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  • Australian Flower Shops 1.0

    Australian Flower Shops flower screensaver. Elegant single flowers on a black
  • E-shops Desktop Alert 4.0

    E-Shop's Desktop Alert (INS) was designed and developed for the purpose of delivering critical information quickly, to large numbers of users. The
  • Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt 1.0

    Screenshots for Bass Pro Shops: The
  • Cell Phone Repair Shops 1.0

    Cell phone repair shops toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find cell phone repair and iphone repair information. Easily reach everything you need for cell
  • Free VISCOM Photo - Batch Photo Editor 2.01

    free photo collage and batch photo editor Simply drag and drop your photos onto collage. Adjust the collage size, size of the photos, unlimited add
  • Free Photo To PDF

    Free photo to PDF software is a simple to use, yet sophisticated tool specifically designed for converting multiple pictures into a single Adobe
  • Colour Spy 1.5

    With Colour Spy you can easily pick the exact RGB Hex Colour Code from any window of the screen and place it on clipboard to access from any HTML or
  • The Colour Is ... 1.0

    Pass your mouse over any point on the screen and The Colour Is ... will tell you the Hexadecimal and Decimal values of the colour, plus it will break
  • Free Photo Editor 3.32

    Photo and picture editor application is designed especially to edit your Photos, photos. Photo Editor is very fast and powerful Photo editing software
  • Free Photo Converter 1.0

    Free Photo Converter is a powerful and 100% free batch photo resize and photo format convert software that allow you resize and convert your digital
  • Free Photo Viewer 1.3

    View photos with this free light-weight photo viewer. Fast thumbnail-generating engine allows you to manage and browse your photos faster and easier.
  • Free Photo Frame 1.1

    You have lots of digital pictures, but no time to view them? Free Photo Frame on your computer desktop will display a slide show of your favorite
  • Free 3D Photo Maker 2.0.12

    3D Photo Maker is used for making 3D pictures with one click. It is very easy to use that's why it is very attractive for 3D lovers. It allows you to
  • Pos Free Photo Editor 1.55

    You can use feature rich Pos Free Photo Editor for viewing as well as enhancing and adding frames to photos. It has user friendly interface that is
  • PageCarrier Photo Free 1.2.10

    Free Website Design Software extremely easy PageCarrier Photo Free is a free Website Design Software for all photographers, artists and other
  • E.M. Free DVD Photo Slideshow 2 40

    E.M. Free DVD Photo Slideshow is the totally free photo to dvd slideshow maker that allows you to create unique DVD slideshow complete with various
  • Free Photo Recovery For Mac

    Innovative free photo recovery application for Mac is the exclusive solution to salvage your mislaid images, audio and video files due to fortuitous
  • Mac Photo Recovery Free

    Affordable data recovery software for Apple Macintosh OS X provides integrated solution to restore deleted photographs from all types of digital
  • Photo Recovery For Mac Free

    Easy to install Mac data recovery software retrieves formatted photos in all major data loss situation caused due to virus attack, accidental
  • Photo Recovery Free Mac

    Have you lost your favorite images that collected over years? Use affordable photo recovery free Mac software that provides fast solution to restore
  • Free Photo Resizer 1.1

    Photo Resizer is a very handy program that can resize thousands of images in just a few clicks and with little effort. The program has a very user
  • E.M. Free Photo Collage 1.30

    Now you can make your desire photo collages and digital scrapbooks by using handy software application E.M. Free Photo Collage. Its key features are
  • E.M.Free DVD Photo Slideshow 2.12

    E.M. Free DVD Photo Slideshow is an outstanding free photo to DVD slideshow creator software. It can easily turn photos and videos to slideshow and
  • MjM Free Photo Recovery 1.0

    MjM Free Photo Recovery can help you recover image, audio and video files from all storage media types. With an advanced data recovery engine, it
  • Colour Picker 2.0

    Colour Picker has a simple interface which will allow you to pick a colour using the normal windows colour picker.Also select any picture and grab a
  • Colour To HTML 5.2

    Colour To HTML is a small program which converts colours into HTML/hexadecimal codes. It includes the ability to pick a colour from anywhere on the
  • Colour Studio 2.0

    A collection of 5 plug-in filters for use with Adobe Photoshop or compatible host applications. They produce a range of colour modification effects
  • Colour Mixing

    Colour Mixing is an enjoyable game in which you must mix colors to form the target color indicated on each level. The game is comprised of 20 levels,
  • Colour Surprise 1.0

    Colour Surprise 1.0 : Offers a quick and easy way to randomize the colour in your photos or 3D renders. Ideal for when you need to experiment
  • Colour Value Converter 2.0.1

    Convert color values between Hex and
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  • Photo Lith 2.0.1

    It was developed to allow simple creation of high contrast images in Black and White and in colour. e type of image to be produced is selected from The Filter drop-down list, the brightnes levels where the colour
  • PhotoGrey 1.0

    The photoGrey plugin works like colour filters in black and white photography. It allows unique balancing of GreyScale conversions based on selective colour filtering and the same is even made possible on colour images.
  • Colour Picker 2.0

    colour Picker has a simple interface which will allow you to pick a colour using the normal windows colour picker.Also select any picture and grab a colour from it.Enter RGB values or Hex value to get a colour .It will
  • RepairShop 2.0

    SoftWare for Car Repair shops - Body shops - Trasmission shops
  • Colour Detector 2.0.8

    colour Detector is an advanced colour Picker tool. It allows the user to pick a colour from the screen or a palette and receive RGB, HEX, HTML & Long values. You can also enter one of these values to the software and it
  • Digital Colour ATLAS 3.0

    The DIGITAL colour Atlas performs every imaginable colour comparison among a multitide of colour systems and delivers PRECISE RGB/CMYK values. It calculates exact colour conversions within the systems and persuasive
  • LD MyPhotostation - Home Edition 1.0

    Create stunning photo calendars and photobooks with London Drugs Myphotostation Home Edition software, the free software that makes it easier than ever to create and share your photo memories. Main features: - new 13
  • Colour Binds Pro 1.0

    colour Binds Pro 3.0!!! Newest! Faster! Big colour Function! This tool can colour any text in the chat and to make a bind for that colour text you can publish your website or something like this Plz View
  • Article Rewriter 1.0

    Article Rewriter by SA shops ( is a simple desktop application that will help you spin and create unique content based on some seed articles on the fly. Built-in database of thousands of synonyms, this
  • The Colour Is ... 1.0

    Pass your mouse over any point on the screen and The colour Is ... will tell you the Hexadecimal and Decimal values of the colour, plus it will break down the red, green and blue components of the colour. This may be
  • FireColour 1.1

    Firecolour is a very handy colour Picker and Converter. Its already a part of FireCal. Its gives the colour values in 20 colour models. The conversions are Now only for HEX, RGB and XYZ to 20 models. More conversions
  • Filter Factory Gallery R -

    Filter Factory Gallery R is a pack of 20 free filters for photoshop and allows you to apply all manner of effects and finishes. To install it, you'll need the plugin compiler for photoshop and Premiere called Plugin
  • Photo Play 2

    Use stunning special effects and filters in photo Play 2. Compatible with digital camera images, photo CDs, Flash Pix, scanners and many Desktop Publishing packages. No prior experience of photo editing or technical
  • Photo Look 1.5

    photoLook can be your personal photo manager. photoLook can be your personal photo manager. photoLook is a new handy utility for managing digital photos. It helps to store, watch, arrange and sort them. Viewing
  • Colour-Science i2e Photoshop plugin 1.0

    The colour-Science i2e image enhancement plug-in for photoshop is now allowing photoshop users to use the colour-Science i2e image enhancement technology within photoshop or other compatible software. i2e is used today
  • MSN Messenger Font Colour Changer 3.01

    "This is simple, very small program that changes your font colour when using MSN Messenger. It has the advantage of having a colour Picker rather than MSN's usual choice of colour (in Windows anyway). There is only one
  • Universal ColourPicker 1.00

    In addition to the standard windows colour selection dialog this colour Picker features eyedropper, to select a colour from anywhere on the screen. It also features a "Send to Active Window" button, which send the colour
  • NCS Navigator 6.0.370.6

    NCS Navigator is the unique application from NCS, displaying the full range of 1,950 NCS Original colours in 3D, as the NCS colour Space was intended to be viewed.It's free to use and has a range of features to really
  • Tintii photo filter 2.2.3

    tintii takes full colour photos and processes them into black and white with some select regions highlighted in colour. The technique is known as colour popping or selective colouring tintii makes it easy. tintii
  • RGBLab 2005 12.0

    RGBLab 2005 release date: September 8, 2004. Download size: 1.5 MB. You can use RGBLab for free and distribute it freely! It will make the IT business look better! RGBLab runs on Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Me,
  • Nyein Chan Color Picker 1.0.0

    Quick Color Picker Tool (RGB colour, HTML colour, Hex Codes colour). This product is provided As Is with no warranty expressed or implied. How to: MOVE your mouse cursor on the desktop and Press Alt+C to pick
  • PhotoLook 1.5

    photoLook can be your personal photo manager. photoLook is a new handy utility for managing digital photos. It helps to store, watch, arrange and sort them. Viewing thumbnails, slide show or full sized are available.
  • Tab Colorizer 1.1.1

    colour Your Tabs lets you customise the tabs in your Firefox browser. Choose a colour for each of your favourite websites to ease navigation and brighten up your web surfing. colour your tabs comes with the Ask Jeeves
  • Colour Spy 1.5

    With colour Spy you can easily pick the exact RGB Hex colour Code from any window of the screen and place it on clipboard to access from any HTML or graphics editor ! It can be very useful in Web Design and other tasks
  • Haymes PC Painter

    Haymes have a reputation for providing only the highest quality in paint products, including excellence in colour selection and a need to provide a colour visualisation tool for their consumers to take home or download.
  • OSList (Optimal Shopping List Maker) 1.9.4

    Oslist will help you reduce cost of yours shopping without need to resign from buying any product. With Oslist you can create and print or sent to delivery shopping list, by just few mouse clicks. With all this
  • Digitope Picture Converter 1.2.73

    Picture Converter is the innovative utility that quickly resizes and converts pictures. Convert photos between all popular formats, prepare photos for eBay listings or the web, and shrink photos for email. -Resize
  • Posteriser 2.0.2

    It is a progression from some of the filters in the original application and allows you to create an image with up to eight different colours or, if you want, to preseve parts of the original image. Once an image has
  • Simple Colour Organ 1.00

    This is a simple opengl plugin based on the 'colour organ' ideas of people like Father Louis Bertrand Castel and A. Wallace Rimington, where Musical Notes are seen as corresponding to specific colours. The plugin is
  • Clinx 1.0

    A challenging new twist on colour-matching games Clinx is a colour-matching game based on the legendary pedras do mardis gras or "carnival stones" of Machu Khlixhu. These rare and mysterious gems changed colour when hit