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  • Free Address Book - Free Phone Book

    With Free Address Book you can note the addresses, phone numbers, mobile, fax, company name, country, city, website address and email addresses of
  • V-Book Compiler 1.2

    Virtual book offers you the smartest and most reliable technology to create your digital publication; with V-Book Compiler you can create
  • Active E-Book Compiler 4.22

    You can use this user friendly Active E-Book Compiler program for creating E-Books easily. Its major features are it has user friendly interface; it
  • E-Book HTML Compiler Pro and Pro + 2.1

    You can use handy E-Book HTML Compiler Pro and Pro + for compiling HTML into a single stand alone exe while mail lmks as well as Gifs, frames, and
  • Design Tools - 2D Design Student 1.20

    TechSoft created 2D Design for users who require sophisticated drawing and design features, but don???t want to spend a lifetime learning to use them.
  • COSMIC ST7 C Compiler 4.5.8

    COSMIC ST7 C Compiler reads C source files, assembly language source files, and object code files, and produces an executable file. You can request
  • Amicus18 Compiler 1.0.20

    The Amicus Proton Compiler integrates fully with Microchip's MPLAB® Integrated Development Environment (IDE), allowing full debugging and simulation
  • EGI Animation Compiler 4.0a

    Now you an enjoy media applications and games fully by using advanced Frame animation engine of handy software EGI Animation Compiler that is using an
  • Spetniks C++ Compiler Shell 3.00

    a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the free Borland C++ Builder 5.5 and this shell inputs file information and command-line options from a friendly
  • ByteRun Website Compiler

    Pokie Magic - Aztec Invaders is an Aussie style slot simulation (also called a poker machine or a "Pokie"). Play the pokies at home! The one time
  • Digital Mars C/C++ Compiler 8.52

    Digital Mars C/C++ Compiler contains C & C++ compiler, optimized linker, standard and win32 header files, and runtime linkable libraries. Win32 and
  • SFX Compiler 2.05

    Nowadays Software developers are using SFX Compiler because it lets them easily add multiple files into one self-extracting file. It has user
  • Simple Little Compiler 0.04

    Simple Little Compiler 0.04 comes as a free yet useful C/BASIC style compiler intended to be as portable as possible It is based on CALC (supplied
  • Puzzlers Cave Crossword Compiler 1.1

    The Puzzlers' Cave Crossword Compiler is specifically designed to make creating crosswords as simple and quick as possible. You will be Amazed at how
  • NATATA eBook Compiler 2.1

    Natata eBook Compiler is an powerful software that packs and compresses multiple files including HTML, CSS, WAV, TXT, GIF, JPG, mid, JavaScript,
  • DISLIN for GNU G95 Compiler 10.1

    DISLIN is a user-friendly and intuitive application that includes high-level library of subroutines and functions that display data graphically. It
  • MPLAB XC32 C Compiler 1.11

    MPLAB® XC is Microchip's simple and comprehensive line of compilers that support all their devices.-Supports all 8-, 16- and 32- bit PIC MCUs and
  • Compiler 911 06.20.2009

    Optimizing, easy and clever, multi-target object pascal and assembler compiler, suitable absolutely for all kinds of programming tasks on x86 platform
  • ncc compiler 2.8

    ncc is a compiler that produces program Analysis information. ncc is a decent replacement of Cflow and cscope able to analyse any program using the
  • HMS800C Compiler 3.1.003

    A 'C' compiler for all abov's 800 core MCU.It is provided with IDE(Integrated Development Environment). So you can manage and compile codes as a
  • E-ditor eBook Compiler 2.5

    E-ditor eBook Compiler is a great piece of software that will allow you to create your own eBooks written in HTML or TXT format building a very
  • HybridJava Compiler 0.95

    The product offers a new Java-based technology for programming dynamic web content. The suggested is a direct alternative to Java Server Pages
  • 4tH compiler 3.60

    4tH isn't the only Forth compiler that runs on several systems. However, 4tH takes portability a whole step further. Some C-based Forth compilers
  • WinEbook Compiler 2.3

    Now anyone can publish a book on computer with the WinEbook Compiler. The compiler has many tools to help you write your book or import it from
  • Multi-page Tiff Compiler 2.00

    Designed specifically for the document imaging bureau environment, the software will take a complete folder of single page tif images and effortlessly
  • Lingua Compiler 3.04

    Need to parse English, XML, HTML, JSCRIPT, or other languages? Neuric Technologies' Lingua creates a parser for you in C/C++. Far easier to use and
  • Access MDE Compiler 1.4

    Now you have no need to get worried if you're MDB, ACCDB or ADP source file is corrupted or misplaced because the handy software program Access MDE
  • Tiny C Compiler 0.9.25

    if you want to compile the Linux kernel with TCC, you must use a custom build script as in TCCBOOT . I never tried to compile the Linux kernel with
  • Budget Compiler QuickBooks Excel 30

    Whatever type of business you are running, you need to have an effective budget that ensures everything functions smoothly and you make the much
  • BoostC C compiler (Full License) 6.97

    C compiler for PICmicro
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  • Ordasoft Book library 2.1

    OrdaSoft realised new version of one of the most popular component for creating, manage and maintain a book Library,e-book Catalog or book collection - book Library 2.1. Now book library available for Joomla 1.6 and
  • TPC16 Compiler Source Code 1.0

    Turbo Pascal compiler written in Turbo Pascal Turbo Pascal compiler written in Turbo Pascal. This is not the "original" Borland source code of the Turbo Pascal since it was not written in Pascal. This is TPC16, a
  • TPC32 Compiler Source Code 1.0

    Turbo Pascal compiler written in Delphi Turbo Pascal compiler written in Delphi. This is not the "original" Borland source code of the Turbo Pascal since it was not written in Delphi. This is TPC32, a Turbo Pascal
  • Multipack C Development System 2.22

    The ultimate Multipack C Development System at a very affordable price. Features: # Micro-IDE - a Windows-based Integrated Development Environment # Complete online documentation including C Tutorial, C Library
  • Fast Ebook Compiler 1.4

    Fast Ebook compiler is a publishing tool used to create single compressed .exe file from a group of html files. It considers a given folder as a project and wraps all files up including subfolders into one package.
  • paxCompiler for delphi 6 2.0

    paxcompiler is an embeddable compiler of the Object Pascal programming language. The key features of the paxcompiler are: The compiler generates machine code for Intel compatible processors (IA-32 architecture). It is
  • Gambit 4.5.2

    Gambit consists of two main programs: gsi, the Gambit Scheme interpreter, and gsc, the Gambit Scheme compiler. The interpreter contains the complete execution and debugging environment. The compiler is the interpreter
  • Recovery Toolbox for Address Book 1.2.23

    The Recovery Toolbox for Address book tool makes it possible to recover contact information from the Windows Address book where data used by the mail clients Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express (wab files) is stored.
  • Objeck 3.1.1_1

    Modern platform independent OO language with a native JIT compiler. Modern platform independent OO language with a native JIT compiler. The Objeck computer language is an OO computing language that has ties with
  • ICE Book Reader Professional 9.1.0

    ICE book Reader Professional is the ultimate e-book reader. It is also possible to use ICE book Reader Professional as a teleprompter. ICE book Reader Professional is the first alternative e-book reader which includes
  • DiskInternals Address Book Recovery 1.1

    Are your address book contacts the most valued asset on your PC? Did you experience a computer crash? Looking for an immediate solution to recover your contacts? Look no further! DiskInternals Address book Recovery will
  • Book Discovery 1.7.7

    book Discovery recommends books based on web sites you've been browsing in the Internet. Once books are discovered, you will be given opportunity to view book details, such as bindings, versions, and promotions, through
  • SysTools Address Book Recovery 1.0

    Did you accidentally delete your contacts from your Windows Address book? Did you accidentally delete MS Outlook Contacts PST file? Your system crashed and now you cannot access your contact details? Address book
  • Book Organizer Deluxe 4.1

    book organizer software for Windows users. Our software allows book collectors, hobbyists, book clubs, small private or public libraries to organize and manage book collections. For the database novice, Organizer's
  • Bargain Book Mole 0.1

    No single bookseller always has the best prices--whether it is for used or new books., the world's largest bookseller, usually does NOT have the lowest prices. Yet, searching multiple sites can be time
  • SysTools Notes Address Book Converter 7.0

    Are you a Lotus Notes user and want to move all your Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook, MS Excel, vCard File format or .CSV? SysTools Notes Address book Converter is an easy to use Address book Conversion utility; even
  • Address Book Recovery Free 1.0

    Address book Recovery free is a handy tool that enables you to recover deleted contacts from the standard Windows Address book. This storage is used by popular email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Address Book Fix Toolbox 1.1.0

    Address book Fix Toolbox is the fastest Data Recovery service, supporting the Analysis of Address book files. This program allows recovering WAB files that were corrupted due to malware infections or other issues
  • Visual Vision EbooksReader 3.0

    Visual Vision EbooksReader is an e-book reader specifically designed for books in AEH format, i.e., e-books created using Visual Vision`s EbooksWriter. Its simple interface offers you a customizable reading experience,
  • Outlook Express Address Book Conversion 2.0

    SysTools provides Outlook Express Address book Conversion Tool to convert email client Address book file to some other format. Outlook Express Address book Conversion is an easier & most popular Software to move
  • Notes Address Book Converter 7.0

    Convert Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook contacts using SysTools Notes Address book Converter. SysTools Notes Address book Converter Software is a best Lotus Notes Address book conversion tool that efficiently supports to
  • Aozora Bookshelf 1 6

    Aozora bookshelf is an e-book viewer that enables to read more than 9,000 books posted on Aozora Bunko. Benefits: - My bookshelf By adding your favorite books to My bookshelf, you can build your own book collection.
  • Import Apple Address Book To Outlook

    Do you want to move your contacts from Apple Mac Address book to Microsoft Outlook ? Do you wish to import Apple Address book to Outlook ? There are situation when you want to gather all contacts list in one place for
  • DWG Import for Alibre Design 1.0

    DWG Import for Alibre design is an AutoCAD DWG file import add-on for Alibre design®. It gives Alibre design the ability to import solid objects from AutoCAD DWG files as solids models in Alibre design. Alibre design
  • MPLAB C32 2.02

    The MPLAB C compiler for PIC32 is a full-featured ANSI compliant C compiler for Microchip's PIC32 family of 32-bit microcontrollers. A free evaluation is available by downloading the Evaluation Edition. It has no code
  • Jikes 1.22.1

    JikesTM is a compiler for the JavaTM language. The Jikes project strives for strict adherence to the Java Language and Java Virtual Machine Specifications. Jikes' most popular feature is it's extremely fast compile
  • DEV-C++ 5.4.1

    Dev-C++ is a Development software developed by Bloodshed Software. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Dev-C++: Bloodshed Dev-C++ is a
  • FX Batch Compiler 1.1

    A handy FX effect files compiler. A handy FX effect files compiler. FX Batch compiler is a program designed to help you compile FX effect files and HLSL shader files using fxc command line compiler included in

    compiler infrastructure built in Java. compiler infrastructure built in Java. The COINS compiler infrastructure was built so that it can provide modularized compiler components. Components such as C front-end,
  • EBook Maestro FREE 1.80

    Ebook compiler software is a universal tool to make feature-rich presentations and ebooks with easy access and exchange over the Internet. freeware ebook Maestro offers the full spectrum of options for non-commercial