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  • Desktop Sidebar 1.05 Build 116

    Desktop Sidebar is a handy utility that is tied up to the edge of the screen and displays not only your appointments, tasks and e-mails but also
  • Desktop Sidebar 1.05 Build 116 Beta

    Desktop Sidebar provides you with instant access to the information you most desire by grabbing data from your PC and the Internet. The result is a
  • Thoosje Sidebar (formerly Vista Sidebar) 3.1 Build 3012

    Vista sidebar for MS Windows XP/Vista is a wonderful gadgets utility that consists of gadgets like google/yahoo search, media players and many
  • DL Manage 3.0

    Easily schedule and automate AD group membership changes with this command line tool If you ever need to add or remove users from security groups or
  • M-Lat SMS Desktop - FREE 1.3.1

    Send Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns from your PC to worldwide 15 SMS free. TRY NOW. 15 Free SMS will be automatically credited to your account for
  • Manage Connections 1.3

    Manage Connections enables you to easily edit the database connections in an Excel workbook. It searches the workbook for ODBC data connections and
  • Manage Your Contacts 3.8

    So easy to use that you'll have virtually no learning curve, yet it it sports a variety of powerful features to help you truly manage your contact
  • Manage Invest 2007.5

    Manage Invest enables you to track, manage and control all of your investments, income and expenses for one or more portfolios. Every portfolio can
  • Manage My Fonts 1.0.2010

    The administrator or other user of a computer is using this software to install, activate or deactivate, delete and generally manage font files on
  • Manage PC Shutdown 1.0.200

    PC Shutdown Manager is a small but effective tool that can prove to be quite useful in automating the shutdown, restart, log off or hibernate
  • Manage PC Startup 1.0.0200

    Manage PC Startup is used for managing those programs that starts automatically on Windows startup. It displays the additional information for each
  • Manage AD Reports 9.12.01

    Assure an effective Active Directory management with AD Reports software. The AD Reports software is a comprehensive, feature-rich and output-driven
  • Manage My Kennel Pro 1.0

    Manage your kennel. Keep up with clients, dogs, cats, appointments. Keep notes and images, contact information and veterinarian contact
  • Manage Folder Now 1.6

    Manage Folder Now is useful program to manage your folders. It can hide some folders. You can jump from one folder to another passing the in between
  • Timer Manage 1.0

    Timer to logout,Shutdown and run define process,Support hot key and background running. Timer to logout,Shutdown and run define process,Support hot
  • Manage LinkList 1.1

    With Manage Link List you can send any links, if they are in the list, with only one click with the function "send URL". With this program you can add
  • Sys-Manage CopyRight2 2.0

    CopyRight2 lets you easily migrate network shares, files, folders, permissions, groups and user accounts (even with passwords) from source to
  • Manage My Paisa 3.1

    Entering your transactions in to Manage My Paisa is quick and painless through the user oriented interface. * Importing Statements that you have
  • Manage Your Videos 98 1.2a

    How to Save Redtube Videos? Manage Your Videos helps you organize and manage amovie Library of any size. The program automatically indexes each
  • Manage Web Workers 0.5

    Manage Web Workers is a very useful extension for Google Chrome. You can manage and block web workers on any
  • Manage Folders 1.0.3

    Firefox plug-in which places a "Manage Folder" item on the context menu of bookmark Folders. This opens the "Places Organizer" with the specific
  • Free Desktop Clock 3.0

    You can use Desktop Clock as an alternative of standard Windows tray clock as it supports Longhorn clock style while more than 130 skins are also
  • Free Desktop Timer 1.1

    Easy to use timer for your desktop. You can create an unlimited number of timers, select a skin according to your taste, choose a sound signal. The
  • SearchInform Desktop Free 3.0.01

    SearchInform Desktop Free 3.0.01 has come as a handy and convenient tool which provides full-text documents search on your desktop. Searching
  • Real Desktop Free 2.07

    Real Desktop give your ordinary desktop new life and turns it into a real desk, where you can rotate, lift and throw around your files like real
  • Free Ferrari Desktop 1.0

    It's a free Ferrari desktop. What else is there to know?
  • Free 3D Desktop Screensaver 1.0

    This amazing screensaver offers a wide variety of outstanding 3D images which will add some personalization to your screen. Features: High-quality
  • Manage Active Directory 9.12.01

    Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting (CADMR) is a prominent and easy-to-use AD management tool that enables the administrator to generate
  • Asset Manage Enterprise

    Asset Management Software * Track maintenance costs, repairs, leases and other expenses * Scan and Print Barcodes, create your own Barcode
  • Asset Manage Standard

    Asset Management Software * Track maintenance costs, repairs, leases and other expenses * Scan and Print Barcodes, create your own Barcode
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  • Longhorn SideBar 5.0

    Will add a sidebar on your Windows desktop Longhorn sidebar will add a sidebar on your Windows desktop with Active desktop features Longhorn sidebar adds a sidebar on the user's Windows desktop providing Active
  • Sidebar Autohide 1.0

    Automatically show the sidebar just by "touching" with the mouse pointer the left Border of the browser window; the sidebar is then automatically hidden when you left the sidebar area. You can also "Lock as open" the
  • Google Desktop SDK 1.0

    Google desktop SDK can integrate Google desktop with your own applications.You can also extend your applications to include a Google desktop search box and search results. You can also write sidebar plug-ins to: *
  • Another Delicious Sidebar 1

    Another Delicious sidebar can add and shot sreen.You can manage your bookmarks to edit and delete view the tags.Another Delicious sidebar has a toolbar button to open and close the sidebar.This button is the great
  • Ez Sidebar 3.1.2008052801

    This has three main features: This provides the undockable sidebar. You can detach the sidebar pane from the browser window and place it to your favorites position. (The undocked sidebar can raise on top always, and
  • Tab Sidebar 2.0.1

    the TAB sidebar extension, if you haven???t heard of it already, provides a sidebar in the browser that can act as a replacement to the main tab bar, complete with always visible preview thumbnails and in tab navigation
  • QuickLaunch Panel 2.6

    QuickLaunch gives you easy access to your files and Folders and lets you launch them from your Google desktop Search sidebar. It also includes a direct preview for image and text files. You can use QuickLaunch to
  • Basic Bookmarks for FF3 1.5

    Hides 'Bookmark Menu' and 'Bookmark Toolbar' from the bookmark sidebar, allows you to arrange your bookmark structure however you like (like in FF2), and frees space in the sidebar. Works by using 'Unfiled Bookmarks'
  • Ezy StartBar 1.2

    Ezy StartBar adds a supplemental Start Menu sidebar to your Windows Taskbar, and provides quick access to groups of menu items. It offers more flexibility than the standard Windows Start Menu, and the number of shortcut
  • All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.15

    A simple to use addon for you Firefox browser. A simple to use addon for you Firefox browser. All-in-One sidebar is a sidebar control, inspired by Opera's. It lets you quickly switch between sidebars, view dialog
  • Desktop Sidebar 1.05 Build 116 Beta

    desktop sidebar provides you with instant access to the information you most desire by grabbing data from your PC and the Internet. The result is a dynamic visual display you configure and control. How can you make this
  • 64 to 32 Sidebar 1.1

    64 to 32 sidebar change AutoRun 64bit sidebar to 32bit sidebar and vice
  • Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar 2.1.6

    Our Windows 7 sidebar for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista has gadgets like media players, Sticky's,Calculators,google search, yahoo search, and lots of more search engines. It has also vista sidebar gadgets like weather
  • Zywave Sidebar 1.0.285

    You are a no-cost download away from making every day easier with Zywave sidebar. It takes you anywhere you want to go, right from your desktop, with no interruption to your workflow.Learn how Zywave sidebar will
  • Sidebar-Buddy 1.0

    Easy-to-use sidebar menu. sidebar-Buddy v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable sidebar menu system that includes custom cursor support, a variety of border styles and embedded images within menu titles.
  • Auto Hide 1.3

    This sidebar gadget was developed to be a small too that will allow you to auto-hide the Vista sidebar smoothly and with customizable settings. FEATURES: Easy on/off with just a click sidebar hides smoothly at a
  • Tab Sidebar Extension

    The tab sidebar extension, if you haven't heard of it already, provides a sidebar in the browser that can act as a replacement to the main tab bar, with extras. The most obvious extra is that each tab includes a preview
  • Office Tools 3.0

    Office Tools 3.0 is a Google gadget which allows you to quickly open Office applications from your sidebar or desktop. The Office Tools Google desktop gadget displays shortcuts for all Office Suite applications in a
  • Vista Rainbar

    Vista sidebar clone for Rainmeter Vista Rainbar is a free, beautiful sidebar for your computers desktop that includes various useful gadgets. Vista Rainbar was designed as a clone for Rainmeter. The latest version
  • Windows Sidebar Styler 2.0.6

    Windows sidebar Styler is an application which takes advantage of various technologies introduced in Windows Vista in order to provide extensions to the existing functionality of Windows sidebar. Custom styles allow
  • seesmic sidebar 0.1

    A sidebar for seesmic, the video discussion site. seesmic sidebar is a simple sidebar for you Firefox browser so that you can login into your account.System requirements:- Firefox 1.5 or
  • Google Desktop Search -

    Google desktop gives you easy access to information on your computer and from the web. It's a desktop search application that provides full text search over your email, computer files, music, photos, chats and web pages
  • Old Bookmarks Sidebar 0.1

    A simple tool that changes the display of your sidebar. Old Bookmarks sidebar has the ability to return bookmarks sidebar like at Firefox 2.0.System requirements:- Firefox 3.0 -
  • Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.2.4

    New Vista sidebar V 3.2 has gadgets like weather, media players, Calculators, system uptime, Sticky's, Google search, yahoo search and lots of more useful gadgets and search engines. It is much faster than the original
  • ShopTalk 1.0.12

    Talk to others while you browse the Web. The ShopTalk sidebar makes browsing more social. As you browse the Web, the ShopTalk sidebar shows you the conversations about the PaGE or site you are viewing right Now. You
  • gdRSS Reader

    gdRSS Reader is a handy tool for reading RSS Feeds. Plugin has number of useful features, such as: Update rate manual specification News personalization News highlighting possibility Application fully integrates
  • gTalk Sidebar 0.4

    Firefox extension that will add gTalk to you Firefox browser gTalk sidebar will install gTalk to your browsers sidebar! To open either press alt G, the icon or the entry in the view sidebar menu. System requirements:-
  • HDDlife plugin for Google Desktop 3.0.146

    Not long time ago, Google presented their Google desktop system. This freeware package builds a searchable index of your local files and enables you to search through them as you normally search for pages in Google.
  • Sidebar Window 2.3.2005042201

    The handy sidebar Window that is available for Mozilla Firefox, Ver.3.0 or later makes panels editable and sidebar
  • Feed Sidebar 5.0

    The Feed sidebar is an extension for Firefox that displays the items from your Live Bookmarks in the sidebar. It is intended to be a lightweight extension of the RSS capabilities already included in Firefox, not a