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  • All2POP 1.01

    All2POP is a gateway for POP3 client accessing various web-based email services e.g Hotmail, and Yahoo. All2POP takes care of your free, web-based email accounts, you no need regularly checking them; you are worry-free
  • Exontrol! ExInbox-A POP3 Client

    The ExInbox ia simple-to-use POP3 client Library that allows mail readers to connect to many POP servers and manage email. It implements the client side of RFC 1939. The ExInbox is a free implementation of POP3 protocol
  • Free Mac Mail Email Extractor

    Mac Mail email Extractor is freeware utility produced by team . It allows to export emails from Mac Mail (Mac OS email client) mailbox files to multiple files of .EML format. The tool can be used
  • MailRelayer for Outlook 2.40

    MailRelayer is designed so that you do not need any special applications on the computer where you access your email. All you need is either a Web browser or an email client. And it can be a Web browser running on any
  • SpamShield Anti-Spam Software 4.01

    Spam Shield is a revolutionary anti-spam product for Outlook and Outlook Express. It is easy to use and effectively eliminates 99% of unwanted email. Spam Shield works as a layer between incoming email and your current
  • Nuntius Leo 0.2.1

    Nuntius Leo is a free and open source email client without any advertisements. It is written in c++ with a Qt User Interface. The main function is to provide a very simple email client for the serverless Instant
  • SynMessage 1

    SynMessage is a free open source email to sms Gateway application built in VB.NET. SynMessage at its simplist is a stripped down SMTP client (email client) that has been focused around the ability to quickly send text
  • ArGoSoft Mini Mail Server

    ArGoSoft Mini Mail Server is a free application, which acts as a "bridge" between your email client, and ArGoSoft Mail Relay service. Mini Mail Server is a perfect solution for travelers. Do you want to use your
  • Desktop Fay 2.9

    Animated email Assistant - virtual personal secretary. email client and notifier, Mailing list manager, Personalized newsletter sender, Reminder and Calculator - all in one cute application with innovative animated
  • Office Mail 1.1

    Office Mail 1.1 is a misc networking tool which allows many users to get email from one POP account. free email (POP and SMTP) server giving everyone on the LAN external and internal email, using a standard email client
  • HS MailPerfect 1.1

    The handy email filtering software is used for classifying email messages according to their types i.e. viruses messages (RED), spam messages (YELLOW) and useful messages (GREEN). It sits at the back end of an email
  • Email File Transfer Protocol Client

    email File Transfer Protocol client is created as a professional and useful FTP client that uses email to transport commands and files. No ports to configure, if both computers have access to email, then you may
  • EasyEmail 1.1.94

    email client and email notifier in one. Allows you to send, receive, and manage e-mails, get Notifications of incoming email messages from your buddies, coworkers or family members online. Contains free email Sender
  • Email2Speech 1.3

    email2Speech is a email client tools that can read email aloud for you. It uses Text to Speech technology. It has a MP3-player-like user interface, with Play/Stop/Prev/Next buttons, very ease to use. Just treat your
  • Outlook Email List BackUp 2.6

    Microsoft Outlook email List BackUp Software exports all email addresses from Microsoft Outlook email client Software. Outlook email List BackUp Software have various and filters capabilities to exports Valid email
  • k-pod 1.0

    Using K-Pod, you don’t have to have an email client installed on your machine in order to sync your inbox with your iPod; K-Pod connects directly to your email server. You can transfer IMAP and POP accounts;
  • EverDesk Google Edition 5.1.10

    EverDesk is an innovative email client which offers an entirely new approach to email communications. It helps you to keep your data organized in the most effective manner possible by storing emails as separate files
  • Safe Express Free 5.5

    What is the need for encrypting email messages you might ask yourself? But if any of your important messages get intercepted and read by other people, it could bring a lot of damage to you. This is where Safe Express
  • Gmittook 0.2

    Gmittook is a free, lightweight, Twitter and Facebook client. It can also be set up as an email notification client. This all-in-one tool makes it easy to reply to your friends and share information between Twitter
  • The Bat Voyager

    Mobile email client based on the technology of The bat email client adopted to be working in the USB-flash disk Mobile email client based on the technology of The bat email client adopted to be working in the
  • Inbox

    POP3 email is managed by Inbox which is a powerful multi function tool. It is used to manage your email before it reaches to email client application. This tool gathers mails into a single account from several
  • TigerTom Bulk Email Software 1.0

    Bulk email client. Can import first and second names, as well as email address, from delimited, flat-file text or CSV databases. Allows personalisation of each email sent. Adware: each email sent has a small ad for the
  • PhotoResizer 2.01

    A free utility developed for digital camera owners, webmasters, people travelling or anybody who quickly wants to resize a photo or picture for email or publishing on a web site. No need to open a photo editor or
  • Venta4Net Plus

    Venta4Net??? Plus is an extended network version of the original Venta4Net network software. In addition to all Venta4Net functions, it is capable of receiving tasks from users by email and sending completion reports
  • Thunderbird Email Data BackUp 2.6

    Mozilla Thunderbird email List extractor exports email addresses from Mozilla Thunderbird email client program. Mozilla Thunderbird email List Extractor Program have capability to exports Valid email Addresses from all
  • Peek@Mail

    Peek@Mail is the email client that gives you the Power! You can Now filter and delete unwanted email before it gets to your PC. Peek@Mail is different because it works by peeking at your ISP's email server before the
  • PWDer 1.6

    This is the stand alone client for changing passwords. If you are an email user, and wish to change your email password, use this program. This program also has a password recovery feature if you have forgotten your
  • Saavor 2.0.18

    Stop Spam in its tracks. Guaranteed to keep your inbox free of spam. Save yourself from the frustration of receiving message after message of junk email. Get rid of all those junk emails that you receive in your Inbox.
  • BankLink Notes

    BankLink Notes is an electronic version of the Coding Report, and very easy to use. It's ideal for clients who have computers with email access, but don't wish to spend much time on their own accounts. How does BankLink
  • Email Monitor by RSS 1.4

    Monitor your Pop3 email and Web Mail Accounts Monitor your Pop3 email and Web Mail Accounts. Supports Secure Connections. Set Rules to identify Spam messages so you can easily delete them before viewing with an email