free dj double music player like pcdj with picth macth

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  • Double-Time Media Player Beta 1

    You can easily do skinning by using the Double-Time Software Media Player. You can do font and some size settings via a simple text editor
  • Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Single-Player

    Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Single-Player demo is created as the ultra-realistic shooter that plunges players into the secret and deadly world
  • Simple Music - Music Player 1.0

    Do other music players just have a little bit too much options/buttons for your taste? Well, this is the music player for you! This isn't a CD
  • Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Free Town Map

    Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Free Town Map provides players with a custom map which is small to ensure constant action, and it supports all
  • D&BA Music Player 1.0

    D&BA Music Player Widget plays all your music and favorite D&B tracks. Now you can listen to your favorite tunes and atracks only with

    The handy WMP add-on MUSIC PLAYER adds some new and useful features in windows media player. Its major features are now it has improved cover and
  • JDJ music player 0.4.3

    The key features of user friendly JDJ music player are as follow: you can mange songs by groups as it offers playlist; it is using single database for
  • PLUS MP3 Music Player -

    Plus is an Open Source, Free, MP3 Music Player. It's also capable of playing Streaming Radio. Although it was designed to be an MP3 Player, it is
  • Premium Music Player 1.5

    The products designed by Flash Creations are efficient tools for web base development. Our products were designed for easy setup on any webpage. There
  • Dance Music Player

    With the touch screen optimized Dance Music Player you import larger music collection comfortably into the local database. There you can sort the
  • GDT Slow Down Music Player 4-RC1

    Guitar and Drum Trainer is the ultimate musician's MP3 player to help increase practice time quality, improve playing faster and easier, or transcribe
  • A Random Music Player 3.0

    A random Mp3 player that enables you to listen your favorite music without having to worry about anything. Just tell the program where the songs are
  • Christmas Music Player 3.0

    Christmas Music Player brings the music of the Christmas Holiday to your desktop. 40 different holiday music favorites play in the background as you
  • Peace Music Player 1.00

    If you are using on-board sound card or have problem about sound's quality of midi that play on your machine.Why not try our "Peace Midi Player"
  • Avvenu Music Player 2.5

    The Avvenu Music Player lets you remotely listen to and share the music you have stored ("ripped") to your iTunes library on your Windows PC.
  • Open Music Player 0.3.3015 Beta

    OpenMusicPlayer is a music player with very low resource usage. It is capable of playing MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA, TTA. It can download lyrics,
  • Shuffle Music Player 0.6b

    Shuffle Music Player 0.6b is a flexible, helpful as well as smart application specially designed to offer you a music player that plays the music.....
  • Q-Music Webradio Player 1.2

    Now you can listen to the Belgian Radio Station Q-Music by bringing handy Q-Music Webradio Player widget right on your
  • Music Player for X-Cart 2.3.2

    Music Player for X-Cart - X-Cart Mod - is very easy in use music player, which could be placed on every page of your store to create strong
  • Random Music Player

    Random Music Player 1.0 offers an effective tool which helps you to play songs in the specified folder randomly. Major Features: Get start in the My
  • Newgrounds Music Player 1.36

    The Newgrounds Music Player allows you to download and play Newgrounds songs The Newgrounds Music Player allows you to download and play Newgrounds
  • Twister Music Player 2.1

    Yet another music player. Yet another music player. Twister Music Player is a simple, easy to use audio player developed in the Java development
  • Drag music player 2

    Drag music game ear training Drag music game.Some people think to read music is hard and difficult. The following game will introduce the most
  • Stoffi Music Player

    Stoffi is a new beautiful, simple & Free Music player. It is easy to use and blends in perfectly with Windows 7. The extensive codec support and
  • Music Coach Player 3.0

    The free to download player Music Coach Player offers you following features: it allows you to view all your modules as well as free lessons and
  • Website Music Player 2.03

    The handy system Website Music Player makes selling of your music very easy. It is very easy to use program that enables users to create multiple
  • ASoftwares Music Player 3.2

    A Softwtwares' Music Player is an efficient music player for windows platform which is able to play mp3, ogg, FLAC, and wav file formats. It has a
  • Google Music Player 1.0.1

    A desktop client for Google Music that supports Minimize To Tray with a draggable Playback control bar and support for Multimedia keys. The
  • Online Music Player

    OMusic, the Online-Music-Player. It is a music player in status-bar. It provides Firefox with ability to play online mp3 music(local file as well),
  • XSPF Web Music Player 0.2.3

    XSPF Web Music Player is a flash-based web application that uses xspf playlist format to play mp3 songs.XSPF is the XML Shareable Playlist Format.
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    pcdj KJ VRM can now deliver the ultimate power of the Karaoke Machine to your PC.pcdj KJ VRM works within the new pcdj FX VRM as a Plug-In or as a Standalone.When used as a Plug-In, you have the ability to interact
  • PCDJ Red VRM 7.3 Build 1001

    pcdj Red VRM is an application that will give you full control over the organization of your music, play lists, master tempo and the cueing of the music. This product also has the ability to add in the VRM plug-ins,
  • PCDJ DEX DJ Software 1.0.7228

    pcdj DEX DJ Software 1.0.7228 offers you a handy and convenient computer mixing program which can be used by both beginning and professional DJs. Mix your mp3, ogg, wma, flac, wav files or audio cds easily on any
  • PCDJ KJ Pro 2008.11.3

    pcdj KJ Pro 2008.11.3 is such a useful tool which is designed to help users with task of hosting karaoke shows. pcdj KJ Pro delivers the power of a high-end hardware karaoke machine directly to your computer. Never
  • PCDJ Red DJ Software 7.3 build 1001

    pcdj Red DJ Software has the design and specs to be an excellent DJ Software program, but many of these strengths are overshadowed by its weaknesses, like difficult media importing and organizing. While the interface
  • PCDJ Blue 7.3

    pcdj Blue is an easy-to-use, professional MP3 DJ system. This DJ system for professionals is comprised of a pair of virtual players, a Mixer and a Record case, all visible from one computer screen. The idea is simple:
  • PCDJGroups 4.0.0004

    Program for Automatic making Groups & subgroups in the recordcase of pcdj. (Version Red, Blue, Digital & Silver). The groups that are created by pcdj are filed as INI-files. The subgroups are stored in those ini-files.
  • LuxuriaMusic Player 2.0

    This is a very simple Widget that makes it easy to listen to the hippest, coolest, ginchiest streaming music station on the internet... I do not work for nor do I have a financial
  • Mufin player 2.03 Build 680

    mufin player is the perfect alternative when it comes to software music players on the PC. It plays all standard audio formats, has an incredibly fast database for managing large music collections, fills portable devices
  • MP3 Free Music Downloader Pro 3.0

    MP3 free music Downloader Pro is a real revolution in the music world! Now any song can be on your mp3 player for free in a couple of seconds! Thousands of free mp3 files are waiting for you on the Web. The only thing
  • PCDJ DEX 2.0.6

    pcdj DEX is a computer mixing program for both beginner and professional DJ™s. DEX has a powerful Recordcase that allows you to Import, Mix, and Search all of your mp3, ogg, wma, flac, wav files, unprotected iTunes
  • V-JUKEBOX 0.1

    Do you like reggae music? double click this jukebox to start/stop the V-Radio stream! Enjoy the music :) Requires Windows Media
  • Free GMT FLV Player 4 6

    free GMT FLV player is a tool to play Flash FLV and H.264 (MPEG-4) videos with.This utility can come in handy when viewing many FLV and/or H.264 files.The installer comes with optional FLV file-association, so double
  • mufin player pro 2.51 r710

    The free mufin player is the perfect alternative when it comes to music players for PCs: it plays back all common audio formats, has an ultra-fast database for managing large music collections and can be used to transfer
  • V-RADIO stream 0.2

    Do you like reggae music? double-click this transparent Widget to start/stop the V-Radio stream! Enjoy the music! :) Requires Windows Media
  • Freemake Music Box

    freemake music Box is a new free music player that gives you free access to millions of songs. Search, play and organize any music free and easily. The powerful search tool will bring you the songs you want to enjoy, you
  • CloudTune 1.8.7

    Listen to your favorite music for free with full featured stream audio player Listening and searching for music to music have never been so easy and fast before. Introducing first full-featured cloud player which
  • Anamo Music 1.0

    music player for Windows Tablets. Awesome graphics, with music Store built-in, and a free Remote Control App for your mobile phone. Browse, organize, play and touch music with your entire music Collection in your
  • WinTedPlay 1.2

    tedplay is a Commodore music format player for Windows/Unix written in C++ using WTL and SDL It resembles SIDPLAY, the music player of its big breadbox brother. It aims to become the de Facto standard player of
  • A4Desk Flash Music Player Version 2.33

    A4Desk Flash music player Version 2.33benefits you by effectively and smartly create an interactive Flash music player to play MP3 music on your Web site. Easy selection of different player skins. No Flash knowledge,
  • Twister Music Player 2.1

    Yet another music player. Yet another music player. Twister music player is a simple, easy to use audio player developed in the Java development language. This tool can also help you manage your playlists with just a
  • Chilirec 1.03

    It has never been so easy and fun to record your own favorite music from radio. Tune in to radio stations, enter your music taste and hit the record button! After this, your recorder will record mp3 music to your
  • Free Sothink FLV Player 2.3.2

    If you want a simple and fast Flash player, then you should use free Sothink FLV player. This is not just a name ? you will be able to get and use the program free of charge. The program will play all FLV files
  • Sockso 1.2.4

    Sockso is a free, open-source, personal music server for everyone! It's designed to be as simple as possible so that anyone with a mouse and some mp3's can get their friends listening to their music across the internet
  • Simple Music - Music Player 1.0

    Do other music players just have a little bit too much options/buttons for your taste? Well, this is the music player for you! This isn't a CD player!You can just click the green button, choose a music file, and walla!
  • Radiotracker 5.5

    free flat-rate MP3 music, Wish List function, updateable music database, directory of 15,000 webradios, 77 music genres, parallel streaming of webradios, management of favorite and blacklisted radios, automatic cut,
  • Play Music Free 3.0

    music is the thing that unites, gives us pleasant reminiscences and raises our spirits. music accompanies us during the whole life. Some people love instrumental music or house music while others prefer jazz or country
  • Restore Music Pro 7.92

    Restore music, Restore MP3 and Restore Audio - Download Recovery SoftwareHow to restore music? How to restore music files? How can I restore music files from formatted MP3 music player? How do I restore music from broken
  • Music2PSP 1.00.102

    Copy music on MP3-player/PSP by Drag & Drop music2PSP helps you to put your music very fast and comfortable on your MP3-player and Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), use PSP as well as MP3-player! Create with music2PSP
  • iMiniMe 3.01

    If you love music, A MP3 player is absolutely your best friend. However, 128M, 256M and even 1G memory size are always not enough to HOLD your favorite songs. with MP3Fitness, you can reduce the file size of MP3 songs