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  • Test Environment 1.1

    It is designed as a tool for both developers of solver software and practitioners who just look for the best solver for their specific problem class. Test Environment is an interface to solve optimization problems
  • Anagram Solver 1.0.1

    Anagram solver is an application that helps the user to decrypt any anagram. All you have to do is specify a wordlist and an anagram, and the program will search the wordlist and find all possible matches. The package
  • ASCEND 0.9.7

    ASCEND is an free open-source software program for solving small to very large mathematical models. ASCEND can solve systems of non-Linear Equations, linear and nonlinear optimisation problems, and dynamic systems
  • TK Solver Player

    TK solver™ Player for Excel is free software for sharing packaged Excel applications and mathematical models created in TK solver 5.0 Premium Edition. The Player is a collaborative math engine that can be
  • Calculus Problem Solver 1.0

    Calculus Problem solver is a free tutor now there is no need to hire a teacher for calculus you can now solve your calculus problems either it is difficult one or easiest one but Calculus Problem solver will do it in
  • Financial Calculators 1.1.1

    Find a Suitable Loan solver Lease solver Return On Investment Calculator ROI Monthly Deposits Calculator Return Calculator with Taxes Withdrawal Calculator with Taxes Bond Yield to Maturity Calculator Nominal vs.
  • Molecular Weight Solver 1.0

    Complementary molecular wieght calculator. Solution solver 2.0 is a program designed for chemists, biologists and other scientific professionals. Its purpose is to make your routine lab calculations quick and
  • Premium Solver Platform for Excel 6.0

    Excel solver upgrades are helpful for different sizes and types of optimization problem. The Premium solver Platform is our best-selling product because of its feature to handle every type of problem up to a definite
  • The Math Solver 8

    The Math solver helps the students see the answer and the steps for solving math problems. The user enters the problem and The Math solver shows the solution for that specific problem. The Math solver covers the
  • 1.0

    Use our free crossword solver! Have you been finding it difficult to finish your crossword? Do you have an elusive clue? Then the crossword solver at is for you. Simply tell us what letters you do have and
  • Printer Problem Solver 3.0

    The Printer Problem solver is a utility designed to aid you in keeping your USB printer functioning by helping you with issues that could occur at anytime without warning such as print spool jams, registry issues,
  • Suuji 1.0

    Suuji is a sudoku puzzle solver program for the Sudoku game developed for the benefit of the players of Sudoku puzzles . It's programmed be an online instant sudoku solver to solve your online Sudoku game right away. So,
  • Gwerdy SuDoku Solver 1.01

    Gwerdy SuDoku solver 1.01 is an interesting puzzle in which you solve SuDoku puzzles that have been appearing everywhere recently. SuDoku (sometimes known as Su Doku or Number Place) is a logical puzzle in which numbers
  • Geometry Solver 1.0

    Geometry solver is an useful software that will help you solve problem with your work. Geometry solver is easy to use and and this program designed to solve geometrical information based on the information given to
  • SLAE Solver 1.2

    SLAE solver SLAE solver allows to find on a personal computer high accuracy solutions of linear algebraic systems with N equations, where N may reach hundreds or
  • Sudoku Game and Solver 1.0

    With Sudoku Game and solver you can either choose a difficulty level to start a random game or create your own. If it seems impossible to solve a particular game, there's no reason to go crazy: you can have Sudoku Game
  • Jobber Computer Plus 3.3

    Is a large majority of Your Time spent in front of a computer? Tired of having clutter all over your desk? Then maybe the Jobber Computer Plus software is exactly what you need. The Jobber Computer Plus is a windows
  • Microsoft Solver Foundation Express Edition 3.0

    solver Foundation is a .NET Library for mathematical programming and optimization. solver Foundation provides powerful libraries for .NET developers seeking to use optimization in their solutions, making it possible for
  • Genius Maker 3.00

    Genius Maker contains 34 educational softwares covering the subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for High school students. It includes Graph plotter, Analytical geometry, Matrix algebra, Equation solver, Triangle
  • Text Twist Solver 1.0

    Text Twist solver 1.0 is a program designed to help you find all valid words for a combination. So you can beat your friends by making high score. Using Text Twist solver might end your charm in the game so be careful.
  • AI Solver Studio 1.0

    A.I. solver Studio is a unique pattern recognition application that deals with finding optimal solutions to classification problems and uses several powerful and proven artificial intelligence techniques including neural
  • Disc Spring Solver 1.29

    Disc springs are used in many fields of the mechanical industry but, because of their geometry, it is very hard to make absolute predictions for their behaviour. Disc Spring solver intends to help the disc springs
  • Sudoku 16x16 puzzle solver

    Sudoku 16x16 is a sudoku puzzle solver. You enter the puzzle and he solves it. The letters A to G and number 1 to 9 are used to enter the puzzle. You can change the speed of the solver, pause it and print it at any
  • Mathstyle Pro 1.2

    Mathematics solver: algebra, derivatives Mathematics solver: equalities, inequalities, systems and sets of inequalities, derivatives. Shows step-by-step solution. Useful for students and teachers. Export to pdf
  • Neo7 Tools 1.70

    Neo7 Tools is an application that has three main functions. First you can create machine code (G code) to tool path a pipe flange or bolt hole pattern. If you don't use a CNC machine it can also print scale templates
  • A.I. Solver Studio 0.9

    A.I. solver Studio is a unique pattern recognition application that deals with finding optimal solutions to classification problems and uses several powerful and proven artificial intelligence techniques including neural
  • WordMaestro 1.40

    The all-in-one thesaurus, English dictionary, anagram solver and word finder for Windows. The thesaurus contains over 1,800,000 related words and phrases, the dictionary over 150,000 root words. Includes a
  • Chess Workbook 2.2

    Chess Workbook is a chess training software based on the proven educational technique known as "FLASHCARDS".Chess Workbook's learning algorithms help you thoroughly master the study material. The program tra
  • Topsis Solver 2012 3.0

    Topsis solver automatically generates graphical charts.Topsis solver automatically normalizes the weight of the criteria.Main Features:-Covers 20 criteria and alternatives -Includes both negative and positive
  • Linear Program Solver 1.10.1 Beta

    Solve linear programming models with this tool. Solve linear programming models with this tool. Linear Program solver is a small, simple, very easy to use tool specially designed to help you solve linear programming