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  • VU8 1.30

    The Starplugs ??? VU8 is an 8 channel VU-style high precission level meter. You can set the VU8 as Peak meter, Programm Peak meter, VU meter or Power meter with integration times from 1 sample to 1 second and decay
  • Love Meter

    love meter shows the love match between 2 names which might be insane, but funny. The user needs to enter two names, and on pressing go, some % value will be shown. It is based on an old game to find the percentage of
  • All About Love Screensaver 3.0

    All About love free Romance Screensaver download the free All About love Romance Screensaver from After you ve stolen your Valentine s heart with flowers, cards and candy, give yourself a little
  • JuiceboxBuilder-Lite 1.2.0

    Juicebox allows you to set up and manage image galleries. It provides full major browser and mobile device support, allowing you to be sure that your viewers will love them too.Juicebox is packed full of great features
  • Photo Download Tool 2.1e

    This is a simple single step digital camera download tool that: - downloads photos in a single step - from up to 5 different cameras / mobiles / HDD videos - Creates photo directories automatically with date free
  • LoveScope 1.0

    Desktop divination is here! Get your Daily Dose of advice with's loveScope Widget. From "love match" to "love meter" to daily free sample readings, relish red-hot insights on
  • Love Heart for Mac OS X 1.1.0

    The feeling of love Is familiar to you? Peer into our palpitant heart and you will feel that it is overflowing with sincere love and tenderness to you. Millions of small hearts are let out by this heart to give you
  • CPU Meter 1.0

    CPU meter is a free CPU meter that displays the CPU usage in visual as well as number format.CPU meter widget displays, right on your desktop, the CPU stats of your
  • Fluke 45 Serial Application 1.71

    Connect your Fluke 45 meter to a PC. Connect your Fluke 45 meter to a PC for Display, Logging, and Data Capture. Includes a meter Control Panel and Alarms. Try it free for 15 days, after which a Registration Code may
  • Love Emotions Going Wild Screensaver 1

    love emotions going wild screensaver Spark those loving feelings again with love emotions going wild screensaver. Beautiful download of real burning love emotions. Warmth and tender of this download will suddenly give
  • Traffic Calculator 2.0

    SoftPerfect Traffic meter monitors your network traffic. With SoftPerfect Traffic meter, you can create a full-featured system for monitoring the Internet traffic of specific users on your home or office network.
  • SoftPerfect Traffic Meter 2.0

    SoftPerfect Traffic meter monitors your network traffic. With SoftPerfect Traffic meter, you can create a full-featured system for monitoring the Internet traffic of specific users on your home or office network.
  • Cupids Valentine 1.1

    Give your love life a fresh lease of life by using Cupids Valentine. You will have a closer experience with Cupid as he shoots his love arrows, which later transform into hearts. The animated hearts are created by using
  • Multi Level Bridge 2006

    24 Channel Multi meter Bridge PAS Multi meter Bridge can be configured in a number of different ways, to accurately model the ballistics, responses and graphics of a wide range of standard peak programme meters. These
  • The Beautiful Roses Scenic Reflections Screensaver 4.0

    The free Beautiful Roses Scenic Reflections Screensaver displays 75 stunning images of roses of all types! If you love roses, then you're going to love this free screensaver! After all, isn't love what the rose
  • OpenCart User Manual 1.5

    Now WITH free Installation Guide, free QuickStart Guide and free Admin Menu CheatSheets included in one download! Just download now and start playing with the program immediately! NO PASSWORD REQUIRED for free GUIDES.
  • Meter Converter 1

    meter Converter is a simple conversion tool. It makes it easy for anyone to discover the relation between meters and feet visually. for those who wish to have a handy conversion tool at their finger tips, meter
  • We Love Full Downloads 1.0

    We love full downloads. download Thousands of Files for free only with
  • Love AnimatIon Cursor 1.4

    love AnimatIon Cursor 1.4is described as an easy-to-use as well as useful app that lets you memorialize love in the form of your mouse cursor. To be quite honest, the program isn't really cup of tea stylistically; on
  • HH2Read

    HH2Read is the software for setting up and retrieving data from the HH2 Moisture meter. The software has 6 menus at the top of the application window and matching buttons within the window itself. Select View, version to
  • Spectrum Ananlyzer pro 4.6

    VST Plugin support Leq movie calculator with weighting filters Leq dB(A),Leq dB(B) and Leq dB(C) Leq time as well as it also supports frequency protocol for excel or text file. It is also an average files converter to
  • Quit Keeper 1.08

    Quit Keeper is a free quit meter that tracks various statistics as you quit smoking. Quitting can be a tough process, every little encouragement can make a tremendous difference - thats where Quit Keeper comes in.
  • S Meter Lite 2.15

    S meter Lite is a no-cost program that displays your receiver's S meter signal strength in a window. The next picture is an S meter Lite screen Capture. The S meter data was obtained from my ICOM IC-756PRO radio. The
  • Total Image Slicer 1.1

    Total Image Slicer does what it says and even more. It slices images, and can also merge them and convert them to another format. All done at one time! Supported formats are JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PCX, TGA, and PDF.
  • Just For You Screensaver 3.0

    St. Valentine's day is a day for people who love each other. And it doesn't matter what season is in your yard - winter, spring, summer or autumn. There is no time or season limits for your love. Not only people like
  • Love Emoticons 1.0

    The love Emoticons collection has 60 love Emoticons for MSN Messenger that is ideal for Valentine's Day. You can use these love MSN emoticons for expressing and sharing your love. It is compatible with MSN Messenger 6
  • Free Website Builder 1.6

    free Website Builder Easily Builds Unlimited Niche Video Web Sites! Easily Add Unlimited Video Pages to Your Current Websites. Our free version is comparable to the full, paid version of other Video Clip Site Builders.
  • Sound Level Meter -

    You can use tutorial/demo Sound Level meter for viewing the design of a sound level meter in Matlab. You can use Parseval's relation for implementing decibel meter in the Frequency domain while real-time Spectrum
  • Aurora The Light of Love 2.0

    love radiates, love is light. Whenever there is love in the heart, it shines like a sun inside. And it is not only that you can see the light, but anyone who is ready to receive it will be able to see it. And love is
  • Dream Gardens v1 2

    Dream Gardens v1 screensaver contains eight(8) beautiful garden scenes, each fully animated along with soothing nature sounds, such as birds, crikets, frogs, and more. Complete with beautiful background music that you