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  • FormTool 6.0

    If you work with a large number of forms, formtool is perfect for you. Convert your paper forms to digital forms, and easily design, create, edit, manage, fill out and publish them. Features: 800+
  • FormTool Deluxe 6.1

    Features and Capabilities: formtool Deluxe Our custom Form Creator formtool deluxe is perfect for small business. Includes 800 sample forms, 250 label templates, 150 self running form fillers. Import/export data from
  • 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 1.01

    Build your reputation in the far corners of the world as you haul across the most extreme conditions and loads. Jump behind the wheel - drive over 25 different rigs and deliver over 30 types of loads. Extreme Locations
  • NoVAB 2000 2.0.0007

    NoVAB 2000 is Nooteboom Vehicle Axle Load Calculation Program.Is a PC-program for calculating the optimal cargo location on trailers to avoid overload.In NoVAB-2000 several loads can be placed on one vehicle. The cargo
  • FormTool Express 5.0

    formtool ExPress gives you a familiar approach to creating new business forms. Start with ready-to-use templates. Tailor them to a tee by simply dropping elements into place. Fill forms electronically, print them out,
  • 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2 1.0

    Haul extreme cargos is an entertaining and addictive game in which you can test your truck driving skills to the extreme across five hire-raising locations including treacherous mountain forests, steep mountains,
  • WindRose PRO 2.3.20

    WindRose PRO is a handy utility used for plotting wind roses and other directional data. Data can be loaded as comma separated values files or from Excel files. Its key features include: loads Energy-Plus Weather files;
  • PowerPackPro

    The SPCMini and its dedicated PC software package 'PowerPackPro' combine new technology and years of experience into an unbeatable low-cost package for single phase and balanced 3 phase loads. The SPCMini has all the
  • SNOWN 1

    This is a screen saver of falling Snow, a passing smiling moon and twinkling stars. This is My number 1 screen saver download on AOL, in China, and on Cnet. Totaling over 67,000 down loads on AOL alone. Currently ranked
  • ClipQuik 4.07

    An easy to use clipboard storage system which enables the user to store up to 50 separate clipboard entries at a time, and save an unlimited number of custom-made cliplists. All entries are conveniently stored in the
  • Mechanical programs (incl. Framework) 9.9

    This program can be used to calculate the statical force distribution and Eigenfrequencies in a 2 and 3 dimensional framework.The program supports the following calculation capabilities:nodal loadsseven types of beam
  • swe2 0.6

    Swe2 is a program for calculating the deformations, stresses resultant, and stresses of sandwich beams with flat or corrugated faces by applying a numerical solution of the bending equation. This software accepts the
  • HiliSoft SNMP MIB Browser Free Edition 1.7 Rel.091111

    HiliSoft MIB Browser is a powerful and easy-to-use network management and Analysis tool. It loads the SNMP MIB files and parses them very quickly and then build 2 tree views for MIB nodes and MIB files(modules)
  • Paris Chase 1.0

    Imagine an enormous, free roaming city where you can race wherever you want: Paris! Not only all important landmarks, roads and bridges are present in the game, but also loads of jumps, shortcuts, breakable objects are
  • Voltagedrop 1.0

    The answers given by this voltage drop program only apply to conductor sizing to limit the voltage drop to a specific value. The actual conductor recommended by the voltage drop program might not be the sized required by
  • Refrig for Windows 3.0.0075

    Refrig quickly calculates the maximum refrigeration load in btu's per 24 hour period for all types of refrigeration applications. Refrig has provision for all kinds of loads including: roofs, walls, partitions, floors,
  • Privack 6.0.401.0

    Privack is a free software application that runs web pages and applications with lightning speed.This free browser has a friendly user interface, launches in a snap,loads web pages quickly,cookies and search history is
  • CPUSpy Widget 1.1

    Now you can keep yourself up-to-date about your CPU activities and loads by using the free and small CPUSpy Widget. It is capable of controlling multiple processors as well as you can change the color, layout, fonts,
  • Magic Oasis Casino 1.0

    We give you $1000 to try our games, we have loads of cash and prises to be given away, we have all your favourite slot games and table games, We giveaway free chips, holidays and more, so come on what u waiting for come
  • Obrut 1.02

    Obrut is designed create high memory and/or processor loads and thus simulate a slow or overloaded computer. Obrut can simulate varying levels of single or dual CPU usage intensity at three levels of regularity, and both
  • 2xExplorer

    2xExplorer is a free, lightweight Norton Commander type (dual-pane) file manager for Win9x/NT4/2000/Me/XP, fully shell-integrated. Easy navigation and loads of tools make it a good replacement for Windows Explorer, for
  • The Laminator 3.7

    The Laminator is an engineering program written for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 that analyzes laminated composite plates according to classical laminated plate theory. Input consists of ply material properties,
  • Christmas MSN Display Pictures 1.0

    free Christmas graphics for MSN Messenger! With Christmas just around the corner, its time to decorate your MSN Messenger with loads of cool, free Christmas MSN Display Pictures! Check out this brand fun display
  • Name Maker 3.0

    The Name Maker application is a small and free tool that ganerates names. This programm loads words stored in .txt files and forms a name by combining one random word of each file. Use it to make some mythical
  • InDesign Object Browser

    InDesign CS Object Browser is a free program that loads the type Library of Indesign CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 or CS5 and displays its content on screen in a Tree View. You can edit Statements and copy and paste them or drag
  • Alias Screensaver 3.0

    Alias free Alias Screensaver download the free Alias Alias Screensaver from Let Sydney go undercover on your desktop with this Alias screensaver. loads of action video of Sydney in her many
  • LeanWall 1.10.40

    LeanWall is a software mainly designed for the purpose of designing a concrete or masonry leaning wall. The wall may lean on rock or soil and may retain soil or other granular material. It analyses the stability of the
  • BearShare Accelerator 4.0.6

    Bearshare Accelerator is an add-on application for Bearshare that automatically speeds up the download process and finds the files you desire with far more power than regular searches. It automatically explore for more
  • Calc-Rite Load Program 1.82

    KeepRite Refrigeration's free Calc-Rite Load Calculation Program* is designed to provide Sales Representatives and Technical Personnel with a simple and quick means of calculating cooler and freezer loads as well as
  • The Halloween Goodies Screensaver 3.0

    The free Halloween Goodies animated screensaver is a wonderful addition to your Halloween Screensaver collection! Watch as your screen is covered with loads of candy filled Halloween buckets. And feel the hair stand up