text Message

    Free messaging tool provides very friendly interface to drive this software and it doesn???t require any expert skills to operate it. Messaging
  • Send Free SMS Messages to Mobile Phones 1.01

    With Send Free SMS Messages to Mobile Phones, you can send free SMS messages from your computer, also send fun SMS to friends and family. Send Free
  • der-Leos TV-Programm 3.22

    See what's Currently running on German TV and what's coming next. Fully
  • Graphics4VO Beispiel Programm 6.05

    Graphics4VO is developed for use with CA-Visual Objects (Version 2.0 upto 2.8). It is based on 32-Bit-WINDOWS-API. The library allows development of
  • MELM, oder Programm zur Gewinnkontrolle 6.55

    Programm fuer eine besonders benutzerfreundliche Gewinnkontrolle fuer alle Lotterien mit Formel 6 aus 49 (45 u.s.w.). Besonders empfehlenswert ist
  • - Das Bilder-ins-Internet-Programm 1.2.2 - the picture-to-internet-program. With you can easily create a complex website with hundreds of pictures, inclusive thumbnails,
  • Send It Here! 1.0

    The Windows Send To menu is something everyone has but is seldom used because of its extremely limited function. Few software authors install a
  • Net Send SDK 1.1

    Need to send messages from your application or a script? Net Send GUI (freeware) and Winpopup LAN Messenger comes with a command-line tool
  • E-Send 1.0.2

    E-Send is system adaptable to needs of his company, that it allows him to centralize the quotes and budgets in a single place, and to apply a same
  • Send SMS 1.8

    Now you can send text message to any mobile by using internet with cheapest rates with handy widget Send SMS. It has user friendly interface that is
  • Net Send 1.7

    Use Net Send to send a short message to another computer. Net Send uses the Windows Messenger service. This part of the Windows operating system must
  • Any Send 1.0.0

    A handy and reliable application that allows to send large files in your
  • Send To FTP 1.00

    Adds FTP functionality to your "Send To" folder. Create ftp configurations for parent Folders and all sub-folders and files are mapped accordingly.
  • Send Later 2.20

    SendLater is an easy-to-use and convenient e-mail scheduler with a recurring email option allowing you to handle your e-mail Correspondence in a
  • Zip-n-Send 1.1

    Need to send a large amount of data via e-mail? Thanks to Zip-n-Send, you can Now ZIP a group of files and send an archive with just a couple of
  • SMS Send 0.7

    Now you can send SMS to cell phone free of cost and very easily with handy software application SMS Send. It requires Static IP address as well as
  • Send Personally 2.2

    Add-in Send Personally is designed to send messages to a great number of recipients via Microsoft Outlook (32 and 64-bit). Add-in offers an
  • Quick Send 4.21

    Quickly send email from the system tray or schedule to send later. Registered users can also use the Secret Quick Journal
  • Send To Phone 2.1

    Send polyphonic ringtones, images, and other files to your mobile phone without any cables and adapters! You don™t need to get your phone linked to
  • Net-Send command 1.1.351

    Small console utility that can be used to send the messages from an command line, like Net send command in the Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Fomine Net Send GUI 2.6

    Net Send GUI is plain instant LAN messenger for easy communication. It uses proprietary network protocol which one is based on TCP/IP, and it is not
  • Send in the Clowns 1

    Animated screen saver featuring tropical fish on YOUR desktop (no background). Registered version includes additional animation. Matching desktop
  • Send SMS Using Pocket Pc

    Send SMS Using Pocket Pc is an easy to use Gui based business mobile text messaging software that allows user to forward short messages from Pocket
  • Send SMS From PC to Mobile

    PC to mobile message sender is a unique Bulk SMS broadcasting utility that enables you to send unlimited messages like invitations, personalized
  • Send To Toys 2.61

    Send To Toys is an enhancement of the Send To system menu. - Send To Toys Control Panel Applet allows you to manage the Send To system menu content,
  • Winsent Net Send SDK 0.0.1

    WinSent Messenger is a program intended for instant messaging within local area networks (LAN). It will allow you to conveniently and instantaneously
  • Send Tab URLs 0.3

    Now you can easily share the URLs of all open browser tabs by using handy Mozilla Firefox extension Send Tab URLs. Actually it inserts a new menu
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  • KCs Calculator 1.01

    This is very power 16-digit calculator with 10 preloadable memories and 4 programmable keys. Include own "key-interpreter", what give you escape to programm any tasks, formulas and "alias" as programm key. In your
  • Accepted Screensaver 3.0

    Accepted free Funny films Screensaver Download the free Accepted Funny films Screensaver from When you can t get into college make one up! Download the cast of Accepted in this collegiate
  • Rugrats Go Wild Screensaver 3.0

    Rugrats Go Wild! free Animated films Scr... Download the free Rugrats Go Wild! Animated films Screensaver from The Rugrats meet the Wild Thornberrys on a desktop near you. Download the free
  • RSA Chat

    A P2P Chat programm which uses an self-developed RSA-Blockcipher. This programm does not guarantee perfect encryption and safety. It was just a small project to solve the problems of implementing an RSA-Blocksipher in
  • The Devil s Rejects Screensaver 3.0

    The Devil s Rejects free Slasher films S... Download the free The Devil s Rejects Slasher films Screensaver from Ley mayhem ensue on your desktop with this screensaver from the Rob Zombie
  • UnRun 1.0.5

    This program is the best choice of Win9x useres. If you have problems with your autorunning programmes, then this programm is for you. Very simple interface and size. If you simple user this programm will be your main
  • Band2play 1.0.0

    Band2play is a free programm that converts chords, eg: (Am, D7, B7b9) to a MIDI Playback file. It's a very simple programm with a powerful conversion engine programmed by Christoph Schr??der. You can chose a lot of
  • Bitobit Compolife 1.03

    This programm collects various statistics. This programm collects various statistics about your computer. For example how many keys were pressed or how many times you clicks with your mouse. Bitobit CompoLife is easy
  • TesT & RedactoR 7 1.0.0

    programm for creating and passing tests / exams / quizzes programm for creating and passing tests / exams / quizzes. Consists of two applications: TesT - programm for testing ( freeware ) RedactoR - programm for
  • XC-IPInfo 1.4

    By Bo-IPInfo you can your current internal (LAN) and external (WAN) IP address. Das programm ist kompakt und flink. The program is Compact and nimble. Auf Wunsch wird das programm in die SysTray minimiert und l??uft so
  • MAGIX Movies on DVD 7 Build

    It allows you to burn your videos on disc and watch them on TV The name says it all: MAGIX Movies on CD & DVD transfers your precious movies on CD or DVD. Regardless if you capture from a camera or from a VCR, all your
  • Algorithm 2.5

    Do you want to create your own program? Algorithm2 is a free tool for game and software development at home. With its help anybody can create a program without a knowledge of any programming language. Up-to-date objects
  • MatheFreak 1.51

    Kurzbeschreibungen der enthaltenen programme: Bruchrechnung V1.01s: Aufgabentypen: Addieren, Subtrahieren, Multiplizieren, Dividieren von Brchen Erweitern, krzen, ordnen, vergleichen von
  • ASCII Projektor 3

    ASCII Projektor presents films by drawing them with characters. The application accepts films from the computer???s camera as well as from QuickTime files. You can set up which characters and fonts are used to
  • Movie Club Manager 3.0.1

    Movie Club Manager is the one-stop management package for organising and running your movie rental and sales business. It manages your customers, films, rental, sales and at the same time keeps an Eye on your finances
  • SWF to EXE 3.0

    The Program SWF to EXE is intended for transformation of files from format SWF in format EXE. The First variant provides the possibility of making the file on base of technologies Macromedia and contains in itself
  • FilmEasyDevelop 2.0

    This application is a powerful tool for converting Negative films you kept into high quality positive images. It's suitable for almost all types of color or B&W film. With FilmEasyDevelop you can: make vivid digital
  • qchess 1.0

    knowledge-based chess programm free
  • Zehn Finger 5

    Der Zehn Finger-Schreibtrainer ist ein programm, welches Ihnen spielend leicht das Zehnfingerschreibsystem beibringt. Eine grafische Hilfstastatur und verschiedene andere Hilfsmittel begleiten Sie auf Ihrem Weg zum
  • MELM, oder Programm zur Gewinnkontrolle 6.55

    programm fuer eine besonders benutzerfreundliche Gewinnkontrolle fuer alle Lotterien mit Formel 6 aus 49 (45 u.s.w.). Besonders empfehlenswert ist dieses programm fuer Tippgemeinschaften, da die Gewinnkontrolle sehr
  • Media Mall Toolbar

    Advanced toolbar containing more than 200 Live TV Channels , Live webcams , Live films , also contain : Online Radio with more Channels and you can add any more by "add stations" function from its menu. Also contain
  • Kassenbuch Deluxe 3.6

    Mit diesem programm haben Sie Ihre Finanzen im Griff. Das Kassenbuch zeichnet sich durch einen klaren und ansprechenden Aufbau aus, welcher Ihnen zeitsparende Arbeitsablufe ermglicht. Dank seiner einfachen und
  • Kassenbuch Deluxe (mandantenfähig) 3.6

    Mit diesem programm haben Sie Ihre Finanzen im Griff. Das Kassenbuch zeichnet sich durch einen klaren und ansprechenden Aufbau aus, welcher Ihnen zeitsparende Arbeitsablufe ermglicht. Dank seiner einfachen und
  • Power Flash 1.0

    Flash is the most popular 2D animation in network. It provides colorful animation effect and strong human-computer interaction function. However, as popular software, PowerPoint does not provide direct insert Flash movie
  • Windows Mail Password Recovery 1.4.4

    Windows Mail ist ein E-Mail-programm und Newsreader und wird, als Outlook Express-Nachfolger, exklusiv mit Windows Vista geliefert. Falls Sie zufällig das Passwort für das E-Mail-Konto im Windows Mail / Windows Live
  • WatchedOrNot 1.0

    Watched or Not? Movie Database will allow you to add all those ???must see??? films to a handy database and keep them for future reference. Features: - Adding and Deleting of potential ???must see??? films - Set
  • Send Fax List 1.0

    The send Fax List is a free fax program that allows you to send a list of faxes to a list of fax numbers for free using windows and 56k data modem. If you need to use the send Fax List for commercial usage, please
  • Sunset Studio - Behind the Scenes 1.0

    The greatest directors in the business are looking for a little movie magic to help film their latest hits. As their newest camera person, you've been entrusted to shoot the scenes, while also running them smoothly. But
  • Fun Search Film 1.1.0

    Fun Search Film is a simple and easy-to-use database software to store and organise your personal collection of films and DVDs. The system is capable to store thousands of films entries including among other things film
  • JWIRC 1.01

    The IRC applet is multi-channels programm which consequently enables you to have a conversation through several channels at once. The irc applet does not limit you at number of channels. It is possible due to good