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  • BS Detect 1.12

    Detects when someone exaggerates or lies. Ever had a co-worker who spouts unbelievable loads of utter rubbish at regular intervals? Then this
  • I-Detect 3.2.0

    1. Printing This has been the number one request from our customers. "Thank You" for your patience. Now you'll be able to print record information,
  • Free PS Convert Driver 8.15

    A free Postscript-to-PDF converter The Free PS Convert Driver V8.15 is a free Postscript-to-PDF converter The Free PS Convert Driver V8.15 is a
  • Free 122-key Keyboard Driver 1

    The free 122-key Keyboard Driver that you can use for IBM iSeries & AS400 client access is compatible with all 5250 emulation software. It supports
  • Messenger Detect 4.06

    Monitor and record all MSN chats, AOL (AIM) chat, Yahoo chat, facebook chat, Farm Town chat, MySpace chat, ICQ chat, and Google Talk web gadget chat
  • Detect Email 2011

    Detect Email 2011 is designed to automatically extract email addresses from the web and your local files, and compile them to a list eliminating
  • Detect Invisible.Me 1.5.3

    Detect Invisible Yahoo! Messenger users. With Detect Invisible.Me you can detect the real Yahoo! Messenger status of your friends (online / offline
  • USB Detect & Launch 1.5

    Now whenever, you will plug-in USB storage device in your system, the incredible software application USB Detect & Launch will automatically execute a
  • Detect DotNet 1.0

    Out of the box, there is no easy way to determine the installed version of .NET Framework. Microsoft Support article talk about viewing registry keys
  • Spyware Detect and Remove 2011.1105

    Spyware Detector is a complete solution for individuals, professionals and home users. The software is specially designed to scan, detect, delete and
  • Detect Duplicate Files 3.84

    Detect Duplicate Files - How? How to delete duplicates? Find, delete and remove duplicate files with the Software, Recommended by Microsoft(R)
  • Crae Detect (French) 2

    Crae Detect is a software which detects the movement in a room. You must have a camera or Web cam connected with your PC. Two option is available:
  • Wise Detect Online detective 1

    WiseDetect extensive people search find missing relatives,sex offenders,perform background searches,find telephone numbers, its so easy and totally
  • Detect & Delete Pdf Blank Pages 1.4.4

    Automatically search & delete all the blank pages of Acrobat pdf documents with pdf page remover software. Tool analyzes each pixel of a page for
  • Detect Duplicates for Windows Live Mail

    Detect Duplicates for Windows Live Mail maintains an ordered mail-folder and message system by detecting duplicate messages under a variety of
  • Excel Automatically Detect Duplicates As You Type Software 7.0

    Detect duplicate cells in one or more MS Excel files while typing. Excel 2000 or higher
  • Foundstone DIRE (Detect Insecurely Registered Executables) 1.0

    The ability to register applications that can then be automatically initiated by Windows is a powerful feature today that enhances the end user???s
  • Windows Driver Package FTDI CDM Driver Package 2.06.00

    Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers cause the USB device to appear as an additional COM port available to the PC. Application software can access the USB
  • Bus Driver 1.5a

    In Bus Driver PC driving game, your job is to transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city. You must drive to a timetable on a
  • Many Web Cam Driver 1.0

    Many Webcam Driver is one of the best video splitting software that helps people to multiply video among different video applications. It is also used
  • R16 Driver 1.21

    The R16 Driver provides you a easy interface to communicate with your R16 device. The R16 can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously. Comes equipped
  • ETU-Driver 1.27

    Eye-Tracking Universal Driver - Includes simpletesting application (draws gaze path in real time, both samples and fixations - you can use mouse
  • Kid Driver 1.0

    When you drive vehicles around the track, over the ramps, into the valleys, and at the beach, you will be able to read and spell nearly 700 of the
  • SiS IDE Driver 2.04a

    The supported products of SiS IDE Driver are as follow: SiS962L , , SiS630S , SiS635, SiS962 , SiS961 , SiS630ST , SiS730SE , SiS540 , SiS730S ,
  • VIA AGP Driver 4.30B2

    You can use VIA AGP Driver that is updated version and supports 8X AGP cards in VIA's 400 range of chipsets and beyond for keeping drivers of your
  • Driver 3 for GBA 1.0

    Play classic game Driver 3 on
  • Bus Driver 1.0 1.0

    The very interesting Bus Driver 1.0 game is completely different from car or bike racing games. In this game, you are a bus driver and your aim is to
  • CL-Eye Driver

    The CL Eye Platform Driver provides users a signed hardware driver which exposes supported cameras to third party applications such as Adobe Flash,
  • ITM Virtual USB Driver 2.0

    There is a number of the equipment controlled through a serial port from a PC or a terminal. Also there is a lot of the technologies in the market
  • Driver Magician 4.1

    Driver Magician is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for device Drivers Backup, Restoration, update and removal for Windows Operating system. It
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  • Backup DVD Pro

    Backup DVD Pro is a DVD conversion application, which converts a DVD to simple vidieo file VCD/SVCD/AVI. It also burn VCD/SVCD directly. Now there is no need to keep DVD, you can view the movie in VCD player. Only you
  • 3DP Net 14.02

    Ever had painful headaches searching through the web trying to find the correct drivers for your newly formatted PC? 3DP Chip and 3DP Net are extremely useful freewares that will minimize your effort and time spent in
  • Driver Checker 2.7.3

    driver Checker will detect, locate and download the latest drivers and software fast for you. Furthermore, it will give you full controls to backup, uninstall, update and restore Vista and XP drivers in a user-friendly
  • WiFIX 3.3

    Automatically detect and install wireless drivers for a variety of wireless cards. Collect data from working driver configurations, add it to the database and apply the intelligence to the process.While in Alpha
  • Driver pack 5.8

    driver pack is a all in 1 driver package for Ocularis DS, CS, IS and PS , NetDVMS , NetDVR and PRosight , the driver package was released on 12/22/2011.driver pack is a free and very easy to install Camera driver Packs
  • WinDriver Expert 1.90

    Windriver Expert is a utility that enables you to detect hardware, backup driver or drivers currently installed on your system. If you want to restore driver, find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them
  • Driver Navigator 3Computers 2013 2013.01.4

    driver Navigator is a software program designed to automatically detect and download the drivers you need for your computer. A computer driver is basically a piece of software code which is used to enable the various
  • Driver Magician 4.1

    driver Magician is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for device drivers Backup, Restoration, update and removal for Windows Operating system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers
  • Acer Aspire 9300 Driver 2.1

    A driver driver CD works with a windows disk to return your Acer Aspire 9300 Vista back to the original factory setup. Once windows has installed you put this disk into the drive as soon as windows gives you a found new
  • TachoPlusFreeDriver

    In TachoPlus free driver there is a reduced version of the scale TachoPlus which only the display allows the driver card data, but does not meet the legally required archiving. The functionality of TachoPlus free
  • VXA Tool 2.47

    VXATool is a diagnostic program used for configuring, troubleshooting, and upgrading firmware in the VXA tape drives with the SCSI, ATAPI and FireWire Interfaces. ASPI Layer: On Windows 98 and NT systems, the VXATool
  • Acer Aspire 7520 Driver 2 1

    A driver Recovery CD works with a windows disk to return your Acer Aspire 7520 XP back to the original factory setup. Once windows has installed you put this disk into the drive as soon as windows gives you a found new
  • AGP Driver Update 2.1

    AGP driver update is a professional driver management tool features both driver management and hardware diagnostics. AGP driver update provides such practical function as driver update. If you often reinstall your
  • CUTe ARP Protector 1.1a

    You can install our software to detect and against ARP Trojan, ARP spoofing, ARP DOS attack (NetCut). 1). It is endpoint Protection software based on Windows driver program. It can fully isolate the ARP spoofing issue
  • Acer Travelmate 7220 Driver 2 1

    A driver Recovery CD works with a windows disk to return your Acer Travelmate 7220 Vista back to the original factory setup. Once windows has installed you put this disk into the drive as soon as windows gives you a
  • uCertify PrepKit for test 220-221 6.12.05

    Now you can use inexpensive still cameras with ICA-aware applications by using handy Apple's Image Capture Architecture plug-in IOXperts USB Still Camera driver. You will first check driver that either it is properly
  • WinTV PCI Driver (95/98/Me) 4.2

    The current driver package unzips, removes an existing WinTV driver and installs the latest driver on one easy step. The driver is compatible with DirectX 8 or later in high color (16-bit) color modes or greater for both
  • OPTIsend Print 2.6.1

    OPTIsend Print is a printer driver that anyone can install. The printer driver OPTIsend Print is independent software that can function with all your programs. It can execute other tasks apart from the normal printer
  • ASCOM AstroPhysics Telescope Driver 5.05.00

    The Astro-Physics V2 driver has been developed for Astro-Physics by Ray Gralak of Sirius Imaging. Unlike the earlier driver, this V2 driver is now fully owned and supported by Astro-Physics. It has been through rigorous
  • Driver Magician Lite 4.11

    driver Magician Lite is freeware, it identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice. Then when you format and
  • Tram Simulator 1.00

    This game is about the driver that will drive and will make money to move to the next level as well as to find out new ways/line. Initially you will act as the beginner driver but after playing for a long for many
  • Driver Fetch

    Whether it's because you're trying to install new hardware, optimize your computer's performance, or troubleshoot a system problem, updating your drivers is something every computer user has to face
  • Samsung Universal Print Driver

    The main purpose of the Samsung Universal Print driver is to install one driver (Samsung Universal Print driver) and use it with different print devices. However,the Samsung Universal Print driver has other features
  • Driver Inspector 8.0.1

    Using driver Inspector totally ensures you are using the most up to date drivers. driver Inspector boasts an easy to use platform and an always up to date driver database. It makes it truly easy to keep everything up to
  • Easy Driver Pro

    Easy driver Pro was designed to scan and locate the necessary drivers for your PC. The easy to use user interface allows even a novice to use Easy driver Pro without difficulty. Using Easy driver Pro will not only save
  • DriverExtractor 2.1

    For a proper operation of any computer device (like modem, printer, video or sound card), the device driver must be installed. A device driver is a set of system files, developed by a device manufacturer. Many drivers,
  • AMD Driver Autodetect

    AMD driver Autodetect detects your graphics card and operating system and tells you if a new driver is available. If there is a new driver, the tool will download it with a click of a button and start the installation
  • PrintDriver 1.5

    With this free tool you can Change or Replace a single or multiple Print drivers installed on your Windows servers. The Change the Print driver of Multiples Printers option is very useful to replace all HP Print drivers
  • Intel Display Audio Driver

    This utility installs the originally shipped version of the Intel HD Graphics Family driver and includes the Intel Display Audio driver version It is highly recommended to always use the most recent
  • MHX Driver Searcher 1.01

    MHX driver Searcher is a search utility to look for compatible drivers for hardware on your computer. Version 1.01 free version includes a reduced driver search database than the professional version. However, it