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  • AppTracker 1.1.0

    Keep your computer software update to date AppTracker will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to to see if there are any newer releases. These are
  • DotA Allstars 6.74c

    The latest DotA map for Warcraft 3 This is the latest DotA (Defense of the Ancients) map for the Warcraft 3 game. It's recommended to download and play the latest maps, for the latest balance fixes, new items and
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus Definition Update 08/31/ 2008

    download this file to get the latest version of virus definitions for Kaspersky Anti-Virus, allowing it to properly detect newer and more complex viruses. It contains all the latest updates. You should download this file
  • Arkanoid No2 10.18

    Arcanoid online free game Arcanoid. arcanoid. free download for Pacman, Arkanoid, Tetris Games. Arcade and Action game download. Arcanoid download page. free Arcanoid game with new rules. free Online flash, java and
  • Loonyland II Winter Woods Patch 1.0M

    latest patch update Loonyland II%3A Winter Wood latest patch update Loonyland II: Winter Woods This is the latest patch update for Loonyland II: Winter Woods It's advised to keep the game updated to its latest
  • Ares Destiny 3.0

    Ares latest version, Destiny, is the fastest file sharing program on the planet. Ares is not filled with viruses or spyware like other p2p file sharing programs. You can download any type of digital file with Ares.
  • Custom Reader 1.53

    Custom Reader is a free fully customizable RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Windows application. It is fully brandable for any Web site. You control the look and feel of the reader to suit the needs of your business. RSS
  • ExtensionPack Basic 1.1.2007.03

    The ExtensionPacks contain the most important Add-ons for Firefox. Now you simply chose an ExtensionPack and you won't have to click trough dozends of websites after you have installed Firefox. Installation is pretty
  • Download Free PC Games Toolbar 6.8.10

    Receive with download free PC Games Toolbar the most important announcements and news instantly. Search with download free PC Games Toolbar the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. Get the latest content
  • Battlelords Patch 1.24

    latest patch update for Battlelords This is the latest patch update for Battlelords It's advised to keep the game updated to its latest version. Battlelords is a fun and dynamic turn base strategy game where you
  • itellive

    Itellive is a free program that uses the latest technology to bring high-quality voice communications to people all over the world. When you use the free InterVoip software, you can call regular phones in various popular
  • OCSS 1.0.11

    What is OCSS? OCSS is a Theme Creator designed for users of It can create custom themes, and generate the required user.css file to apply the theme to their blog, about PaGE and other pages on
  • DPG Video Editor

    DPG Video Editor can edit WMV and AVI video files and convert them to the DPG format. This video format allows you to play videos in Nintento DS consoles. The program can also resize, split and trim the video files
  • Free Google Books Downloader for Mac 2.3.8

    Google Book Search now has thousands of classic books online for you can read cover to cover. Google Book downloader, as its name suggests, allows you to download these for reading at your offline pleasure. This free
  • Free Ringtones 2.0

    free Ringtones brings you the latest mobile content. You can download free ringtones (MP3 Ringtones, music ringtones, Polyphonic tones, Realtones, RTTTL and mono ring tones), games, wallpapers, screensavers, videos and
  • Speed Download 5.2.27

    Speed download is the leading 'Universal' download manager for Mac OS X. Crafted exclusively for Mac OS X Tiger and later, Speed download 4 marks the next generation of powerful and reliable, time-saving download
  • MaxMind GeoLite Country Database 2.0

    You can determint the country location of IP by using free version of MaxMind's GeoIP Country database. Yoy can also download latest updates from its web site free of charge. It gives you results with 99.5%
  • Bioshock 2 Patch 1.5

    latest patch update for Bioshock 2 The latest patch for Bioshock 2 With the new Bioshock 2 Patch you will be able to benefit from the latest bug fixes and upgrades for the game. download and install it so that you
  • Home Decorating 3.0

    Today's home decorating industry has taken on many dynamic shifts and industry changes. With decorating styles ever changing, knowing how to stay on top of the latest trends can sometimes be difficult. If you desire
  • 3D Global News Screensaver 3.0

    3D Global News free News Educational S... download the free 3D Global News News Educational Screensaver from Find out the latest breaking news from their locations or simply view Earth from
  • Song of the Week (SotW) 1.3

    Always forgetting to download the latest free "Single of the Week" from the iTunes Music Store? This is a free Widget to get you to the iTunes Music Store's free weekly song. Just click the image on the
  • iPhone AutoSync 1.01

    Do you tire of constantly syncing your iPhone to update your latest address and calendar changes? Let iPhone AutoSync do it for you! iPhone AutoSync automatically checks your Address Book, Calendar and Safari
  • Fake O Real -

    Fake O' Real is a doctored image detection suite which can be used by even non-computer literate individuals. This software offers standard and advanced image editing facilities and doctoring detection techniques. You
  • Barbershop The Series Screensaver 3.0

    Barbershop The Series free TV Comedy S... download the free Barbershop The Series TV Comedy Screensaver from Brush up on the latest comedy stylings from Showtime with this screensaver from
  • UpdatesDriver 2.0

    UpdatesDriver updates all of your system drivers with just one click. With UpdatesDriver, you can easily get the latest official drivers for your machine. It supports millions of devices and the driver database is
  • Earth Explode Toolbar for Firefox 1.0

    Earth Explode Toolbar will certainly Improve your online browsing experience, and best of all, its free! Get yours TODAY! Features of Earth Explode Toolbar: ?? Get Connected with Us, Any Time, Any Day ?? Powerful
  • Earth Explode Toolbar for IE

    Earth Explode Toolbar will certainly Improve your online browsing experience, and best of all, its free! Get yours TODAY! Features of Earth Explode Toolbar: ?? Get Connected with Us, Any Time, Any Day ?? Powerful
  • Cheapest Oil Home Heat Utility 1.00

    Cheapest Oil presents a UK home heating oil price tracker. Compare your home heating oil usage with others, - your CO2 output - how much your boiler might be wasting Produce historical graphs for home heating oil prices.
  • Free iTunes Downloads 1.2

    Now you can keep yourself up- to-date with iTunes USA latest music, TV shows, etc by using handy and free iTunes downloads widget. It shows you free download even with images and album artwork that are posted after
  • COD4 Community Launcher 0.6

    Features - latest TEK9 News and Forum Posts - Update your COD4 with ease and keeps your ProMod up to date - Launch your COD4 with custom commands such as: /connect 10.10.10; password war123 - A list of the most popular