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  • Virtual Music Jukebox 9

    Virtual Music jukebox is known as the industry standard when it comes to a true jukebox Experience. VMJ is designed as the ultimate MP3 jukebox software that gives the true look and feel of a modern, bar style jukebox
  • DAM JukeBox 2.0

    DAM jukebox is not just another MP3 player (there are already 1000's of these on the net!!) The sole purpose of DAM jukebox is to simulate the features of a real jukebox and give the whole feeling of using one. DAM
  • JukeANator Digital Jukebox 1.0

    JukeANator Digital jukebox is next generation digital jukebox software that allows you to easily navigate and play any song in your music Library. It has the look and feel of a bar-style CD jukebox and can be used, for
  • TouchTrax 2.2

    TouchTrax is brought to you by the team that developed The PC jukebox, another very popular touch screen jukebox. TouchTrax brings you many of the features from The PC jukebox (with many more to come) as well as some
  • Jukebox Addon 1.00

    TriceraSoft jukebox is an addon to Swift Elite that allows you to take advantage of the Slideshow and Song Collection feature and have the machine display as a simply and easy to use MP3+G and Video Karaoke jukebox. Now
  • TouchTone Audio System 3.6.2010.1223

    The TouchTone Audio System is a full screen media jukebox software interface designed to turn your pc and media file collection - mp3, wav, ogg, wma, m4a, lossless Monkey Audio format, and video files - into a touch
  • Parity Jukebox 1.0.7

    Parity jukebox a jukebox title card formatter and database program used by jukebox hire companies. It is used to maintain a database of the hire company's CDs that can be printed in various jukebox title card formats.
  • The JukeBox'er 2.0

    The jukebox'er - the ultimate home jukebox system. The jukebox'er is the ideal MP3/Karaoke/Video player for parties. It allows the guests to chose there favorite music with ease. It has queue functionality, CD Ripper
  • PC Jukebox 1.0

    PC jukebox is small version of ACS. Put it Desktop and enjoy it like a
  • Jukebox Synchronizer 3.2.10

    jukebox Synchronizer is a program that allows you to manage your Library of mp3's in two different Locations. Changes made in one location are automatically implemented in the other when you synchronize. jukebox
  • NordBeats Jukebox 3.1.822

    NordBeat's jukebox the All-In-One-Multimedia-Center-Solution just for you and for Modern Bars! The jukebox is designed for use with a Touchscreen Monitor and has a special Kiosk-Mode to prevent modifications of songs and
  • PartyTime Jukebox 2.5

    PartyTime jukebox is a visual jukebox type application for PC?s intended for home, commercial or business use. Its interface was meticulously designed to be of utmost ease of operation for users of all ages and can
  • MPJP 1.05.0004

    MPJP is a MP3 jukebox for party and homeuse. People can choose titles that are played by the box. It also has a crossfading player. MPJP transforms your PC into a fully featured jukebox / MusicBox with included
  • Deubox Explorer 9.0.3

    Deubox Explorer is hands-down the most advanced software companion for your Dell Digital jukebox. It is the first and only Dell DJ software that includes full Windows Explorer integration as a device in My Computer, web
  • BoxEasy Jukebox 1.9.6c

    Designed to have random, album and jukebox play modes, BoxEasy is a graphical jukebox style media player that uses album cover art to access songs. The screen looks much like a pub jukebox and works in a similar way.
  • 95 JukeBox 1.6.0

    You remember the old Creative Multimedia jukebox? I like it, it was very nice and simple to use, but Now I need a windows 95 version. The Multimedia jukebox is no more distributed and there isn.t a windows 95 version so
  • NordBeat`s Jukebox 3.1.670

    NordBeat's Professional Touchscreen jukebox just for you and for modern Bars! The jukebox is designed for use with a Touchscreen Monitor and has a special Kiosk-Mode to prevent modifications of songs and
  • LAN Jukebox 1.3

    LAN jukebox is an MP3 jukebox that plays your favourite music at work. You and your co-workers can request songs and albums and control the volume from your own computer. You can browse the collection to select your
  • The Midnight Midi Jukebox 4.1.1

    If you love Midi music and you would like a simple, attractive jukebox to play your Midi files on, than The Midnight Midi jukebox is for you.The jukebox works with song titles that you assign to each Midi file. The
  • musiphone jukebox 2.0.20

    The musiphone?? jukebox software is a comfortable tool for creating and managing playlists as well as for creating configuration files for the musiphone?? mp3 devices. musiphone jukebox helps you insert, move and delete
  • MultiFE 2.0

    MultiFE is a simple, but effective fullscreen Virtual jukebox and Game Launcher frontend for your arcade or jukebox cabinet.MultiFE uses a library system which can carry its own Orientation format for music (Singles and
  • TOP Audio Jukebox 7.8.12

    TOP Audio jukebox is a powerful software that can help you record audio from the internal and external to WAV, MP3, WMA, or OGG format with high quality. It is a file manager which could help you organize your files
  • JukeCD 5.2

    JukeCD is a Windows software application that provides the ability to inventory your CD collection and print title cards for your CD jukebox. Print Single, NSM Split or Double title cards for your CD jukebox. Double
  • Championship Spades MIDI Pack 1.0

    Championship Spades Add-On MIDI jukebox Pack v7.0.This set of 200+ MIDI songs for your jukebox are a free add-on pack provided conveniently in a single installable pack for all Championship Spades users. Requires
  • VisiTunes 0.9.1

    MP3 playlist generator and jukebox VisiTunes is a useful and reliable content-based MP3 playlist generator and jukebox What is VisiTunes? VisiTunes is a useful and reliable content-based MP3 playlist generator and
  • Winmusic Jukebox 4.5

    WinMusic jukebox is a fun Animated jukebox player to handle all of your MP3, MPEG Movies, MIDI, Wave and CD collections. The fast loading jukebox is feature packed and very easy to use. Special features including
  • WinJukebox 2.23

    Sometimes I wonder if our technological progress is really a progress and not a regress. Back in the 50's, you walked into a bar, put a coin into the jukebox, pressed a button with your favorite song number and the music
  • New Musicmatch Jukebox 10

    Musicmatch jukebox 10 is the most powerful way to find and organize your music, giving you ultimate control of your music experience. With a whole new range of library, playlist, and portable device controls,
  • emboxX MusicBoard 1.1

    The ultimate PC-jukebox. Optimized for use with Touchscreen + Comfortable Surface + Easy Operation + Intelligent Functions. Arrange your music collection like a jukebox. This will be the big hit on your next Party. Do
  • Juke That 1.2.1

    Juke That is a jukebox. Your guests are encouraged to wish songs by themselves, unable to damage anything. If you like, even protected by a password. And when nobody places any wish, the Automatic DJ jumps in. He takes