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  • Baby Name Finder Free 1.00

    Baby Name Finder Free is a freeware containing world's largest collection of names. It has a database containing over 10 millions names of various
  • Free Baby Boomer Bible Browser 14.11

    Study 143 Bibles with an easy to use tool. Get the NIV, NASB and many translations including, greek, spanish, hebrew and more texts. Includes now
  • CT-ART 3.0 (on CD, with delivery)

    The program is the 3rd revised and expanded edition of the ever popular Chess Tactics Art by the Russian GM of Correspondence chess, Maxim Blokh. The
  • X-MAS Delivery 1.0

    This is another ChristmasHack entry. Gameplay is based on physics - gravity plays a great role in movement, and the ship you control has an extensible
  • Delivery King 1.0

    Pizzas! Donuts! French Fries! How many orders can you handle at once? Delivery King puts you in the driver's seat as you race all over town
  • Excelsior Delivery 1.8

    Excelsior Delivery makes creation of professional and compact installers for Windows applications a no-brainer task. It provides a wizard-style
  • Crystal Delivery

    The automatic Crystal Reports exporter Crystal Delivery program is capable of exporting crystal reports to PDF, XLS, XLS (data only), E-mail, Print,
  • Delivery Status 5.5

    Cant wait for your packages to arrive? Dont waste your time checking the site constantly, just open this all-in-one delivery tracker and enter your
  • Delivery Manager 1.0

    Delivery Manager has been designed to facilitate the efficient delivery of products. The software is not industry-specific, so it can be used for a
  • Delivery Tracking NET 3.2

    DELIVERY TRACKING NET ( DT NET ) FS is a business software ordered by and created for the company which primary business is professional delivery. DT
  • Active Delivery 3.00.01

    Active Delivery is a Windows software developer's Library and utility suite for creating self-extracting Zip executables. Active Delivery includes
  • Delivery Agent 3.6

    Delivery Agent is a send-only e-mail program, with mail merge functions, for use by web site managers, network administrators, customer relations
  • PHP Download Delivery Confirmation API 1.0

    Add delivery confirmation capability to your PHP download protection software. Internet fraud is a serious threat to any business that offers digital
  • Email Delivery Server 5.26

    If you have been trying to deliver many email messages or support your own email domain, you know how hard and costly it can become. Sending emails in
  • SpongeBob Delivery Dilemma 1.0

    Help SpongeBob make it to the Krusty Krab in one piece in Spongebob Delivery dilemma game! Drive through the streets of bikini bottom and make
  • Delivery Label Printer

    Print Address labels on Avery Stationary easily Delivery Label Printer makes printing shipping/mailing labels quick and simple. This label printing
  • EMail Delivery Engine 1.4

    E-Delivery Engine is a bulk mailer E-Delivery Engine is a high-performance software for opt-in email marketing campaigns, email announcement lists
  • Ford Delivery Screensaver 2.00

    A collection of beautiful, high-resolution images of Ford Delivery historic supercar. This screensaver features high-quality transitions and 25+
  • Fast E-Delivery Engine 2.5.3384

    Fast E-mail Delivery Engine is high performance software for delivering a large amount of e-mails to many recipients. These can be e-mails
  • IBM Software Delivery Platform 2.2

    The Rational Software Delivery Platform is used to improve the Auction web site, by adding a "Buy It Now" purchase option. This demonstration
  • Foodman Home-Delivery 7.4

    Foodman Home-Delivery - for Residential Delivery, Fast Food, Take-Out,Drive-Thru, Cafeterias, General Retail. With Foodman you can use EITHER the
  • BRP Spyder delivery countdown 3.0

    Special BRP/CAN-AM Spyder roaster addicted Count Down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining until the delivery of your
  • Avenue Flo: Special Delivery 1.0

    The DinerTown family is growing! Join Flo and the cast in Avenue Flo: Special Delivery, the sequel to the quirkiest adventure series ever. Vicky's due
  • Santas Delivery Truck 1.0

    Presents need to be delivered collectively with trucks by Santa Claus before sending to kids home. Just help the kind hearted Santa! Use arrow keys
  • Dojo Delivery Dash 1.0

    Save Progress City and defeat the evil Bedlam by delivering packages to their correct drop-zones before the runs out. Earn extra time with each
  • Newspaper Delivery Paperboy Papergirl 2.0

    This is for anyone who delivers newspapers. Now you can easily keep track of customer information. You can know at a glancewhat customer owes you
  • Active Delivery Removal Tool 1.0

    Active Delivery Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all Active Delivery entries running on a scanned system. It will also make sure that malicious
  • IxEmDi (Extended Mail Delivery) 1.0.1

    IxEmDi can run a user defined number of time scheduled tasks based on a kind of check list. Every task can plan the delivery of one or multiple
  • Toolkit to Disable Automatic Delivery For IE 8

    To help customers become more secure and up-to-date, Microsoft will distribute Windows Internet Explorer 8 as a high-priority update through
  • USPS Delivery Confirmation Tool 1.32

    All the work has been done in this DLL. Easily obtain USPS Delivery Confirmation labels (graphic or PDF format) quickly and easily for your USPS
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  • SpyOn Baby 3.0

    SpyOn baby is a baby alarm that enables you to monitor your baby both at home and over the internet. Forget unreliable traditional baby alarms that run out of battery power, interfere with your network, only work in
  • MB Baby Name Numerology 1.0

    MB baby Name Numerology does baby name numerology analysis and gives you an insight into the characteristic features and personality traits of your child. Using this free tool for baby name numerology interpretation, you
  • Panda Painting 2 3.61 1.0

    It is the second addition of Panda painting, looks like it is meant for the baby to learn more about colors. In this game there are four different scenes: baby eats, birthday party, sunshine and the beach, and baby takes
  • Baby Scientific Calculator 1.1

    WFW Software introduces baby Scientific a multi-function Scientific Calculator with a small footprint. baby Scientific is designed for Windows 95/98/2000/XP and NT. It is designed to operate like a DESKTOP CALCULATOR.
  • Baby2Computer 2.2

    baby2Computer is baby's movie,or baby's game! can use for one years old children. Why not let our baby have a fun with the computer? He or she may be curious about it when we are working. But, in most time, computers
  • Baby Nursery 1.0

    baby Nursery 1.0 offers you baby nursery toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find baby nursery ideas and photos of completed baby nurseries. Also find product comparisons of popular baby nursery decor. Requirements: Internet
  • ParentWeb Baby Tracker 1.0.112

    baby Tracker is designed with the excited new parent in mind, letting you keep track of your baby’s development as well as providing you with everything you want to know about your baby's progress!Easily keep track of
  • Baby learns transport 1.0

    baby learns transport lists the most common 12 kinds of transports, cars, ships, trains ... it is really dazzling! The standard pronunciation and lovely transport models are all to improve the baby's interest in
  • What babies do 1.0

    Babies are grown-ups, it is time for them to learn to do thing by themselves, to be such behaved children. What babies do teaches the baby the right way to wash hands, eat, sleep, take a shower .to be a child who loves
  • Baby 2 Computer 1.0

    Why not let our baby have a fun with the computer? He or she may be curious about it when we are working. But, in most time, computers respond coldly to them. Microsoft never developed a baby version Windows and you got
  • Ma Chicken 1.0

    Your baby chicks got lost. There are running wild on a field. You have to get them home safely. Guide them with arrow keys and show them how to get home. Avoid all the obstacles and get them inside as soon as possible.
  • Baby & Pregnancy Countdown Ticker

    This Yahoo Widget displays a pregnancy countdown ticker that also shows a 3D image of your baby's development baby & Pregnancy Countdown Ticker is a widget that will show the pregnancy development on the desktop.
  • Baby Name 2.0

    Now you can give a perfect name to your baby with handy software program baby Name. It eliminates the need of searching lots of names and then deciding that which name is best for your baby. Instead of this, it
  • Cute Baby Name 1.0

    It contains about 30000 baby names, name meanings and origins. You can browse boy names, girl names and select favorite baby names which meaning and origin copied to special folder. Cute baby Names stores favorite names
  • Baby rock1 1.0

    There are three keys to open the treasure box of the human wisdom, first is mathematics, second is languages and the third is music notes, mathematics makes people learn to think, languages are required to acquire
  • Baby Name Finder Free 1.00

    baby Name Finder free is a freeware containing world's largest collection of names. It has a database containing over 10 millions names of various category. baby Name Finder free by Ognilab is a open source freeware.
  • Strollers Baby 1.0

    baby Screensaver baby screensaver by babystrollerdeals. Pictures of babies to use as your screensaver Pictures for free use that you can download and start using today. Pictures include baby in and out of stroller and
  • Parenting Assist 1.3.0

    Parenting Assist Helps You Promote baby's Development When you know your family will add a new member, you can be sure of one thing: that you are determined to do everything in your power to give your new family
  • Natural Seasons 1.0

    Spring with its flowers and leaves, the hot summer, the fair-weather autumn, and the snowy winter all are what we call the four seasons. Our little babies do you know all about seasons? Hurry up be with the baby panda
  • BabyTracker for Pocket PC 2002 1.5

    If you want to be success as a parent role by keeping and organizing information about your baby, tracking his/her development. The babyTracker for Pocket PC is right solution. babyTracker is the first line of
  • BabyTracker 1.0

    If you want to be success as a parent role by keeping and organizing information about your baby, tracking his/her development. The babyTracker for Pocket PC is right solution. babyTracker is the first line of
  • KeyboardLock 1.2.4295

    Do you have a baby? Do you own a laptop? Ever wanted to watch a Movie with the baby around? Then you probably found that impossible, like I did. A baby near a computer is just a disaster since the computer is just like a
  • Baby Carrier Backpacks - Purchase Guide 4.3

    baby Carrier Backpacks - Purchase Guide 4.3 provides powerful tools that help you carry your child in style and comfort. It is a simple program to help you decide the best baby carrier backpack for you and your family,
  • Baby Shower Favors 1.0

    baby Shower Favors Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Discover the sweetest baby shower favors & baby gift ideas. Discover all the baby shower favor ideas you'll ever need directly from your
  • Let's Spot 1.0

    Babies can you recognize the differences between the two pictures? Polish your eyes and look at them carefully. Let s see who is the fastest who can find the most. Rules of the game: find five differences between the
  • Sewer Goblet: The Wu-Tang Clan and the Wu-Tang Baby 1.0

    It was an ordinary day at the Wu-Tang mansion. Ghostface and Raekwon tossed around a football in the backyard while Ol' Dirty Bastard, RZA, and the rest of the gang watched the game inside. What nobody expected was the
  • Baby Drive 1.0

    Who doesn't want to relive their childhood for a while? Here's your chance with baby Drive! Help keep this baby happy by playing all kinds of games. Use your coordination to direct him around the screen in almost
  • Mario Game: Bubble Baby 1.0

    This is an exciting new demo that allows you to control baby Mario with just the mouse- but there's a catch- baby Mario's in a bubble! Aww, that's so cute- until the little baby starts burning up enemies with the
  • My Baby Bragger 1.0

    Nothing is more lovable than your new baby. Now you can personalize your animated baby screensaver with your special baby???s picture, name, date of birth and anything else you want to Showcase. Just pull up the menu,
  • Mother Fish 1.0

    Your baby fish is hungry. You are a mum fish that needs to feed her offspring. You know exactly where all the delicious worms are hiding. But you are also aware of dangers on that way. You are immune to nasty piranhas