free band width meter

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  • Free Online meter 2.1.2

    This free online meter will record your online time precisely. Its smart detection system will detect what ISP you are dialing and record the time and
  • Start menu width 1.2

    Start menu width is a tool which can change the width of the Start menu in Windows Vista and Windows 7. In some languages the Start menu in Windows
  • Fixed Width File Pro

    Fixed-Width File pro is an easy to use tool for loading fixed-width data into a database quickly and efficiently eliminating the need to enter data
  • Ruby Fixed Width Fields 0.1

    A Ruby Library for generating files containing fixed-width fields. * Development Status: 3 - ALPHA * Intended Audience: Developers * License:
  • Excel Set Column Width and Row Height For Multiple Files Software 7.0

    Set column and row size in one or more MS Excel files. Excel 2000 or higher
  • CSV To Fixed Width Text File Batch Converter Software 7.0

    This software offers a solution for users who want to convert one or more CSV files into the fixed width text file format. The columns will line up
  • XLSX To Fixed Width Text File Batch Converter Software 7.0

    This software offers a solution for users who want to save multiple Excel XLS/XLSX files to a fixed width text file format. Each sheet will be saved
  • EQ-1 3 Band 1.0

    3-Band Features -Input Gain - High-Pass Filter - Low Frequency Shelf - 1 Full-range Bands with Bandwidth control. - High Frequency Shelf
  • 10-Band! 2.0

    Features: Basic Stereo 10-Band Graphic Equalizer Selectable 24db / 12db / 6db / 3db Range Left/Right Channel Slider Lock Left/Right Channel and
  • EQ-1 5 Band 1.0

    5-Band Features -Input Gain - High-Pass Filter - Low Frequency Shelf - 3 Full-range Bands with Bandwidth control. - High Frequency Shelf
  • Jam with the Band 1.0

    Jam with the Band screenshots
  • Band Minus One 2.0

    Band Minus One software is for singers and all instrument players because it enables you to create your own accompaniment by entering a chord sequence
  • One Man Band Originals 10.3

    the software has real time chord recognition and converts any PC- or MIDI-keyboard into an arranger keyboard. It includes the most comprehensive
  • One Man Band Essentials 1.0

    Virtual arranger keyboard and style editor. Real time chord recognition. Converts any PC- or MIDI-keyboard into an arranger keyboard. Includes the
  • Band of Bugs 1.0

    Band of Bugs is a fast playing, accessible, tactics strategy game. Gameplay is deep enough to be satisfying to established fans of the tactics genre,
  • One Man Band Essentials for OSX 11.0

    Virtual arranger keyboard and style editor. Real time chord recognition. Converts any computer- or MIDI-keyboard into an arranger keyboard. Includes
  • Band Scanner Pro

    The «Band Scanner» is a simple, low-cost scanning receiver for FM market analysis. This is a market monitoring tool intended to Station engineers,
  • Band-Aid Brushes 1.0

    Band-Aid Brushes is a brush collection for photoshop 7.0 or above version for photographic designers. Comes with alot of bandaids, different
  • Band Schedule 1.2

    Band Schedule is a complete way to add concerts or any other form of event to your Web site.You can attach a flyer to the concert that will allow the
  • Band Structure 1.07

    Explore the origin of energy bands in crystals of atoms. The structure of these bands determines how materials conduct
  • 2-Band Distortion 1.0

    The low and high frequencies can be distorted separately. A Linkwitz-Riley filter is used for Frequency
  • Kfu's Rubber Band 1.0

    This is a rubber band in replacement for the AWP, hope you like it! Skin Details Texture: New Texture Model: New Custom Model Player View: Yes World
  • Band Manager 2.0

    Band Manager software lets you turn the power of both the original Crown XTi and the new Crown XTi 2 amplifier Series loose while greatly simplifying
  • Rock Band 2 MIDI 0.17

    Publisher's description: This is a little program I wrote because I wanted to use my Rock Band 2 drums as a handy MIDI controller for my digital audio
  • Desk Band Clock-7 1.01

    "Theme Clock-7" is freeware screen saver that displays the current time. Desk Band Clock-7 is program that displays the current time or date on the
  • Virtos Band Extrapolation 1.1

    Synthesize high or low Frequency harmonics to give life to dull recordings. The Band Extrapolation plug-in is suitable for post processing such as
  • Beatles Band Screensaver 1.0

    This free Beatles Band Screensaver features the symbol of the whole musical culture of the 1960s. No matter how much time passed since then, the
  • MBD-1 Multi-Band Distortion 1.0

    MBD-1 Multi-Band Distortion Key Features. - Up to 3 Stages of distortion with 20 modes each + bypass. - Pre/Post Gain - Distortion amount,
  • Rock Band Trailer 1.0

    Buy Rock Band ONLY $17.99 Click Here Rock Band
  • Rubber Band Wars 1.0

    An abstract, TDS, deathmatch game. Shoot rubber bands to the opposing team to kill them. You may change options like the colors of the players and
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  • W6NEK HF Beacon Tracker 4.0

    A PC Windows program that continuously identifies which NCDXF/IARU DX beacon station is currently broadcasting on any of the five HF Amateur Radio bands (20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 meter) bands. The current beacon call sign
  • VU8 1.30

    The Starplugs ??? VU8 is an 8 channel VU-style high precission level meter. You can set the VU8 as Peak meter, Programm Peak meter, VU meter or Power meter with integration times from 1 sample to 1 second and decay
  • GEQ-1 1.0

    10 band Equalizer. Key Features. - 10 bands of equalization - 13 dB of Boost/cut per band -???Proportional Q??? narrows filter Q at extremes - Q width
  • SPL-IZER 2.1

    The SPL-IZER is an adjustable 3 band 24db per octave FIR (Finite Impulse Response) Frequency splitter that allows the three bands to be isolated and routed to aux or instrument tracks for separate processing.
  • CPU Meter 1.0

    CPU meter is a free CPU meter that displays the CPU usage in visual as well as number format.CPU meter widget displays, right on your desktop, the CPU stats of your
  • Stereoizer 3.1

    Stereoizer is a high-specification stereo image manipulation tool suitable for natural expansion, reduction and introduction of stereo width at any stage of the audio production process. Developed for and tested by
  • EEQ-2 1.0

    Inspired by the 1073 this EQ is a bLend of classic functionality with Modern features. Key Features. - 3 band with HP/LP filters. - Shelf or Peak modes - +/- 18db Gain - 12/24db Filter slopes - Extended musical
  • Fluke 45 Serial Application 1.71

    Connect your Fluke 45 meter to a PC. Connect your Fluke 45 meter to a PC for Display, Logging, and Data Capture. Includes a meter Control Panel and Alarms. Try it free for 15 days, after which a Registration Code may
  • Multi Level Bridge 2006

    24 Channel Multi meter Bridge PAS Multi meter Bridge can be configured in a number of different ways, to accurately model the ballistics, responses and graphics of a wide range of standard peak programme meters. These
  • Meter Converter 1

    meter Converter is a simple conversion tool. It makes it easy for anyone to discover the relation between meters and feet visually. For those who wish to have a handy conversion tool at their finger tips, meter
  • Spectrum Ananlyzer pro 4.6

    VST Plugin support Leq movie calculator with weighting filters Leq dB(A),Leq dB(B) and Leq dB(C) Leq time as well as it also supports frequency protocol for excel or text file. It is also an average files converter to
  • Timeworks Equalizer 1.00

    The newest addition to our plugin family, and we are quite proud of it... The new timeworks Equalizer comes packed with features, and more importantly, it sounds AWESOME. High cut and Low cut filters, High and Low
  • Traffic Calculator 2.0

    SoftPerfect Traffic meter monitors your network traffic. With SoftPerfect Traffic meter, you can create a full-featured system for monitoring the Internet traffic of specific users on your home or office network.
  • SoftPerfect Traffic Meter 2.0

    SoftPerfect Traffic meter monitors your network traffic. With SoftPerfect Traffic meter, you can create a full-featured system for monitoring the Internet traffic of specific users on your home or office network.
  • Sound Level Meter -

    You can use tutorial/demo Sound Level meter for viewing the design of a sound level meter in Matlab. You can use Parseval's relation for implementing decibel meter in the Frequency domain while real-time Spectrum
  • Multi Comp-1 1.0

    Multi-band Compressor with independent external sidechain capability. (For each band!) (You asked for it kids) Key Features. - Phase/Time aligned 3 band divider. - Feed-Forward compression - Detection Filters & Drive
  • 3D CPU Meter 2

    3D CPU meter 2 offers you a perfect and powerful product which looks like a real 3D CPU usage meter. But it's just 2D application. So, you can't rotate the meter. Right mouse button to show the context menu. Left
  • R Color Code 1.0

    R Color Code is a great tool that allows you to decrypt the color code of fixed resistors. The marking starts with the band nearest to one end of the resistor. A wider band is always the last one. Encoded are the
  • ProPhase 1.2

    ProPhase is a professional digital audio software tool that displays detailed information on the phase, levels and mono compatibility of stereo audio signals in real time. Multiple windows (any two channels of any
  • S Meter Lite 2.15

    S meter Lite is a no-cost program that displays your receiver's S meter signal strength in a window. The next picture is an S meter Lite screen Capture. The S meter data was obtained from my ICOM IC-756PRO radio. The
  • XPressure 1.00

    The Starplugs XPressure is a classic high precision mastering multi-band compressor specially designed for mastering stereo tracks. The Starplugs XPressure features the new Transient Stable Power technology TSP?? that
  • Free McFly Screensaver 3.0

    free McFly Screensaver McFly are a BRIT Award winning British pop rock band who first found fame in 2004. The band consists of Tom Fletcher (lead vocals and guitar), Danny Jones (lead vocals and guitar), Dougie Poynter
  • Band Anxiety Diary Demo Demo

    From comes band Anxiety Diary Demo is user-friendly electronic mental Health Diary system that can be used to log daily events, appointments, monitor therapy, keep track of medications and chart the
  • Trick or Treat Smash 1.0

    Make a Match A match is 3 or more candies in a row. With your left mouse button select 2 candies next to each other to swap them. Candy meter When you match candy and they are squished, this adds to the Candy meter.
  • Resource Meter 2.0

    Resource meter is small utility for Windows 95/98 (unfortunately does not works on WinNT and Win2000), which determinees and monitors Currently accessible SYSTEM, GDI and USER resources. This utility will help win32
  • Quit Keeper 1.08

    Quit Keeper is a free quit meter that tracks various statistics as you quit smoking. Quitting can be a tough process, every little encouragement can make a tremendous difference - thats where Quit Keeper comes in.
  • loadngo Snip 1.0

    Snip is a simple tool for doing screen captures of a selected region and a CPU meter. It resides on the system tray where it keeps a watch on CPU consumption if you want to Capture a portion of the screen for the
  • CNC Freak Resistor 1.2

    free conversion tool to convert Ohm value to all the SI prefix formats. Also the resistor is drawed with the correct band color for the current Ohm value. You can also generate the Ohm value by selecting the band color /
  • Rock Legend 1.0

    Do you want to be a Rock Star? Then this new game is just for you! The game is part RPG, part life-sim, part Tycoon game. You are a struggling rock singer who puts together their own band, and tries to achieve fame and
  • Power Meter Plus 1.6.1

    One thing that bugged me about owning a laptop was the small Tray Icon for displaying how much power my battery had left. Having to hover over it to get an accurate reading is a real pain. And the IBM power gauge is