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  • Mendeley Desktop 2010.1

    Mendeley is a free, award-winning, academic reference manager and web solution for managing and sharing research papers, creating bibliographies, exploring new research trends and collaborating online. It combines
  • Keepoint 7 1.291

    Keepoint 7 is a new class of web information management tools - a web research engine. It provides a complete suite of features for gathering, annotating, organizing and sharing valuable web research. It eliminates the
  • QstatLab 5.3

    QstatLab is a collection of significant scientific knowledge, which has been accumulated over years of academic research and direct participation in number of industrial collaborations. Main features: - Product quality
  • Docear 1.0b3

    Docear is the solution for searching, organizing & creating academic literature Docear is the complete solution for searching, organizing and creating academic literature (assignments, theses, books, research papers).
  • Ritmol 3.3

    Ionic and covalent organic crystal structure prediction. This software is free to academic users. Commercial users must obtain permission for its use.Oscail tutorials covering Molecular Modelling and Crystallography are
  • VerbAce 2007 Arabic-English Dictionary 0.71

    QDict 2006 is a translation software containing a concise Arabic-English-Arabic dictionary with over 100,000 entries and a unique morphological analysis engine that was developed as an academic research project. The
  • LLVM 2.7

    The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies. Despite its name, LLVM has little to do with traditional virtual machines, though it does provide helpful libraries that can
  • QDict 2006 0.5

    QDict 2006 is a translation software containing a concise Arabic-English-Arabic dictionary with over 100,000 entries and a unique morphological analysis engine that was developed as an academic research project. The
  • Harzing's Publish or Perish

    The handy software Harzing's Publish or Perish is specifically designed for retrieving and analyzing academic citations. It is handy in those cases when you are doing research and want to know that either the given text
  • Web Extractor 2004 1_0_r2

    The most professional data extracting software 1. When needing to download an enormous amount of information or documents from a specific search engine for your academic research, an efficient data extracting utility
  • WinSolve

    WinSolve is a 32 bit Windows program for solving (nonlinear) models The prime emphasis of the program is on user friendliness and graphical presentation, making it ideal for new users It contains all the facilities
  • Web Research Professional 2.8.3704

    Web research Professional is a powerful software to leverage your Internet research. It lets you easily capture relevant material from the Web while doing research. Powerful features help you structure and evaluate the
  • Academic Games Maker and Player 2.2

    The academic Game Maker and Player software allows teachers to quickly and easily create fun educational games for any curriculum. Teachers use the academic Game Maker to create learning games and then save them as game
  • Handy Patients for PocketPC 4.3 Professiona

    With the Handy patients program you can rapidly and professionally record all medical information about your patients, their Progress, and their examinations. The software has wonderful tools that can be fully
  • Piano notes music game 09

    Piano notes music game. After a lot of research, I realized that the software I was looking for just didn't exist, so I decided to create it myself. Five months later... Piano Is Fun was born! I started out by
  • Maritz Stats 2.1

    Maritz Stats 2.1 from Maritz research performs statistical tests faster and easier than ever ... and it's yours free. As a Windows-based software, Maritz Stats 2.1 runs statistical calculations such as t-tests, Z-tests,
  • Note editor for fun 010

    note editor note editor. Use this game for record and plaing note sound. A virtual workshop for notes. Special tools such as: virtual piano, virtual fingerboard for six and seven-string guitars, notes performance
  • MindMapper Academic 2009

    MindMapper 2009 academic License is identical to MindMapper 2009 Professional Edition, but discounted 50% for the academic community. Purchase of MindMapper 2009 academic License requires verification of affiliation
  • Teaching Performance Record 1.1.2

    The TPR is a complete professional development system. Developed by faculty and students at the University of Virginia, the TPR offers data collectors a valid, reliable, useful method of collecting information on
  • J&L Genealogy Reference 1.3

    The J&L Genealogy Reference is an easy to use tool to save and organize your genealogy research data. Store all the important data in one place. You will have the ability to sort, view and print out the information on
  • SpeedResearch 2.4.5

    The Speed research Browser can streamline your online research processes allowing you to execute more educated and efficient trading decisions by providing a single application to manage your stock portfolios and provide
  • TheDowser Professional 5.3.0

    No longer do you need to mess around with several different keyword research tools or visit different websites for your keyword research. EVERYTHING you need to research keywords and manage your keyword lists and
  • Iroha Note

    iroha note is a software solution that allows you to create notes to study from, or to organize your information. It is simple to use, but at the same time it is a powerful tool for your note-taking needs. In addition to
  • Musical Note Tuner 1.0

    Musical note Tuner will replace your old guitar tuner. Just play any note on your guitar, and Musical note Tuner will use your computer's microphone to display what note you are playing, and how close you are to hitting
  • Post it Note Genie 2.1

    Post note Genie software allows you to write notes and post them to you computer monitor as well as the typed notes are automatically saved. You can open the options note by right clicking on a note. Its major features
  • SaberRD Student Edition 2011.09

    The SaberRD Student Edition is available for academic, demonstration, and personal use. Designed to support academic curriculum and to provide the technical community with an easy way to gain firsthand experience with
  • ImaginaryResearchAlgorithmXL 1.0

    The Imaginary research Algorithm is an educational tool that helps students of all ages with research. Modern day research tools such as search engines and electronic databases are great; however, their benefits are
  • ndxCards 1.96

    ndxCards is productivity software for the busy student, academic or professional. It uses the idea of a note card to capture anything one would like to retain and reuse (an idea, something read or heard, a recipe,
  • BAMBE 2.01

    The name BAMBE stands for Bayesian Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution. BAMBE was developed to be a free software package for the Bayesian analysis of phylogenies. The package includes programs for analyzing
  • Encrypting Safe for Linux 1.1

    This is free Java desktop application to keep your note in safe from others using the Encrypting Decrypting Symmetric key Algorithm, it's easy to transfer your note form source to another in confidential manner.