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  • QuoteIt 2010-1

    Managing estimates is a time consuming task and QuoteIt is designed to help you quickly provide accurate estimates to your customers. This cost estimating software is great for the sheet metal industry, machining
  • GEMS Landscape Estimating Tool 2.0

    estimating software for landscapers and other contractors in the Green Industry has been developed by Global estimating Management Systems (GEMS). With 5 years of testing and use by multiple companies, the GEMS Landscape
  • PDA Estimating 2.1

    PDA estimating is a companion program to Simplified Office software's estimating/Invoicing/Payroll. The Shareware version of SOS PDA estimating is fully functional so that you may evaluate it and see if it will suit
  • Pricelynx Cost Estimating

    The cost estimating software is designed for pricing all types of project and production costs. The program is flexible enough to accomondate all types of commerce and industries. If you were looking for mechanical or
  • Artisans Estimating 3.0

    Artisan's estimating is an Internet based Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet workbook system, designed for the Electrician, but can be used for all occupations, trades and businesses. Preview Artisan's estimating
  • EasiEST for Windows (32-bit) 1.0

    EasiEST for Windows was originally designed for use by precision sheet metal fabricators. However, it is useful for virtually any kind of estimating and quoting application. There are two aspects to estimating, labor and
  • AAM8 Estimate 2.02.01

    Estimate is a generic costing and estimating system suitable for any trade or profession. It is based on these simple principles: You create a price list. You create a simple estimate by choosing items from your price
  • SOS - PDA Estimating 2.01

    SOS - PDA estimating 2.01 offers an effective tool which helps you to create quick, accurate estimates on your Pocket PC. Major Features: Be a companion program to Simplified Office softwares
  • Methvin 1.06

    Methvin | estimating is a user friendly Project Management, Construction Pricing System used for estimating Large Construction Projects. Some of Methvin estimating software's unique features include the ability to break
  • The Handy Estimator 2.0

    If you`re like most contractors, you`re wondering how to increase the amount of work you`re being awarded without increasing your overhead or risk. If you haven`t yet Å“retooled your estimating process, you`re probably
  • GEMS General Estimating Tool 7.1.3

    Global estimating Management Systems (GEMS) is proud to present its General estimating Tool ver. 7.1.3 software. The GEMS General estimating Tool is a general purpose software that can be used by a number of disciplines.
  • DUCT-PRO 2.02

    Duct-Pro is Professional estimating Systemscomplete sheet metal estimating program which includes sheet metal and an excel recap sheet. It`s comprehensive, affordable, user friendly and flexible. It works on 32 and 64
  • Fast Estimate 6. 1. 2004

    Construction estimating software for people who need to price work quickly Fast Estimate is the most flexible building estimating software available today. With the ease of use of a spread sheet and the power of a
  • Bid4Build 3.5.1

    Bid4Build standard features include multiple Costbook database plug-ins; advanced editing capabilities; built-in construction estimating Calculators and Calendar Management; Customer, Project and Supplier databases;
  • eTaskMaker Project Planning Software

    eTaskMaker is a unique project estimating system that uses dynamic estimating modules to generate customized project data (task descriptions, durations, resource assignments and predecessor schedule logic) based upon
  • eSTM8 Construction Estimating Software 4

    You can use basic and advanced estimating features that are provided by handy eSTM8 Construction estimating software for exact construction of an estimate. It does not only handle your needs, but also increase the speed
  • printingOffice4 Upgrade 4.5

    The "printingOffice" is a program for a calculation of the printing costing. In the "printingOffice" you can calulate a price for any order in a few seconds. All data for the calculations are adjustable and user can
  • PrintingOffice Lite 4.0

    The printingOffice ???? a software product designed for a calculation of printing costs and production control of printing houses: - Calculates prices for all kinds of printing products. - Solves the problems with
  • CFF3 construction estimating software 3

    CFF3 Construction loan estimating software has been designed to ensure that you have most of the project variables considered so that the produced Forecasts/estimates are likely to reflect the situation of your
  • A-Systems JobView 11.1

    A-Systems JobView is built around the Job costing function.No matter what type of work your construction company does, JobView can handle it! Many companies are able to handle more jobs, more complex jobs, with less
  • Resort Restaurant 1 5

    This program can help restaurant chefs and managers. The program has full recipe and menu costing, and develop banquet costing and stock management functions. Resort Restaurant is ideal for a single site, single sales
  • Pro-Est HVAC 2.02

    Pipe and Sheet Metal estimating software. Pipe and Sheet Metal estimating software. Pro-Est HVAC is a complete HVAC estimating program which includes pipe, sheet metal and an excel recap sheet. Its comprehensive,
  • printingOffice4 4.5

    In the "printingOffice" you can calulate a price for any order in a few seconds. All data for the calculations are adjustable and user can fill them in and change them according to his own request. You can make the
  • Resort Bistro 1 5

    Resort Bistro is designed for working chefs and students who need more powerful recipe costing than Resort Chef provides, but don't need all of the extra features of Resort Restaurant. Resort Bistro uses a more
  • Pipe-Pro 2.02

    Pipe estimating software. Pipe estimating software. Pipe-Pro is a complete pipe estimating program which includes pipe and an excel recap sheet. Its comprehensive, affordable, user friendly and flexible. The pipe
  • Bow Arrow Balloon Game 1.0

    Here is a game for your kid, This game creates concentration and estimation of time with estimating the speed integration of different objects. By this one can improve his/her estimating as well creativity power gifted
  • Goldenseal 4.55

    Goldenseal is integrated Accounting software, project management software and construction estimating software for Macintosh and Windows computers. Goldenseal helps you to run the business side of your small business.
  • MenuCostPro

    MenuCostPro is an inexpensive menu costing software program for the food and beverage industry. MenuCostPro includes all the features you'll need to quickly and easily calculate menu prices and profit margins for your
  • I-Curtest 2.1

    You can now get a copy of one of the worlds most sophisticated and easy to use estimating tools for the soft furnishing industry on the market today. Learning how to make the most of it's power and flexibility will be
  • Xactimate 27.3.1088

    Xactimate equips you with all the tools you need to create professional-looking estimates, as well as to view and manage all your estimating and communication-related activities.With Xactimate, estimating a project is as