free downlord icq for window 7

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  • Free Window Sweeper 2.0

    Free Window Sweeper is a free privacy clean-up tool that enables you to remove Internet and computer traces, browser history, cookies, index.dat
  • Free Window Hider 1.0

    Free Window Hider will allow you to hide specified groups of windows just by pressing a single HotKey (or a Combination of
  • Free Internet Window Washer 3.8

    Free Internet Window Washer is a free and easy to use software that will safe guard your privacy by cleaning up the tracks of your activities on your
  • Free Window Registry Repair 3.6

    The registry is a heart and soul of any Windows system. It contains information that controls how your system appears and how it behaves. Almost all
  • Eusing Free Internet Window Washer 2.6

    Free Internet Window Washer is a free internet tracks eraser and privacy cleaner software. As you work on your computer and browse the Internet, you
  • Proxy List Window 1

    Now you can protect your privacy by using handy and that provides you daily updated list of free to use proxy
  • ID Window 1.11

    This program runs in the tray, and watches for the user to hover the mouse pointer on a title bar of any window. When it detects this, it shows the
  • Window On Top 1.2

    Window on Top can be used to make any application topmost,that is to keep it above all other windows. This functionality is identical to the
  • Tab To Window 1.2.9

    This extension allows the user to MOVE or copy a tab to a new window. This is useful to organize your tabs when you have a lot of them in the same
  • BMP Window Rev 6

    BMP Window application was designed to allow a second .BMP to be viewed through a fuzzy window in the first one. Taking two picture files of any
  • Fix Window

    This small application modifies any Windows Transparency and z-Layer status. It can make any window stay on top of other windows, make it click
  • Window Cleanser 1.0

    An advanced Internet and PC cleaning tool that enhances PC performance, while protecting your privacy. Erases your tracks as you use your computer and
  • Hide Window Now 2.6

    Hide Window Now enables you the privacy you have always desired at home and in your office. It is a utility which enables you to hide the windows, and
  • Window Washer 5.5

    Window Washer is the safest evidence eliminator that is specially designed to protect your privacy. The software removes the tracks of your online
  • Clean the Window! 1.0

    Clean the Window! Version 1.0. Interact with your computer using no mouse and no keyboard by simple hand waving in the air before the camera. The
  • Window Hider 1.2

    Simplify Your Desktop(s) and hide unneeded windows while letting them function. Save precious desktop space with this handy utility.
  • IE New Window Maximizer 2.3

    This program will automatically maximize new Internet Explorer and Outlook Expresswindows. Includes a function for hiding/closing all IE windows
  • Hide Any Window 3.0

    Hide Any Window is hide windows software for quick hiding windows and running programs without closing them. Using Hide Any Window you can hide
  • SWF Window Vampire 1.0

    The incredible software application SWF Window Vampire is used for extracting SWF files from window easily. It performs smart extraction and is
  • Picture Window Pro

    Picture Window Pro is a powerful photo editing tool designed for serious photographers with demanding creative and quality standards. Its
  • tweaker for window xp 1.22

    Background Optimizer is an easy-to-use tweaker that can boost your computer performance by defragmentation, clean it from junk and do antivirus check.
  • Window Closer 1.0

    Window Closer is an automation software utility designed specifically to automatically close designated window automatically. Use Window Closer as you
  • Window Detective 2.4.1

    Window Detective is a programmer's tool used to "spy" on an application's windows and allows you to view and even modify some of it's
  • Window Nudger 1.0

    Believe it or not, but there are times when using a mouse can actually be counterproductive! Is your mouse old, broken, or just acting strangely? Has
  • Window Switch 0.12.5

    Window Switch is a tool which allows you to display running applications on other computers than the one you start them on. Once an application has
  • Window-Eyes 7.01

    Window-Eyes 7.01 brings you such a professional and useful product that it is considered nothing less than the most stable screen reader available on
  • Focus Window 2.0

    Now you can access all opened windows of all programs with Focus Window application. You can access all opened windows by using its icon that is in
  • Picture Window

    Picture Window is a full-featured 32-bit electronic darkroom program. It can be used to import photographs into the computer, enhance them using a
  • Window Pinner 1.0

    Now you can keep your desired window on the top of other windows by using this useful tool. This tool has an icon that is located in the Taskbar
  • Quality Window

    An intuitive SQC/SPC and Event Analysis tool An SQC/SPC/Event Analysis tool designed for use on the factory floor. The intuitive presentation of
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  • SMT Window Tracker 1.0

    Lets you see window information including the window handle, class, and extent, of the current foreground window or the window under a target. Similar to the Find window function of Spy except can also track the
  • Winspike 1.6

    This is a simple application that runs in the system tray. When you click its icon, a menu is displayed. You can drag a menu option on-top of any window to perform the specified operation on that window. Its key
  • WindowShade 2.0

    windowShade lets you hide the windows that are obscuring your view temporarily -- completely hassle-free and unobtrusive for your eye. Just by double-clicking the window titlebar, or pressing the Shift or Control key
  • Window Title Changer 1.0

    Change the title of a window with free window Title Changer Software. Download and run the window Title Changer and change title of any application's window within seconds. Icon of the corresponding application is also
  • Window Sensor 1.0

    This program can be used by software developers in order to reveal the structure of a graphical user interface. window Sensor is a simple tool to find out the type of window or control at the mouse pointer position.
  • Move to Tray Any Window -

    MOVE to Tray Any window Software description Move to Tray Any window Software - This is a free desktop enhancement utility used to move any window to the system tray (the bottom right corner of the screen, near
  • QTask 0.9.2 b70

    QTask allows you to add extra system buttons to all window captions:minimize any window to the system tray,rollup window,clip window and make it always visible. QTask also extends window system menu and adds clock to
  • Window Closer 1.0

    window Closer is an automation software utility designed specifically to automatically close designated window automatically. Use window Closer as you would like a popup blocker to block any popup window in a browser.
  • MultyTop 1.0

    Float or Unfloat any window according to your own needs Did you ever wished that notepad and many other programs stay on the top of other windows so that your life could become easy, so Now you can do it with
  • Move to Tray Any Window Software 1.0

    Move to Tray Any window Software - This is a free desktop enhancement utility used to move any window to the system tray (the bottom right corner of the screen, near clock). To move a window to the system tray - simply
  • UltraExplorer

    UltraExplorer is a useful tool designed to be the ultimate File Manager for Microsoft windows. The user interface is completely customizable. You can hide or show as many of the featured windows, dock them in
  • WStart 1.3

    You can use window based application WStart for taking full control over the newly created window. You can run the new program in separate window as well as you can control the placement of new window such as you can
  • FreeShade 1.004

    freeShade's basic reason for existence is to provide window shading for windows. It also does a bit more than this, but before getting to that, what is window shading? window shading is when you double-click on a
  • Keep On Top 1.0

    Keep On Top 1.0 is such a comprehensive and verstile application which will allow you to keep any window on top of all the rest so you can type on the window beneath while being able to refer to the window on top. If
  • Magic Window Master 3.4.0001

    MAGic window Master is a Shareware.It allows you to modify window's uncommon property . Made window translucent,modify window's title,play videos in window,hide window... Of course,it has some very useful
  • Tab Manager 0.87

    With Tab Manager you can very easy and fast handle and access your Tabs from diffrent windows. Known situation? You have more than one Chrome windows, that are maximized. To switch a Tab from window A to window B you
  • Free PopUp Maker 5.1

    This WYSIWYG program (free PopUp Maker) creates JavaScript and HTML code to open an URL in a new (PopUp) window. You can specify the properties of the new window (whether it is resizable, has a menu bar, a so on). for
  • X-Tunes 2.0

    X-Tunes is a free utility to control iTunes without bringing iTunes to the foreground, or having the iTunes window on screen. Contrary to iTunes or other controllers, X-Tunes does not display a window permanently on
  • WindowAccel 1.0

    windowAccel is a freeware utility which accelerates and simplifies windows organizing and controlling. MOVE or resize your applications by the mouse easily, using any position of the window! No more pixel hunting
  • systemBlox 1.2.1

    This Widget will let you monitor nearly everything about your computer. Displays the percentages to you in neatly stackable blox. Each block has its own window. Each window is fully controllable. Allows individual
  • WindowCurl 1.0

    Turn over the window by dragging the corner of the windowWhen you want to confirm the content of the window under the overlapping window,It can be seen by usually clicking the button of the taskbar or clicking a lower
  • Dezrez screen saver 2.0

    free Scrolling Screen DisplayThe Screensaver software is available to all users for free to provide an impressive edge to your window display.Whether you choose to display on a large projector screen or an LCD monitor,
  • WinSpy++ 1.7

    Winspy++ is a handy programmer's utility which can be used to select and view the properties of any window in the system. WinSpy is based around the Spy++ utility that ships with Microsoft Visual Studio. WinSpy++
  • Easy Hide Window 1.0

    Hide window on Taskbar with Easy Hide window and shutdown computer or hibernate computer when window closes. Hidden windows can be restored easily. Hidden windows are restored when the Easy Hide window Utility closes.
  • Gridy 0.48

    Gridy adds an invisible grid to windows, so that any window you move or resize is snapped to it. Snapping is enabled with mouse drag or keyboard arrow keys. In addition, you can apply these changes to any window or
  • Alpha Blender Pro 3.05

    Alpha Blender Pro is the software that will help you to set windows settings. You may set up transparency of any window to required. You may place any window to the top of others. Moreover you may disable input for any
  • Free Internet Window Washer 3.8

    free Internet window Washer is a free and easy to use software that will safe guard your privacy by cleaning up the tracks of your activities on your PC and the Internet. As you work on your computer and browse the
  • Auto Window Manager 1.5

    Auto window Manager automatically manages any window you specify. for instance, some web browsers open up in a non-maximized window. Using Auto window Manager,you can set those windows to automatically maximize
  • BMP Window Rev 6

    BMP window application was designed to allow a second .BMP to be viewed through a fuzzy window in the first one. Taking two picture files of any size, this program creates a Smooth circular window in the top picture,
  • Diversify manager 1.1

    Diver++ is a little system utility, MDI program, that allow you do some usable things, you need in working/testing process. Can do: send messages, search window by mouse moving, by handle, change state of window,