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  • Packed Chess Free 0.9

    Packed Chess Free is a free desktop chess game for playing online or accross network It is a simple yet full featured, beautiful alternative to the
  • Free Simple Chess for Mac 1.0

    The program is not nearly as good as the best chess programs, maybe its rating is around 1300, but I expect to improve some on that. You can use the
  • Chess Free for Android 1.0

    The major features of Chess game are as follow: it is best for novices and is using Treebeard Chess engine; it features ten interesting levels as well
  • Free Simple Chess 1.0

    The program is not nearly as good as the best chess programs, maybe its rating is around 1300, but I expect to improve some on that. You can use the
  • Free Simple Chess for Linux 1.0

    The program is not nearly as good as the best chess programs, maybe its rating is around 1300, but I expect to improve some on that. You can use the
  • 100% Free Chess Board Game for Windows 7.45

    The King of All Chess Games! Discover a new set of friends with an exciting game of Championship Chess Pro! Our 24 All-Star characters span across 5
  • Free Astrology program 1.0

    Now the natal chart and full report is also included in the free Astrology program. You can run this program even on your personal computer while it
  • Free Fitness Training Program 1.0

    How would you like a free fitness program and how would you like to learn a little more about a fitness training program? If you have answered yes to
  • Express Zip Free Mac Compression Program 2.32

    Express Zip Free for Mac File Compression Software is an archiving and compression tool to easily create, edit, manage and extract zipped files and
  • Smoke Free Subliminal Health Program 1.0

    Get quit smoking support through mental self help with this brain wave stimulating visual subliminal message stop smoking program. DEMO
  • Free Music Organizer Software Program 9.81

    Music Organizer software is best MP3 music organizer applications. With this awesome PC music organizer your music will be organized. MP3 Music
  • #1 Easy Invoice Program - Free Download 6.00

    Easy to setup, and very easy to learn Invoicing program with powerful features. This is a perfect solution for small to mid-size Business. Easy
  • Net Chess 5.1

    Net Chess is a program that let you play Chess with people over chess engines or with friends and family over the network, internet, email, or on
  • 3C Chess 1.2

    Game for PC 3C Chess. Chess is an old fascinating game. Approximately 1500 years ago Chess began movement over the World from Persia. 1000 years ago
  • D3D Chess 1.0

    D3D chess board is attractive and designed as to learn and play easily by all players. The board and pieces looks like to be made of wood. It let
  • Little Chess 1.5

    Little Chess is a simple free chess
  • Chess-7 3.4

    The program "Chess-7" offers you the following possibilities: * play chess with the computer (three levels of difficulty) or with a partner; * play
  • Chess Eye 1.1

    People tend to lose "sight" when calculating the moves in their heads.When making a search for "blindfold chess" on the internet you soon find
  • Yea Chess 4.71

    Yea Chess is a free chess-playing program that uses artificial intelligence and your computer's processing power to test your chess-playing ability at
  • 3D Chess N/A

    If youre looking for a fun and challenging game of Chess, youve found it. Enjoy gorgeous 3D boards and sets you can customize with over 190 game
  • Chess Z 11

    The most efficient way t The most efficient way to improve your chess. World champion chess program. Chess Training System to master chess. Lucky
  • E.G. Chess 1.3.10

    A complete 3D chess experience in HD. Swipe rotate and pinch to zoom to adjust the board to any viewing angle. Watch as your Queen moves in real time
  • EG Chess 1.3.10

    E.G. Chess gives you full 3D access to your chess experience. Rotate to adjust the board to any viewing angle. Watch as your Queen moves in real time
  • Chess 1.1.5

    You can play the fully customizable board game Chess directly in your popup against the computer. You cannot only change the difficulty level but can
  • PC Chess 0.7

    This is a Script for site to have its own Chess
  • 3D Chess 1.0

    We are talking about challenging and thrilling game named as Three-dimensional chess. You ca play the game against your friend as well as with 11
  • War Chess 1.0

    The War Chess is an interesting fighting game. In this game your mission is to lead your team for getting success in the battle. You can select
  • Five chess 1.0

    Five Chess is a classical Chinese Chess game. You and the opponent will take turn to place one chess at a time to the empty cross point at the board.
  • GNU Chess 1.0

    GNU Chess is a free game of chess that lets you enjoy games against the machine at different difficulty levels. Using an original perspective, you get
  • Chess Nx 1.0

    Play chess against the computer or with a friend in five levels: novice easy, medium, hard, and master. This game has sound effects. Chess Nx is a
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  • Chess online themself I 1

    For other uses, For other uses, see chess This was the first chess-like game played by a computer program. Play chess games against Natwarlal, our free chess game. Get your chess game download here. Master of the
  • Logic Online game N 1

    Challenge our online com Challenge our online computer!!! Play chess games with our visual correspondence email system at PostCardchess. Play computer chess games! Challenge our online chess computer! Play free chess
  • Hexxagon M 10

    Play against the comp Play against the computer or others online. More information: Migoya-chess is a chess engine with a respectable game level, it usues a 4 ply min-max (alpha-beta) algorithm. The graphics are not
  • Shredder Classic 3 1.0

    The level of play of the program can be adjusted to any chess playing strength, so that everyone can find an adequate chess partner. Many functions are available for analysing one's own chess games, including a built-in
  • Chess Administrator 1.0

    program's application. The program is designed for chess tournament organizers and chess arbiters. The program is intended for chess organizers and chess arbiters, it encompasses most of the technical aspects of actual
  • Hoff-Z Chess Timer 1

    Hoff-Z chess Timer 1 offers you a powerful tool which is equivalent to an ordinary timer. An ordinary chess timer is expensive and inaccurate. Hoff-Z chess Timer on the other hand is free and accurate down to the 10th of
  • Sigma Chess Lite 1.0

    Sigma chess is a master strength Macintosh chess program for both OS X and Classic Mac OS. The feature set includes: Optional HIARCS engine, UCI Engine support, Databases, PGN/EPD, basic desktop publishing, endgame
  • Sudoku rule G 1

    Play chess on-line Play chess on-line at BlackDog.Virtual chess 64, Reviews and listings available on eBay Reviews and Guides.Play real online chess. E-mail chess and Webchess. The best BeholderBoard Virtual chess set
  • Quick Chess 2.5

    Quick chess is is a small windows based chess program and although the program has limited features it is still a good player. The program has a mini chess feature which enables you to work and play at the same time. And
  • Gambit Chess 1.0

    Gambit chess is a chess simulator with advanced features. Gambit chess will help to improve your chess skills and become a better tournament or casual player. Gambit chess is an enjoyable experience for any chess
  • Chess rules K 1

    Downloads organized Downloads organized by ECO opening code.chessCentral is the place to find free chess downloads, articles, and puzzles. A great online store helps you find the books, e-books, and cd roms you
  • Chess Z 11

    The most efficient way t The most efficient way to improve your chess. World champion chess program. chess Training System to master chess. Lucky Dumpy has an absolutely new theme. Professional easy to play solitaire.
  • Chess Position Trainer 4.02

    chess Position Trainer is a state-of-the-art chess software with a focus on chess opening, training and repertoire management. What a mouthful. chess Position Trainer is both free and priceless at the same time. More
  • Checkers B 10.30

    Virtual chess popular Virtual chess popular. Virtual chess. chess game with 3D and 2D visualization. Please Rate this link from Bad to Good. Clear instructions on how the chess pieces move. Offers rules, openings,
  • Sudoku A 08.13

    Use our site to improve yo Use our site to improve your game. For the best coverage on Virtual chess, check out this page on 1UP. com. For the best game FAQs, cheats, tips, codes, strategies, and more for Virtual
  • InfiniaChess 8.1

    Infinia chess - designed as a professional and recreational chess game, for members who are interested in casual playing at all levels, for professional chess players and to provide excellent chess coaching for those who
  • Scid 1.0

    Scidlet is a chess-playing program which comes with Scid. (chess programs like Scidlet which can interface with graphical applications like Scid are usually called "chess engines".) Scidlet allows you to analyze games
  • Fantasy Chess 3.01.40

    Play the game of chess while transforming into fantasy creatures. Choose from different character sets for your chess pieces including dinosaurs, insects, traditional pieces, and more. This chess set is excellent for
  • D-Chess: INetBlitz 1.0

    D-chess: INetBlitz is a classic program that allows you to play chess against a computer or with another player over Internet, your local Intranet, or on the same computer. Using D-chess: INetBlitz, you can
  • automatic player 2.0 automatic player program. It gives possibility to Link a chess engine (rybka, zappa etc) to the site and play
  • Chess Mentor Demo 1.0

    chess Mentor chess coaching software is the most effective computer-based method for learning and mastering the themes, positions, and ideas in chess. The chess Mentor Demo has all of the features of the full chess
  • Chessology 1.0

    chess for Complete Idiots - Download free program and Start Winning chess Today! Unlike other programs, chessology uses dynamically changing colors which allow you to distinguish the good moves from the bad moves - you
  • 3C Chess 1.2

    Game for PC 3C chess. chess is an old fascinating game. Approximately 1500 years ago chess began movement over the World from Persia. 1000 years ago chess proceeded to conquer Europe. Join to victorious chess army.
  • Checkers G 10.24

    Plus jobs, real estate, Plus jobs, real estate, cars and shopping information. A free chess server with players of all levels, with lectures to help you improve your play. Fast Java-based interactive search and
  • Scid Portable 4.3

    chess database software that you can take anywhere chess database software that you can take anywhere Scid Portable, or Shane's chess Information Database a tool that's been developed as a chess database application
  • Chess Commander 1.20

    chess Commander is advanced version of a chess game for the PC. It includes so many new features to make the classic game of chess more enjoyable. Its new features are legal move display, realistic voices, orchestral
  • GetClub Chess Game 2.0

    Play chess Online with Computer and your Friends. Just play on Internet. Play chess and Chat with Human Opponents First 30 Games are free. Play with real people, Bring your Friends to play Online with you at
  • Chess Workbook 2.2

    chess Workbook is a chess training software based on the proven educational technique known as "FLASHCARDS".chess Workbook's learning algorithms help you thoroughly master the study material. The program tra
  • MiniMaster 1.0

    Minimaster is a chess game. It uses the "minimax" algorithm to decide which move to play next. All moves of the game of chess have been programmed. The program sometimes makes rather bad moves, this is probably a bug in
  • Amazon Chess Lite 1.0

    Amazon chess is the classic chess game with an Amazon twist. The board turns into a battlefield for Amazons. If you love chess games then don't miss out on Amazon chess. It is one of the most singular and unusual