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  • Accepted Screensaver 3.0

    Accepted free Funny films Screensaver Download the free Accepted Funny films Screensaver from When you can t get into college make one up! Download the cast of Accepted in this collegiate
  • Rugrats Go Wild Screensaver 3.0

    Rugrats Go Wild! free Animated films Scr... Download the free Rugrats Go Wild! Animated films Screensaver from The Rugrats meet the Wild Thornberrys on a desktop near you. Download the free
  • The Devil s Rejects Screensaver 3.0

    The Devil s Rejects free Slasher films S... Download the free The Devil s Rejects Slasher films Screensaver from Ley mayhem ensue on your desktop with this screensaver from the Rob Zombie
  • MPG Converter 1.1

    Video converter for DivX, MPG, MP3, MPEG Video converter tools (freeware) for converting movies and films to/from DivX, MPG, MP3, MP4, MPEG and many more! Convert all your favourite movies and films to compressed
  • MAGIX Movies on DVD 7 Build

    It allows you to burn your videos on disc and watch them on TV The name says it all: MAGIX Movies on CD & DVD transfers your precious movies on CD or DVD. Regardless if you capture from a camera or from a VCR, all your
  • ASCII Projektor 3

    ASCII Projektor presents films by drawing them with characters. The application accepts films from the computer???s camera as well as from QuickTime files. You can set up which characters and fonts are used to
  • Movie Club Manager 3.0.1

    Movie Club Manager is the one-stop management package for organising and running your movie rental and sales business. It manages your customers, films, rental, sales and at the same time keeps an Eye on your finances
  • FilmEasyDevelop 2.0

    This application is a powerful tool for converting Negative films you kept into high quality positive images. It's suitable for almost all types of color or B&W film. With FilmEasyDevelop you can: make vivid digital
  • wxCommander 1.2

    A new two-panel file manager wxCommander application is a new two-panel file manager. It comes with a few unique features (iso, a great text editor) and is built to last, created with the best software development tools
  • Media Mall Toolbar

    Advanced toolbar containing more than 200 Live TV Channels , Live webcams , Live films , also contain : Online Radio with more Channels and you can add any more by "add stations" function from its menu. Also contain
  • Power Flash 1.0

    Flash is the most popular 2D animation in network. It provides colorful animation effect and strong human-computer interaction function. However, as popular software, PowerPoint does not provide direct insert Flash movie
  • Compressed NTFS File Decompressor 3.0

    compressed NTFS File Decompressor 3.0 is a helpful program which works by searching the specified drive for compressed files and folders, and for each one found, a decompression algorithm is applied. Decompress all
  • Palm Media Studio 2.0

    300% faster DVD-to-Palm conversions. Watch DVD, home movies, feature films and TV-series on your video Palm in great quality, in full screen, zoomed mode. Transfer DVD to Palm in only two clicks. This software may be
  • WatchedOrNot 1.0

    Watched or Not? Movie Database will allow you to add all those ???must see??? films to a handy database and keep them for future reference. Features: - Adding and Deleting of potential ???must see??? films - Set
  • Student ExplorIt -- DO 4.7

    These files may have been compressed for quicker download. In order to open a compressed file, you will need a utility to uncompress them. If you do not have a utility to do this already installed on your computer, there
  • Fun Search Film 1.1.0

    Fun Search Film is a simple and easy-to-use database software to store and organise your personal collection of films and DVDs. The system is capable to store thousands of films entries including among other things film
  • Paint online N 08

    Paint online Paint online.TIME For Kids Subscribe to TIME For Kids Harry Potter Challenge. Test your Hogwarts smarts! TIME For Kids.films for kids For up-to-date information on the current month?s films, We arent able
  • MSU StegoVideo 1.0

    You can use this free program for hiding information in video. Your hidden data can be recovered even from compressed video, or if the video is compressed again by another codec.. You cannot hide so big files, but it is
  • Ease Audio Converter 5.30

    Ease Audio Converter Plus is used for decoding one compressed format to WAVE and encoding WAVE to any compressed format. It converts through sound card to make perfect copies of the originals. It enables you to burn your
  • Marwan CabZip Finder 2.0.11

    Marwan CabZip Finder is a free program to help you searching within compressed files (*.cab and *.zip) for certain file or files. Features: 1.Searching within compressed files for files. 2.Ability to view those files
  • Flux Transfer 1.1.1007

    You can use inclusive software application Flux Transfer for following purposes: for copying films, audio and other files from the PC to the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and from the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the PC;
  • ZipAgent

    ZipAgent is the only Zip utility on the market to provide a transparent decompression mode. When operating in this mode, double-clicking on a Zip File containing a single file directly opens the compressed file (as if it
  • Thies Mediaproject 0.1

    Manage your films, Music and TV-Series on harddisk. With Webinterface to manage and stream your media in LAN.Main features:- add your films/movies each stored in a folder on multible hard-disks and or folders-
  • Mobile Media Maker (PSP) 1.0

    Watch video's and movies on your Playstation Portable. This software lets you convert movies and video's to your PSP and watch them in great quality in full screen landscape mode. A memorystick as small as 128 Mb is
  • Jaman 2.2

    Download movies with the Jaman Player. Jaman is a destination for people to discover, enjoy and review movies from around the world. Jaman's Internet community is pioneering the social aspects of independent and
  • QQPlayer 3.6.883.400

    QQPlayera that is free of any plug-ins and advertisements allows you to enjoy audio and video with excellent quality over internet. It is designed by Tencent and contains multi-playback engine. It has a lot of advantages
  • Active@ Disk Image for DOS 2.1

    Active@ Disk Image is a free DOS-based solution designed for complete backup and restoration of the whole HDD as well as the particular FAT / NTFS partitions and logical drives. You can create compressed and
  • Leonard Maltin Movie Guide 2008 2.2

    Instantly transform your handheld into the most up-to-date, comprehensive and reliable Movie guide around. Summer blockbusters and independent sleepers; The masterworks of Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock; The
  • GAMERA 1.0

    GAMERA was inspired by the handlettered titles of the English-language version of certain Gamera films (left). The font is emphatic and primitive with a rough organic edge, rather like its giant mutated NAMESAKE.
  • LogTool 2.0.0080

    LogTool is a public domain tool available from SBW Consulting, Inc. and the compressed Air Challenge (CAC). It is designed to help analyze the performance of compressed-air systems. It is a companion tool for AIRMaster ,