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  • File Date Touch 1.17

    file Date Touch - freeware utility for changing Windows file Dates file Date Touch - free utility for changing Windows file Dates. It is a very small and fast standalone application. It does not require any
  • Batch Rename Specialist 1.1.0

    Batch Rename Specialist, as the name suggests, is outstanding and most efficient software that enables you to rename a number of images, files and folders in a lot of different ways. There are many rename operations
  • SMLogging suite for Delphi/CBuilder 1.40

    SMLogging suite is a set of components for errors/exceptions logging, tracing of messages, events etc - TSMExceptionLog: the useful processing of errors and exceptions for your application in one place. Your user can
  • eXeScope 6.50

    The incredible software application eXeScope allows users to easily edit executable files according to your desires. It is capable of examining imported DLLs and exported functions of DLL/ActiveX/OCX. You can use it for
  • Writing Direction CSM 1.1.1

    Writing Direction CSM is a Mac OS Control Strip module to change the writing direction on a per-application basis when using right-to-left scripts. It also allows changing the system-wide Force Font setting. Features
  • SMLogging suite for Delphi/C++Builder 1.50

    The SMLogger suite contains the five components for logging of errors/exceptions, tracing of messages, events etc 1. TSMExceptionLog: drop this component and you'll receive the useful processing of errors and exceptions
  • Thanksgiving Appreciation Screensaver 2.0

    Watch the colors of leaves changing slowly in the live video shot. download this free animated screensaver to enjoy a happy Thankgiving
  • Martik MD5 Hasher 1.0

    Martik MD5 Hasher is a small and easy to use application that allows you to calculate, compare and change the MD5 Hash for the desired files. Here are some key features of "Martik MD5 Hasher": - file MD5 Hashing -
  • Advanced Wallpaper Changer 2.1

    Advanced Wallpaper Changer is a high quality, free utility to manage your wallpapers. The program allows changing your desktop wallpaper at adjustable periods of time or on every Windows start up. Wallpaper images can be
  • GetRightToGo 1.0.5a

    Build a download Helper for your files. Build a tiny download Helper to assist people downloading your files. From a single 5MB file, to several GB sized files, it can download whatever your users need to get from
  • PDF Link SA 1.03

    PDF Link software automates the process of applying text with external web links, removing, creating, changing and reporting, link types like: http, https, ftp, mailto, file are all supported. PDF Link contains many
  • NetChange 1.03

    Netchange is a small tool for changing the tcp/ip settings of acomputer. it is much faster than manual change, and also saves the settings automatically. This program is recommened for laptop users who go from one place
  • Total Resource Changer 1.1

    Total Resource Changer makes the process of changing version variables an easy thing. In few minutes you will be able to modify the file version numbers as well as product version numbers. Total Resource Changer may
  • Traffic Blast 1.0

    Traffic Blast automated Traffic Exchange. Do you want to Run YOUR OWN unique and full blown Ultimate traffic exchange system type of service. With our Traffic Blast now you can run a fully automated auto surf, hits
  • StickyMemo 1.1.3

    You can use StickyMemo that is basically a sticky note Widget for doing following actions: for putting several on desktop; for changing the size of memo by dragging any edge; for saving all memos as a text file; for
  • PASSWD 1.0

    This utility allows changing passwords on the command line or from within a Batch file (non-interactive) instead of the usual CTRL-ALT-DEL dialog. It is also possible to change the password on remote domains or machines.
  • DesktopLive

    DesktopLive! is an open source computer programme from the team behind Life changing Words, that delivers a new background to your computer???s desktop every day. Like Life changing Words, each desktop wallpaper
  • MagicURL 1.1

    MAGic Url is a download Manager addon to help you download a list of files with just a number changing in them. It works with any download manager that scan the clipboard for Urls or accept Urls on the command
  • Download+ 6.0

    There is a free download management software tool known as download + that makes the task of downloading files from the internet easier. download + has a feature-rich UI that has metric numbers for various download
  • Orchidea 1.4

    Ever changing morphing 3d-orchid flower. Orchidea displays a 3d-morph, which keeps changing its shape from one orchid flower to a different one. The screensaver constantly creates new and ever changing orchid flowers
  • Free Zeeniyas Wallpaper Series WP202

    It is second in the series of Zeeniyas's free Digital Wallpaper of a booming colorful flower in close up view. There are more free Wallpapers for download from Zeeniyas's site. Feel free to visit to download them.
  • Urban PPL XP Icons

    You can decorate your system screen by changing your default icons by using handy Urban PPL XP Icons. This package gives you 20 beautiful icons that you can download free of cost.
  • Fast File Download ActiveX 2.3

    Fast file download ActiveX is an ActiveX component(ActiveX control) that can fast download files from the Internet. You can use it to quickly develop your file download applications. It can be easy used with modern
  • PDF Link 1.0

    PDF Link software automates the process of applying text with external web links, removing, creating, changing and reporting. link types like: http, https, ftp, mailto, file are all supported. PDF Link contains many
  • SBWebCamCorder 2.6

    SBWcc is a Website downloader. It is designed to let you download everything from a single file from a website to the entire website including all of its pages and images. It also has repeat-Capture features that let
  • Tube Down 2.7

    You Tube download manager downloads files at high speed with multithreading technology. free to use with very small videos or upgrades available to convert files to other file formats.and download video of any size.
  • File Rain 3.0

    file Rain is download manager. file Rain speed up downloading speed from 100% to 800% for one (and every) file. It is created for quick and quality download files from Internet by FTP, HTTP, HTTPS protocols.Support
  • PDF Link COM Component 1.10

    pdf link files PDF Link software automates the process of applying text with external web links, removing, creating, changing and reporting. link types like: http, https, ftp, mailto, file are all supported. PDF Link
  • RapidShare Toolbar

    Now you can easily and free of cost upload files with up to 100 MB size by using handy RapidShare Toolbar. After uploading, the unique download URL is given to user that you will use for downloading file. All those
  • IE Proxy Changer 1.1.4322.2407

    IE Proxy Changer offers you a fast way to change your proxy settings in Internet Explorer IE Proxy Changer will help you enable or disable the proxy, or set it to a default setting or an alternate setting.Minimizes to