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  • OutFront Web Template -- Rings of Red 1.0

    This OutFront Web Template for frontpage 2000/02 uses custom themes, frontpage navigation components, and frontpage Include pages to provide top quality web sites that you can add to and rearrange with drag-and-drop ease
  • FrontPage Web Template for the Human Resources Site 1.0

    frontpage Web site templates can be used to create an entire Web site from scratch. These custom sites have been converted into Web site templates so you can use them to create a basic site, and then fully customize
  • MenuPlus 3.5

    MenuPlus is a set of two new components which extend Microsoft frontpage's built-in Table of Contents and Navigation Bar Components. MenuPlus is compatible with frontpage 97/98, 2000 & 2002! * Bugfixed a problem
  • TagGen-FrontPage Edition 4.6

    TagGen-frontpage Edition that enables various websites authors to embed metadata into their documents without looking at HTML Code. It provides almost all the features that you would need to prepare your Web site for
  • Professor Teaches FrontPage 2003 1.0

    Professor Teaches frontpage 2003 1.0 offers you a powerful tool which helps you to design and build Web sites, leads brand of training, provides realistic, interactive, and complete training for Microsoft frontpage 2003.
  • Hi-Visibility for FrontPage 5.0

    The Hi-Visibility software is tested by Microsoft ad is used for updating Microsoft frontpage 2000 & frontpage 2002. This Search Engine Submission Tool is used for ranking search
  • FrontPage Server Extensions 1

    Now you can use multi-user as well as search, and remote authoring functionality that are provided by handy frontpage Server Extensions for extending frontpage-based Web
  • KISSfp 2.1b

    KISSfp facilitates uploading of frontpage-based Web sites to Hosts without MS Server Extensions by FTP. It saves space on your webhost by selecting just the files required. Read our Press Release! KISSfp is great
  • Document Repository System 0.10.2

    Using Document Repository System application you will be able to easily and rapidly manage the entire corporation documents integrated with frontpage web. This application is written in PHP and is fully compatible with
  • FrontPage Web Template- Real Estate 1.0

    Now you can make websites according to your desires from scratch by using handy frontpage Web Template- Real Estate program. Actually old web sites are converted into templates that you can customize fully with frontpage
  • Xara Online Microsoft FrontPage add-on 1.0

    With Xara Online Microsoft frontpage add-on, you can easily access all the web service Modules from the 'Insert' menu of frontpage. Its modules ranges from customized graphics, photos with special effects, scrolling
  • TagGen for FrontPage 1.0.006

    The handy software application TagGen for frontpage is composed by Advanced Meta Data Management System. It is compatible with Windows 98/Windows NT Logo. It is integrated in the Tools Menu of frontpage Editor. Iyt is
  • fpHelp Builder 3.2.2

    Authors can use fpHelp Builder to create online help file for a software application or content for a multimedia title or web site. As an information delivery system, HTML Help is suited for a wide range of applications,
  • Xara Online Microsoft FrontPage Add-in 1.0

    Xara Online Microsoft frontpage Add-in 1.0 provides you a powerful tool which is able to give you access to a range of Web service modules directly from the Insert menu of frontpage. The Xara modules range from
  • WebMenu Maker 1.0

    The handy software WebMenu Maker makes creation of professional DHTML pop-up menu for web pages very easy. It has following key features: it has user friendly interface that is very easy to use; it has fully
  • Windows Media Player Add-in for Microsoft FrontPage 9

    This add-in enables new capabilities for frontpage users including the ability to: Easily embed the Windows Media Player 9 Series or 10 Series control into frontpage web pages and SharePoint sites; Control the look and
  • InstantFX SE Flash Slide Puzzle Maker 1.0

    Create awesome slide puzzles for promotion, online games or just for fun using any image you like! The InstantFX SE Flash Slide Puzzle Maker can create 3x3 or 4x4 slide puzzles with ease. Output direct to any web
  • Sothink JS Scroller and Menu Builder Suite 1.6

    Sothink JS Scroller and Menu Builder Suite 1.6 is developed to be a smart and convenient software with which you can easily design scrollers including ads, events, news, slide shows. Scroller will detect the browser's
  • Urdu Editor 8.0

    Urdu Editor is free learning software that helps you to write Urdu and learn Urdu with free screen Urdu Keyboard. It is a full-featured text editor allowing users to write Urdu and English simultaneously. It also
  • WebDrive (64-bit) 9.11

    WebDrive (64-bit) 9.11brings users the convenience of using an efficient software whichintegrates a WebDAV or FTP server into the Windows desktop by mapping it to a network drive letter. Files are transferred by simply
  • Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003

    As Web sites become increasingly sophisticated, they require an advanced program that can keep pace with development skills. Microsoft Office frontpage 2003 provides the features, flexibility, and functionality to help
  • BV Commerce Lite 2004.6

    Now you can install the best shopping cart software BV Commerce 2004 in less than 15 minutes. It has user friendly interface as well as it offers you all the standard features of shopping cart. You can use it without any
  • Makro folder 2.1

    Show the frontpage of the new Makro/Metro Belgium
  • Webstyle 4.0

    A quick and easy way to produce quality web graphics and photos - no skill required! Create graphics by simply customizing the professionally designed templates, including animated banner ads, button bars with DHTML
  • Xara Webstyle 4.0

    A quick and easy way to produce quality web graphics and photos - no skill required! Create graphics by simply customizing the professionally designed templates, including animated banner ads, button bars with DHTML
  • Pure CSS Menu for FrontPage and Expression Web 1.5.10

    Pure CSS Menu for frontpage & Expression Web This Pure CSS Drop Down Menu builder add-in for Expression Web and frontpage completely automates the process of creation and editing of pure CSS Drop Down Menus for web
  • Clear Teal Template 1.0

    Clear Blue is a frontpage Template that uses Smooth curves and transparent colors for a clean, professional
  • FORTUNE3 Shopping Cart & ECommerce Wizard 3.62

    This powerful ECommerce program generates Web pages, shopping carts, and entire Web stores with complete E-Commerce capabilities. It has a built-in HTML editor and FTP client. You can use it to create wholesale and
  • El Scripto 2.0

    With El Scripto 2, you can add powerful components to your website without coding. You can easily create advanced pop-up windows, image rollovers, form elements, and more with absolutely no technical knowledge and no
  • Frontpage Menu Add In 5.7

    The frontpage add-on Vista Buttons Menu is a handy utility that enables you to make trendy and potent web menu navigation in Expression Web and in the different versions of frontpage 2000. Its key features include: it