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  • Free Coding Tool 1.0

    Free Three Coding Algorithms ,Ceasar, Bosfor, Vijiner. Free Download. The program is quite simple so even if you are a beginner you can use it
  • Free Monitor Tool 2.2

    Free network monitor tool for home network monitoring and troubleshooting. Free monitor tool is a free edition of AthTek NetWalk. It has the same
  • Advanced Pdf Tool Free 5.2

    Advanced Pdf Tool Free is an "all-in-one" and most powerful PDF tool which can help you free decrypt PDF, free Split&Merge PDF and free
  • Free Icon Tool 2.0.0

    Use Free Icon Tool to extract icons and cursors stored as EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL and CIL files, and to open all kinds of image files. You can save these
  • CDR Repair Tool Free 1.0

    CDR Repair Tool Free provides easy ways of CorelDraw recovery that can be used on any PC in the network, this CDR format repair service can be started
  • Free PDF Converter Tool 11. 6. 2001

    The free PDF converter tool has the capability to convert as many as 50 PDF files to Word documents in a single conversion cycle. Also, Kernel for PDF
  • Free Ping Tool

    Now you can watch the real time functioning of the servers and websites by using handy software tool ManageEngine Ping. You can also use it for
  • Free Red-eye Reduction Tool 1.0

    The red-eye effect in photography is the common appearance of red pupils in color photographs of eyes.Free Red-eye Reduction Tool is a photo
  • PST Repair tool Free

    With PST Repair tool Free you can solve problem caused the damage of input mailbox in ost or pst format. This program works with copies of selected
  • ManageEngine MibBrowser Free Tool 5.0

    ManageEngine MibBrowser Free Tool is a complete tool to test the SNMP Agent running in the network. SNMP MibBrowser Free Tool is a complete MibBrowser
  • Free ManageEngine VM Configuration Tool 1.0

    Virtual Machine's emulates all aspects of an actual computer and creates a separate environment for running operating system. Each operating system is
  • Free SEO Tool for Article and Keywords 0.3

    A free SEO Tool for a better content / text of the web page. With different articles or search-words, Tools is this free SEO Tool equipped. No matter
  • ManageEngine Free Ping Tool 1.0

    The ManageEngine FREE Ping tool is a simple yet powerful tool with an elegant UI that helps to issue ping requests to "Multiple IP Addresses" in a
  • MySQL Recovery Tool Free 1.0

    MySQL Recovery Tool Free is a simple, yet powerful file recovery and repair tool for damaged and corrupted MySQL database files. MySQL files are used
  • Free Html Img Tag Updater Tool 2.0

    Update IMG tag width and height automatically This tool massively automatically sets and updates the height and width attributes of IMG tags of
  • Free Windows Cleanup Tool 1.1

    Free Windows Cleanup Tool is a collection of tools to optimize your PC's performance. It allows you to find and remove the junk files in your PC,
  • Free Excel Repair Tool 5.55

    Free Excel repair tool download. Restores damaged files easily in your own computer. The free version will repair damaged files easily in your own PC.
  • Excel Repair Tool Free 1.0

    Excel Repair Tool Free is the market leading Microsoft Excel files repair tool which is only available from our secure download site. You cannot buy
  • Free Clone Stamp Tool 1.0

    This is a free photo editing software with the clone stamp tool. It can be used to remove or duplicate objects on your photos. Fix stains, blemishes
  • Free PDF To Office Conversion Tool

    PDF to Office Conversion ToolPDF to Office Conversion Tool is a professional PDF conversion which supports converting PDF files to office files,
  • Recovery CorelDraw Tool Free 1.0

    Get Recovery CorelDraw Tool Free anytime you encounter the damage of CDR files and make sure this application is powerful enough for recovery
  • Free Incredimail Recovery Tool 12.01.06

    Quick Recovery for Incredimail is the user friendly and result- confound application used for recovering and repairing corrupt or damaged Incredimail
  • W32.Bropia Free Removal Tool 1.3.2

    If you are on a network or have a full-time connection to the Internet, such as a DSL or cable modem, Disconnect the computer from the network and
  • Registry Cleaner - Free Scan Tool 1.1

    Registry Cleaner - Free PC Scanning Tool. Scan your PC for registry problems and then instantly clean your system with a few clicks of the mouse. Make
  • Spyware Remover - Free Scan Tool 1.1

    Spyware Remover - Scan Your PC For Spyware, Adware, Malware, Pop-up Generators, Keyloggers, Unrequested Browser Toolbars, Trojans, Browser Hijackers,
  • QPack Free Requirements Management Tool 7.0

    QPack Requirements management tool is a robust solution for tracking your requirements and provide end-to-end product delivery solution. QPack
  • Free Access Password Recovery Tool 1.0

    It is a free software which can recover your lost password for Microsoft Access database. It has a simple, clean interface that made it very easy to
  • Free ManageEngine HyperV Configuration Tool 1.0

    Virtual Machine's emulates all aspects of an actual computer and creates a separate environment for running operating system. Each operating system is
  • Free W32/CleanFakeAV Trojan Removal Tool 2.0

    This virus removal tool will detect and remove W32/CleanFakeAV Trojan. cleanfakeav.exe will detect and remove W32/CleanFakeAV Trojan completely,
  • Trojan.Vundo free Removal Tool 1.5.1

    Trojan.Vundo is a small yet very powerful and efficient application that enables you to eradicate the Trojan.Vundo infections. As Trojan.Vundo can
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  • Case Compiler 3.00

    Case compiler is the easiEST and simplest case Analysis tool available today. With Case compiler, you can instantly navigate millions of documents and thousands of annotations. Forgot where that key piece evidence
  • Simple Little Compiler 0.04

    Simple Little compiler 0.04 comes as a free yet useful C/BASIC style compiler intended to be as portable as possible It is based on CALC (supplied with MoonRock and in a separate "compiler bits" archive), and generates
  • ActiveSite Compiler 4.0

    The ActiveSite compiler is a fully featured compiler for web sites, web applications and web services. It produces an EXE file that has integrated web server and it supports ASP.NET 2.0, ASP, and PHP 4/5 along with
  • mikroC PRO for PIC32 2.40

    compiler comes with comprehensive Help file and lots of ready-to-use examples designed to get you started in no time. compiler license includes free upgrades and a product lifetime tech support, so you can rely on our
  • paxCompiler 2.8

    paxcompiler is an embeddable compiler of Pascal, Basic and JavaScript programming languages that generates machine code for Intel compatible processors (IA-32 architecture). You can use the compiler as a scripting

    compiler infrastructure built in Java. compiler infrastructure built in Java. The COINS compiler infrastructure was built so that it can provide modularized compiler components. Components such as C front-end,
  • HMG.4 4.0

    HMG is a free software application that lets the programmer to express its ideas in a straight way, using a simple code.This software tool is easy to write and easy to maintain, making your work more productive.This
  • ETP-Basic Compiler 1.0

    ETP-Basic compiler is a cross compiler. It takes in entry a basic-like language and generates z80 and 68k assembler codes. The compiler can be executed on a x86 platform, and the source can be compiled by Visual Studio
  • Steel Bank Common Lisp 1.0.34

    Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL) is a high performance Common Lisp compiler. It is open source / free software, with a permissive license. In addition to the compiler and runtime system for ANSI Common Lisp, it provides an
  • MSI to EXE Compiler 3.1

    Already have an MSI package, but your client need EXE file? MSI to EXE compiler can help! This is professional solution to convert MSI to EXE with minimal overhead and maximal compatibility. MSI to EXE compiler
  • SES51C 7.55

    This program is a professional full screen editor, C compiler and assembler and debugger for Windows. This useful tool helps you create a complete micro controller development workstation. The compiler also allows inline
  • Neurotranslator 2011-12-12 Alph

    XBNF compiler that you can use. XBNF compiler that you can use. Neurotranslator was specially designed as a compiler using for a new XBNF syntax. Severals inputs and outputs flux (files or stdin/stdout) are usable
  • BCX 4.61

    The Windows compatible translator BCX is used for translating BASIC syntax file into ANSI C. It is portable as well as compatible with following compilers: C/C++ compilers: Microsoft VC++, Borland free compiler, Digital
  • FX Batch Compiler 1.1

    A handy FX effect files compiler. A handy FX effect files compiler. FX Batch compiler is a program designed to help you compile FX effect files and HLSL shader files using fxc command line compiler included in
  • SourceBoost IDE 7.05.1

    SourceBoost IDE is a modern development environment that allows rapid development of code. The code can be compiled under one of the SourceBoost compilers, or under under a third part compilers. SourceBoost IDE works
  • Multipack C Development System 2.22

    The ultimate Multipack C Development System at a very affordable price. Features: # Micro-IDE - a Windows-based Integrated Development Environment # Complete online documentation including C Tutorial, C Library
  • Bloodshed Dev-Pascal 1.9.2

    Bloodshed Dev-Pascal 1.9.2 is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) that enables you to create Windows-, DLL-, or console-based Pascal programs using the free Pascal compiler.  Major Features: Pascal
  • Hitex Development Tools GNU C/C++ Tools for ARM 4.03.0003.1

    The GNU compiler Collection (GCC) is a set of compilers produced for various programming languages by the GNU Project. GCC is a key component of the GNU toolchain. Originally named as "GNU C compiler" the GCC has been
  • RKit-ARM for Ride7

    The Raisonance-Phyton Development tool Bundles for ARM are complete application development solutions based on Raisonance debugging/programming tools and the Phyton CodeMaster C (CMC) compiler tool chain. Together, this
  • B++ Builder 2004 3.0

    B++ Builder 2004 is a powerful "BASIC" compiler with complete development enviroment. The syntax is very similar to Visual Basic. It supports all the standard Windows controls, such as forms, buttons, menus, shortcuts,
  • Lazarus x32 0.9.30

    free Pascal is designed to be able to understand and compile Delphi syntax, which is of course OOP. Lazarus is the part of the missing puzzle that will allow you to develop Delphi like programs in all of the above
  • Miracle C Compiler 4.1

    The feature rich environment is provided by handy Miracle C compiler program that you can use for producing console applications. It features Editor with syntax coloring while the LINKER and compiler are also included.
  • Athena Visual Studio 14.2

    Scientific learning is an iterative process that employs experimentation, mathematical modeling, model criticism and discrimination, as well as nonlinear parameter estimation and optimization. The mathematical modeling
  • Dev-Pascal 1.9.2

    Dev-Pascal is the latest and most useful compiler that offers you a full-featured integrated development environment that can create Windows/console-based applications and enables you to create Windows or console-based
  • bcc32pch 2.79

    C compiler Enhancements (bcc32pch) is a plugin for BDS/TurboPro 2006 and C Builder 2007 that improves the compilation and code insight speed of the IDE. This is achieved by the usage of advanced precompiled headers
  • Scene 2.2

    With incredible software program Scene, you can deal with any API, VXD, or COM object. This Windows 95 compatible complete 32 bit Forth-compiler includes an assembler as well as Decompiler, a floating point pack
  • ECC library 0.2.2

    ECC is implemented by using OpenSSL 0.9.6a or higher, for message digests and Symmetric ciphers, and by using the Portable Object compiler and Computer Algebra Kit for the elliptic curve Cryptography. Important note:
  • TPC16 Compiler Source Code 1.0

    Turbo Pascal compiler written in Turbo Pascal Turbo Pascal compiler written in Turbo Pascal. This is not the "original" Borland source code of the Turbo Pascal since it was not written in Pascal. This is TPC16, a
  • DeSmuME 0.9.7

    DeSmuME is written in C++, using the DirectX 8.0, OpenGL, zlib, zziplib libraries, so you need a working C++ compiler, such as Visual C++ 2005, Visual C++ 2008 or Intel compiler. It should also be possible to compile it
  • MPLAB C32 2.02

    The MPLAB C compiler for PIC32 is a full-featured ANSI compliant C compiler for Microchip's PIC32 family of 32-bit microcontrollers. A free evaluation is available by downloading the Evaluation Edition. It has no code