free down loading of compas for direction

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  • Flamenco Master 1.0

    Flamenco Master - software for all the Flamenco Guitar enthusiasts. Not many Flamenco Guitar players have the opportunity to play alongside an experienced dancer, which can be a real handicap in trying to get to grips
  • Free Image Editor 2.4.56

    free Image Editor is a bitmap image-editing application that lets you retouch existing photos or create original graphics. free Image Editor gives you the tools and supplies of a professional graphic design studio. There
  • Crazy Controls 2.0

    Crazy Controls is a funny free online arcade game where you need to guide an arrow to pick up stars. That is not an easy job. Your arrow went crazy. It changes its direction in a blink of an eye. You need to catch
  • BearingTrack 4.2.11

    The BearingTrack program suite is designed for use with the Doppler Systems DDF6000 direction finder. BearingTrack collects information from a network of direction finders, displays the lines of bearing from the
  • AutoLoad Pro

    AutoLoad Pro is an automatic 3D Palletizing and loading optimization software solution to optimize the load on your trucks, air & sea containers, cartons and pallets. It is equipped with the 2-stages loading optimization
  • Container Loading Calculator 1.0

    Trial run Easy-To-Use, affordable, shipping logistics software for creating compact graphical load plans. Container utilization software for carton loading, box loading, crate loading, pallet loading into trucks or
  • AutoLoad Pro-Container Loading Software 2007

    Intelligent Load Planning Optimization System AutoLoad Pro is an automatic 3D Palletizing and loading optimization software solution to optimize the load on your trucks, air & sea containers, cartons and pallets. It
  • Dynamic Trend Profile 2.1.207

    Dynamic Trend Profile : Real Time Comparison against overall market direction and Industry Group direction. One of the major strengths of our software is the ability to compare (in real time) any stock against the
  • Kirby Puzzles 1.0

    Half Bejeweled, half tower defense in an ode to Puzzle Quest gameplay. Cool! Kirby Puzzle Adventure Kirby is traveling one direction. Use cursor to show him the right direction. Kirby is traveling one direction. Place
  • Gmail RTL 0.1.1

    Add direction buttons to Gmail The extension adds the direction buttons, that are Currently available only in the Hebrew & Arabic Gmail Interfaces. direction buttons allows you to write in Right-To-Left and
  • MHX Compass Tutor 1.0

    MHX compass Tutor 1.0 is a stand alone tutorial made to help students learn the basics of the compass rose, and orienteering from different directions. The tutorial allows the user to change the direction they "face" to
  • Glycogen Loading 5.6

    Glycogen loading information. Glycogen loading is a key to full muscle recuperation from prolonged or intense exercise. Any failure to replenish glycogen stores is typically associated with "flat" muscles, plus a loss
  • PingIt (site license) 2.X

    The PingIT was developed for those people who want to know all the time about network loading, who wants to understand who is guilty of slow speed loading of internet resources, who want to watch loading of remote
  • KTA-250 Configurator 1.1

    The KTA-250 is an anemometer monitoring and alarming card. It allows the wind speed and direction to be measured with a Davis Instruments DS7911 Anemometer, without the need for the entire weather station. Monitoring of
  • .Net Progress Bar 3.0.3813

    Softgroup .Net Progress Bar Control is an advanced sets of highly customizable progress bar controls to enhance the user interface of your applications. Softgroup .Net Progress Bar contains three controls:
  • AutoLoad Pro 2008-Container Loading Software

    The handy software AutoLoad Pro 2008-Container loading is specifically designed for optimizing the load on your cartons and pallets as well as trucks and air & sea containers. It has user friendly interface that is
  • Magical Kicks 2.0

    Magical Kicks is an interesting soccer game for free! Do you remember Roberto Baggio, one of the best Italian players? By clicking the mouse 3 times in succession you can adjust the height, direction and swerve of the
  • VectorScope 1.2.2

    VectorScope plots the left and right components of a stereo signal as vectors in such a way that the direction of arrival of the signal can be estimated.This has application to direction finding, or audio phasing
  • Free Fall Cartesian Model -

    free Fall Cartesian Model is a small, easy to use application specially designed to display the dynamics of a ball dropped near the surface of Earth onto a platform. The initial conditions for the ball are an initial
  • Spherical Panorama Virtual Tour Builder 5.01

    SP_VTB virtual tour compiler. Presentation tools. It intended for creation of multimedia presentations with spherical and cylindrical panoramas, hot spots, map, compas, video, objects, foreground speech, background
  • Writing Direction CSM 1.1.1

    Writing direction CSM is a Mac OS Control Strip module to change the writing direction on a per-application basis when using right-to-left scripts. It also allows changing the system-wide force Font setting. Features
  • PingIT 2.0

    Speed Monitoring of your internet connection. This program was developed for those people who want to know all the time about network loading, who wants to understand who is guilty of slow speed loading of internet
  • Welcome Pro 1.0.1

    Experience this cool web tool, that create a text loading effect on your site, this loading effect looks like flash, but the effect is created entirely in Java Script. Welcome Pro helps novices and professional
  • Floating Coil 1.0

    This applet illustrates the forces on a current carrying coil sitting on the axis of a permanent magnet. for current flowing in one direction in the coil the force on the coil will be upward, and if the current is strong
  • MB Peach Blossom Numerology 1.0

    MB Peach Blossom Numerology Software is based on the peach blossom numerology principles and finds the romance direction for you. If you are to meet or find your romance partner, you have to go in your romance direction,
  • Cargo Load Plan - CubeMaster

    CubeMasterâ?¢ is a versatile, cost-effective software solution to optimize the load on your Trucks, air & sea containers and pallets quickly and efficiently. It reduces shipping and transport costs through intelligent
  • Stop / Start Auto Run 1.0

    When Windows starts it loads some services and programs from the registry auto run settings, with this utility you can Prevent them from loading or enable loading them again. It is very useful when troubleshooting boot
  • SkypeTuner

    Do you hate damn "Skype home" loading when you start Skype? Then maybe you know how to disable it from loading? No? But SkypeTuner knows! It is a simple application that does only one thing - STOPS "Skype home" from
  • Quiver 1.0

    In this game you need to reach orbs by sending an arrow in the right direction. You do this by placing different effect blocks on the proper position. These blocks can speed up or displace the arrow, make it change its
  • K-Meleon 1.5.4

    The Gecko based free and open-source browser K-Meleon was built on a powerful plugin architecture that ensures lightning-fast loading and customizing options. It gives the ability to developers to expand its