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  • Photo to Sketch Std 4.0

    Convert photos to sketchs,very easy. To figure a sketch for your friend !! You can convert your photo to: Pen sketch; Pencil sketch; Pastel sketch; Brush sketch; It's free. Surprise your friends by giving them a
  • Photo to Sketch 4.0

    The inclusive software Photo to sketch makes the difficult task of conversion of photos to sketches very quick and easy. It supports conversion of photos to following types of sketches: Pencil sketch; Pastel sketch;
  • Drawez! Sketch your photo 1.0

    Drawez! sketch your photo is an easy-to-use sketching software with innovative features: - Automagically convert your photo to sketch line by line - Manually sketch with your mouse or drawing tablet - Save your sketch as
  • Photo to Sketch Pro 3.51

    Photo to sketch Pro is a program designed to convert an image into an excellent sketch, and paint water color freehandly.Convert a photograph to excellent sketch. You can dDraw a perfect Water Color. Real time get photo
  • Photo Sketch Maker 1.324

    Photo sketch Maker is a tool to convert a photo to wonderful sketch automatic or manually. You can convert your photo to sketch and mail it to your friends. sketch effects includes 10 types. Figure a self-portrait use
  • Sketch It! 3.1

    sketch it is a perfect tool for a variety of individuals and professions.It will allow you to turn your ordinary computer into a virtual drawing surface. It has a variety of features from changing the appearance of the
  • Simulator for Arduino 0.97

    Simulator for Arduino is the most full featured Arduino Simulator available at the present time (watch the video below).The benefits and features of an Arduino Simulator are:- The ability to teach and demonstrate the
  • Photo to Color Sketch 6.97

    Great practical function: It's easy to make color sketch for photo. It also convert your photo to Oil Painting. You can adjust the hue, saturation, lighting, exposure for the photo, and also make artistic
  • Sketch Studio 2005 2.0

    sketch Studio is an easy to use drawing program for children. Although there are a number of drawing programs available for children, sketch Studio is unique in that it contains built-in drawing lessons. The lessons
  • Pencil Sketch Pro 2.1

    "Pencil sketch Pro" automatically converts your picture into a sketch, with style! Now you can become an artist and create your own Graphite drawing like a real professional! Simply load a picture and the sketch is
  • AKVIS Sketch 14.0

    AKVIS sketch - AKVIS sketchAKVIS sketch AKVIS sketchT AKVIS sketch AKVIS sketch
  • SketchMatrix 2.x

    Professional lookin sketch art from photos Do more with your photos - become an artist instantly! sketchMatrix is the ultimate software tool for creating professional quality sketches from any photo or an image. The
  • Creo Sketch 2.0

    Creo sketch offers the easiest and fastest way for more people throughout the enterprise to contribute their ideas graphically. Creo sketch is a stand-alone 2D design app that enables users to quickly draw or sketch
  • Cartoon Generator 3.1

    Cartoon Generator is a quick and easy-to-use picture converting utility that is designed to convert picture to cartoon. With just one click, you will get 19 cartoon-style pictures from one image file! What's new in
  • Photo Combiner 6.05

    Now you can select and arrange one photo with others and can apply many operations on them such as sketch, rotate, mask, emboss, resize, and more; you can set this photo as wallpaper and can share with friends; you can
  • Photo Effect Studio 4.36

    The handy and inclusive Photo Effect Studio uses your photos for making sketches. Its major features are it has user friendly interface; its usage enables you to make your hand drawing same like artwork by using one
  • VisualScript XML 1.2

    Visually Generate XML Code from Diagrams. Add XML statements to graphical symbols, then "drag and drop" the symbols to sketch the flow of a business process. The software translates that sketch into XML script. Easily
  • Ezzal Sketch Pad 1.0

    Ezzal sketch Pad is a simple sketch tools which enables you to create your own drawings, add shapes and more. Features include several brush options, a wide selection of colors and the tools to create shapes and other
  • Photo To Cartoon 2 4.08

    Make funny and amazing cartoons. You can create personalized cartoons of your friends, family or famous people. Can also make a sketch effect for a photo. Making cartoons is simple.Photo to Cartoon can convert your
  • Comix Zone for Genesis 1.0

    sketch is capable of tearing shreds out of the backdrop and folding them into paper planes to throw at enemies as a weapon. Because this paper world is also part of everything within Comix Zone (as they are drawn on it),
  • WinSketch Pro 7.8.2

    Winsketch Pro is still the «easiest» application to use and complete your sketch and area calculations.It fulfills the requirements of processing the appraisal sketch addendum as required by Real Estate Appraisers. The
  • Corel Painter Essentials for Windows

    Corel® Painter� Essentials 4 is the simple-to-use home art studio that makes it easy for you to sketch, paint and turn your photos into paintings. Two new workspaces put the tools you need at your
  • IKEA HomePlanner Kitchen 1.9.6

    Now you can design your kitchen according to your desires by using handy software IKEA HomePlanner Kitchen. It allows users to easily simulate a projected kitchen. It does not only provide you 3D view of kitchen but also
  • Ardesia 1.0

    Ardesia is the free digital sketchPad software that help you to make coloured free-hand annotations with digital ink everywhere, record them and share on the network. It is easy to use and impressively fast and
  • Etch A Sketch for Mac 1.0

    Grizelda the witch has shaken things up inside the Etch A sketch, and Knobby must restore "draw and order" to his world. Help Knobby save his kidnapped friend and stop Grizelda's evil plan to turn everything in the Land
  • RapidSketch-Floor Plan & Area Calculator 2.3

    Rapidsketch is the fastest and easiest to learn software for creating accurate floor plan layouts. Built for appraisers, insurance inspectors, flooring installers and anyone who needs to calculate the area and perimeter
  • Sketch Tri Tower 1.0

    Do you like Tetris? Do you like games based on physics? Do you like building towers? If so, you must try this game! Your task is to build the highest tower. You have 50 falling blocks available and you can control each
  • Portable FotoSketcher 2.20

    Fotosketcher is a 100% free program which can help you convert your digital photos into art, automatically. If you want to turn a portrait, the photograph of your house or a beautiful landscape into a painting, a sketch
  • Sketch Studio Drawing Program 2006

    Teach your kids to use the computer and develop their drawing skills at the same time by using sketch Studio Drawing Program. One thing that makes this program stand apart is the fact that it comes with built-in lessons
  • Bixelangelo 1.5.1

    A sketch map is a texture map that does not contain colour, but time information: every pixel contains the time it has been touched. This makes a sketch map a recording of a handwritten text or drawing. Amazing