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  • Windows Live Messenger Translator 1.0

    Windows Live Messenger Translator is a unique tool that lets you talk with your MSN friends in their native language. The text from them will automatically convert into your native language. This tool is free of cost
  • ringtones composer 19.0

    With Ringophone, you can enjoy your own ringtones only by playing your favorite song using virtual piano. It has many real tone mp3 songs and midi songs. You can download them in your phone. Android, iPhone, Symbian,
  • AEC Buildings 2009 1.0

    Contracting companies and investors have raised their benchmarks regarding time, value for engineering hours and cost effective construction. To meet these demands they need an automation manager. AEC Buildings 2009 is
  • EnCalcL 4.1

    EnCalcL calculates the cost of purchasing and running water using appliances, allowing items to be compared under the same or different conditions, or the true cost of one item to be worked out simply. The results which
  • Manufacturing Cost Calculation Spreadshe 1.0

    As a manufactory owner, you really want to know how to calculate the manufactory cost. Our Manufacturing cost Calculation spreadsheets templates provide a basis for understanding on how we calculator the manufactory cost
  • 1000 Free Web Page Templates 1.9

    Now you can make your WebPages more attractive by using new and beautiful Web Page Templates. You can get all templates free of cost for both personal and commercial use. You can get a lot of colorful layouts
  • CPU 1.001

    cost Per Unit calculator written in Assembly CPU is a cost Per Unit calculator to assist in deciding what product and packet size is the best value for money. The window stays on top and there are two independent
  • National Construction Estimator 2008

    Craftsman?????????????????s new National Building cost Estimator software combines computing power with trusted 2008 National Building cost Manual cost data, allowing you to create fast, reliable estimates of a
  • USB WriteProtector 1.1

    USB WriteProtector enables or disables the write Protection for USB disks, e.g. an USB stick. Changes in Version 1.1: [+] The program can Now be started with command line parameters. [+] A language for Chinese
  • Portuguese Dictionary for Palm OS 6.0

    The bi-directional BEIKS Portuguese dictionary features approx. 25,000 headwords in each direction, making it more than sufficient for the widest range of language reference needs. Also included as a special bonus, is
  • Christmas Super Frog for Mac 1.0

    You can download the best Christmas game Christmas Super Frog for Mac free of cost. In this game, your aim is to recover all the missing gifts before the arrival of Christmas as the Santa's toboggan has broken down, and
  • MyParty_Net 4.0.0

    In this program you can easily compose a very complex party, such as a wedding or the like, or just an unofficial get together party. You can specify if you want to cook yourself or let a catering company take care of
  • Free Phipe 1.0

    free Phipe is a completely stand-alone and free solution for all your outbound calling requirements! In addition, Phipe does not require any extra hardware setup. There are NO PBX systems and NO phone lines required.
  • CursorUS 1.9.81

    CursorUS is a simple utility that allows you to navigate your desktop with continuous movement of the mouse, by extending it beyond the screen borders. This software allows your cursor to MOVE continuously on reaching
  • Builders Bill 1.0

    This software is based on Item cost allotted as % of Project cost.Further each floors cost is arrived at by Cumulative Additionof Item Wise % cost. Reporting includes Displaying / Printing & Exporting of Percentage
  • Locale2MUI 2.2

    Sets Firefox/Thunderbird Locale to Windows (MUI) language on startup. This is most useful in Multi-language Environment. If you install fx/tb language packs for languages that are installed on the OS, the app language
  • Fuel Calculator 1.0

    Fuel Calculator is a new handy application that helps you in calculating consumption of fuel cost. It will tell you exact calculation of the fuel cost per trip, per mile or even annual cost of fuel. With this handy
  • MINITAB Japanese

    If you already have Minitab installed and want to install an additional language, download the language pack of your choice and use the program accordingly. The language pack is free to download and upon installation
  • Ebook - The true cost of downtime 1.00

    The True cost of Downtime by Don Fitchett, Business Industrial Network; 2002 ESBIN: C60-592B-1b38-40E8 Guide to process mapping production cost. Primarily explorers manufacturing cost metrics in an exhau stive effort to
  • PhreeBooks Accounting R2.1

    Web-based (ERP) accounting. Management of inventory (labor, stock and assemblies), customer/vendor accounts, banking, shipping. POS. Standard/Custom reports. Multi-user level security. Interface to e-commerce,
  • Cube Panel Professional 3.0

    Self administration of your hosting services. Thanks to Cube Panel's three levels of management, you can easily control all your servers and allow your clients and domains to administer their available resources and
  • UrduBar 1.1.12

    UrduBar 1.1.12 is created to be a useful and intuitive Internet Explorer Add-on (Plugin) with which you can type Urdu (National language of Pakistan) or Arabic language on Web Pages. It can also be used for Persian
  • Outsourced Time and Cost Reduction Calculator 1.0

    Calculates outsourcing time and cost savings Outsourced Time and cost Reduction Calculator calculates time and cost savings incurred by outsourcing various tasks. Tasks and in-house hours and cost fields can be
  • TheSage 4.5.1786

    The free software application TheSage combines together the English language dictionary and thesaurus on exclusive language reference
  • M-Lat SMS Desktop - FREE 1.3.1

    Send Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns from your PC to worldwide 15 SMS free. TRY NOW. 15 free SMS will be automatically credited to your account for trial, immediately after you register as a new user. The software is 100%
  • EFSG Dictionary Bundle 6.01

    Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome! We've received many requests to Combine our most popular four European language dictionaries (English, French, German and Spanish) and provide a great discount so here it is: the European

    ROBOTC is the premiere robotics programming language for educational robotics and competitions. ROBOTC is a C-Based Programming language with an Easy-to-Use Development Environment. ROBOTC is a: -LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT
  • Worder for Gmail 1.3

    The Worder is a standalone application that automatically fixes when you tried to type in one language but your setup language is on another... Annoying, eh?! That's because the computer doesn't understand you, and you
  • Worder for Microsoft Outlook 1.2

    The Worder is a standalone application that automatically fixes when you tried to type in one language but your setup language is on another... Annoying, eh?! That's because the computer doesn't understand you, and you
  • Worder for Chrome 1.41

    The Worder is a standalone application that automatically fixes when you tried to type in one language but your setup language is on another... Annoying, eh?! That's because the computer doesn't understand you, and you