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  • gExploreFTP

    gExploreFTP provides access to google docs through any FTP client. gExploreFTP is an app for Windows 7, Vista, and XP that lets you access your google docs files through any FTP client software. Just install and run
  • Gmail Docs Backup 1.01

    Backing up your google docs is now fast and simple. download your documents to a local directory or Amazon S3. You'll never have to worry about accessing documents and presentations during internet downtime.This product
  • PowerGDocs 1.5.0

    PowerGdocs - A Gateway to google docs - Presentation Transcript. It provides an easy interface from your Windows OS to google Documents . It lets users easily download documents and upload files or entire Folders
  • gExplore 1.2.1

    gExplore lets you manage and organize your google docs from your Windows desktop With gExplore you can: - Upload and download files with google docs. - Encrypt files before uploading to google docs. - Create, rename,
  • Ultimate Google Docs Viewer 0.8.2

    You can use incredible software application Ultimate google docs Viewer for setting properties of files that either you want to open the file in google docs Viewer or not. It supports following options as well:
  • gPDF 3.5

    gPDF is a handy tool to view PDF, DOC, DOCX and PPT files online. It scans webpages for links to these files, and sets them to Open With google docs Viewer. New in version 3.2 > Support for new layout of google docs
  • Google Docs Notifier 2

    google docs Notifier is a tool which shows all unread documents in Your google docs. Project Description There are more and more people using google docs to share their documents with their friends these days, and
  • Busy Docs 1.1

    Busy docs is a unique software to organize documents online and offline. Its original setup and features make it one of the most innovative tools on the market. Features: *Busy docs has some unique features that can
  • DocsFlow 7.1.4

    Collaborate with live story linking to google docs. Collaborate with live story linking to google docs. docsFlow will provide users with an Adobe InDesign extension that brings collaborative editing power of google
  • Open Online PDFs and Docs in Google Docs 2.1

    Open Online PDFs and Document in google docs allows you to open files online. Letting you open and edit your documents from anywhere. With this freeware, you will be able to open several types of documents directly in
  • Google Docs Anywhere 1.3.1

    Access,upload or connect to google docs anywhere. Send a document from any web site to google docs, add Link to google docs in any input field, and access google docs easily. Login first --Click the little TRIANGLE
  • GDocsOpen 2.4

    GdocsOpen is a light and simple Windows application which lets you open, edit and save doc, xls, ppt, odt, csv and other document types. These operations are done using google docs. You don't need Microsoft Office or any
  • Google.mE 12.08.2009 Alph

    Manage your google services with this tool. Manage your google services with this tool. google.mE is a Java based project designed to enable users to sync with all their online google web applications like Picasa,
  • Chrome Stamina -

    Chrome Stamina speeds access to most popular google services by use magic words on address bar. Types of "staminas" (protocols) and options: * search: universal search protocol * scholar: search academic
  • Memeo Connect 2.1.0 R2461

    Memeo Connectâ"¢ for google Apps is a service that empowers google docs. It allows users to upload, sync, edit and share any document on google docs, even when you are offline. Memeo utilizes a feature called Memeo
  • Google Docs Backup Software 7.0

    This software offers a solution for users who want to backup google docs from Internet storage to local storage. Simply specify your google username and password and the save location. You can backup documents,
  • Google Viewer 1.0

    Prompt to open documents (PDF, DOC, PPT, TIFF) with google docs Viewer. This addon does not change the actual Link, so you can still right-click and "Save Link As". Upon clicking the link, you will be prompted to
  • Open Document in Google Docs Viewer 1.1.2

    Right click on any Link to a document to open that document in the google docs Viewer. Tired of opening an external program or plugin to view a document? Rather then slowing your computer down, open your document in
  • Open PDF in Google Docs Viewer 0.6

    Tired of Adobe Reader slowing down your computer every time you want to view a PDF? Well open up your PDF in google docs Viewer with this easy to use addon. Right click on a Link to a PDF and click on "Open in google
  • GDocsDrive 2

    GdocsDrive is a powerful desktop client tool for google docs. It greatly improves the uploading/downloading capability of google docs by enabling folder drag and drop. With GdocsDrive, you can upload one or more Folders
  • Harmony for Google Docs

    Harmony for google docs is a free SideBar for Microsoft?? Outlook?? that eliminates the need to use e-mail attachments. The beta release transforms Microsoft Outlook into a powerful collaboration console, with
  • Nocs 2.2 beta

    Nocs is a C#/Windows Forms project that utilizes the google Document List API for synchronizing text documents with google docs. Nocs 2.2 beta Changes: - Added experimental support for both new and old style google
  • Google Document List View 0.3

    This addon created a side bar to list all documents in your googledoc application. You can view file properties, Rename File, Mark/unmark file to be starred and hidden, MOVE file to trashbin, export and download file
  • Joukuu Lite beta

    The simplest way to manage backup files across multiple accounts! Joukuu brings all of your cloud based backup Files Together, automatically categorizes your documents, lets you manage files on your desktop across
  • CloudMagic for Firefox 2.76 Beta

    Instant & Secure search for your Cloud data. Works offline too! Now supports Gmail, google Apps Email, docs, Calendar & Contacts Key Features: Super Fast Instant Search Lists relevant emails, docs, calendar
  • Send to Google Docs for Chrome 1.3.1

    Allows you to upload files (images, pdfs, swfs, or even a pdf of the current PaGE through to google docs. Past Updates: * Now supports uploading any file you can view within Chrome including
  • Free Google Books Downloader for Mac 2.3.8

    google Book Search now has thousands of classic books online for you can read cover to cover. google Book downloader, as its name suggests, allows you to download these for reading at your offline pleasure. This free
  • Cloud Desktop Starter Edition x64 3.2.721

    Gladinet Cloud Desktop is used for increasing the cloud storage as local folders as well as it allows users to access their cloud files in Windows Explorer. Its supported storage are Amazon S3, AT&&T Synaptic,,
  • Googsystray

    Googsystray is a system tray app for google Voice, GMail, google Calendar, google Reader, and google docs. The idea is to be able to keep track of all that stuff without having to keep a bunch of browser tabs open, or
  • OffiSync 1.0

    OffiSync Supercharges Microsoft Office, enabling users to significantly Improve the way they create, collaborate and share their documents by integrating Microsoft Office with google docs, and google Apps. Installing