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  • Love match 1

    The incredible software utility love match lets users to match your perfect love. You just have to enter the name of person, and it will calculate
  • Love Calculator Pro for Windows 1.5.1

    love Calculator Pro is unique love test and match maker software that combines various relationship tests based on age, Biorhythms, astrology, and numerology to perform general compatibility test of two people. Other
  • MB Manglik Matching 1.0

    A Manglik matching Compatibility program. MB Manglik matching does manglik matching calculations and lets you know the manglik compatibility between two partners, especially when each of them or, at least, one of them
  • Fairy Match 1.31172113

    Fairy match is not a typical match 3 game. It's an astounding match 2 game! Fairy match is a simple but addictive game, in which you help TAPAZAPA to match pairs of fairies so they restore their magic. Cartoon-like
  • Love Calculator Pro for Win

    DescriptionTry love tests with love Calculator Pro !love Calculator Pro is a serious love test and match maker tool. Based on various personality tests love Calculator Pro performs a compatibility test of two people. It
  • Love Calculator Pro 1.5.1

    You can use handy software love Calculator Pro for following purposes: for testing your love; for finding perfect match and best friend, etc. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to use. It perform general
  • All About Love Screensaver 3.0

    All About love free Romance Screensaver download the free All About love Romance Screensaver from After you ve stolen your Valentine s heart with flowers, cards and candy, give yourself a little
  • Match Icon Installer 1.2

    If you use match on a regular basis, you will absolutely love the match Icon Installer. What does it do? It just puts a match Icon on your desktop in the form of an Internet Desktop Shortcut that when clicked, takes you
  • Love Meter

    love Meter shows the love match between 2 names which might be insane, but funny. The user needs to enter two names, and on pressing go, some % value will be shown. It is based on an old game to find the percentage of
  • Love Emotions Going Wild Screensaver 1

    love emotions going wild screensaver Spark those loving feelings again with love emotions going wild screensaver. Beautiful download of real burning love emotions. Warmth and tender of this download will suddenly give
  • MB AstroNumero Match Software 1.85

    This generates a love compatibility report. MB free AstroNumero match software is a compatibility report generator based on astrology as well as numerology. The astrology match software is based on the planetary
  • LoveScope 1.0

    Desktop divination is here! Get your Daily Dose of advice with's loveScope Widget. From "love match" to "love Meter" to daily free sample readings, relish red-hot insights on
  • Solitaire Memory Match 1.0

    Memory match Solitaire is a free card game where the player attempts to match all the cards in a deck with cards of the same face value. Play to see how you score in world wide rankings. You can download Memory match
  • Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love 1.0

    love is in the air as Cupid visits DinerTown and Quinn starts planning her own wedding. With the magic of Cupid's love arrows, anything can happen. Take control of planning each wedding to meet the couple's desires; with
  • ALTools Valentines Day 2006 Wallpaper 2006

    Have a Happy Valentines Day with 4 desktop wallpapers that are all about love. 'Heaven and Hell' is about the bitter-sweetness of love. 'Give a Kiss' might remind you of your first. The last 2 wallpapers have a few
  • Love Emoticons 1.0

    The love Emoticons collection has 60 love Emoticons for MSN Messenger that is ideal for Valentine's Day. You can use these love MSN emoticons for expressing and sharing your love. It is compatible with MSN Messenger 6
  • MB Zodiac Love Sign 1.20

    This software displays your zodiac love sign. MB free Zodiac love Sign describes the placement of Venus in your birth chart. This planet is also known as the Planet of love. This sign shows how you express your self
  • Love Heart for Mac OS X 1.1.0

    The feeling of love Is familiar to you? Peer into our palpitant heart and you will feel that it is overflowing with sincere love and tenderness to you. Millions of small hearts are let out by this heart to give you
  • Aurora The Light of Love 2.0

    love radiates, love is light. Whenever there is love in the heart, it shines like a sun inside. And it is not only that you can see the light, but anyone who is ready to receive it will be able to see it. And love is
  • Law Of Attraction Love Bible 1.5

    Law Of Attraction love Bible Gives You The Secret To Manifesting love. You'll love this! Do you want to know the basics of money, love, and the secret with a free law of attraction book? Here's your chance. Learn
  • Love Birds Screensaver 1.0

    This is an assemblage, purely signifying love. The red love birds being the symbol of love and well phrased verses make this screensaver an ideal love giFT. A free screensaver. Screensaver Features: 100% free. Easy
  • The Holiday Screensaver 3.0

    The Holiday free Comedy Screensaver download the free The Holiday Comedy Screensaver from Two women switch houses and find love. Find yourself in love with this screensaver featuring scenes from
  • Horoscope Firefox Extension 1.2

    Your daily astrology, Numerology, love match and more, in the statusbar of your Firefox application! The extension remembers your name and birthdate, and alerts you every time a new Forecast is available to you.
  • Five Card Deluxe Game 2.0.4

    Five Card Deluxe Game is one of many free Games you can download at free Ride Games, If you like solitaire and poker, then you'll love Five Card Deluxe. Place cards from the deck onto the table to form poker hands and
  • Animated Dolphins Screensaver 3.0

    Animated Dolphins free Animals Screensav... download the free Animated Dolphins Animals Screensaver from If you love dolphins, you ll love these computer animated renditions of the playful
  • Brain Block's Super Bubbles Deluxe

    match them, move them, bounce them, bop them -- clear levels by moving bubbles around to match patterns that pop up on the screen! If you like Arcade Lines, Bejeweled, Othello, and Collapse, you will love Super Bubbles.
  • The Beautiful Roses Scenic Reflections Screensaver 4.0

    The free Beautiful Roses Scenic Reflections Screensaver displays 75 stunning images of roses of all types! If you love roses, then you're going to love this free screensaver! After all, isn't love what the rose
  • Love Actually - Love Calculator 4.0

    love Actually - love Calculator 4.0 brings you a wonderful tool which is a simple yet exciting way to test your suitability with someone special. Simply type in your names and this clever program will calculate your
  • Flower Paradise Game 2.0.2

    Flower Paradise Game is one of many free Games you can download at free Ride Games, Solve your way through 250 unique flower puzzles in order to turn a patch of dirt into your own beautiful garden! Play traditional
  • MB Free AstroNumero Match Software 1.0

    MB free AstroNumero match software is a compatibility report generator based on astrology as well as numerology. The astrology match software is based on the planetary positions at the time of birth while the